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  1. You Promised Me a Tomorrow

    By Ronyx, in Fiction. 01/22/2018 (Updated: 03/05/2018)

    This story begins with Randy crying over TJ's grave. What happens to the beautiful boy, TJ, he meets the first day of school? You will have to read the story until its dramatic ending to find the answer. Did T.J. break his promise to Randy?

  2. You & I

    By D.K. Daniels, in Fiction. 06/10/2018 (Updated: 04/05/2019)

    Max Wilson, a peculiar 14-year boy with a love for Basketball and Classical music has chosen a pen-pal from a candidate list for English class. With the youngster's grades slipping, and a need to get ahead Max decides to take the last resort. After sending the first letter, the boy waits nervously for his anonymous sender, who appears to be another boy, and is within the same building as Max. Over three months, the teenagers grow a bond through communication, with the other boy helping Max come out to his family, and to Max's amazement, he's fallen for an unknown boy who sounds perfect in every way according to their personal correspondences.

  3. Yankee

    By TheZot, in Fiction. 01/15/2011 (Updated: 01/15/2011)

    Justin's a fish out of water no matter where he goes, and never more so than when this Boston kid has to move to rural Georgia. Sometimes things don't work out the way he expects, which isn't a bad thing.

  4. Wishful Linking

    By Altimexis, in Annual - It's Just a Game, Right?. 12/18/2010 (Updated: 12/18/2010)

    The past comes to life as two boys, linked through their 22nd century implants, dream of a brutal gay bashing. But is the past really the past, or was it the future that was just a dream? If find their way back, might they then save what little is left of gay culture? (2008 Winter Anthology - It's Just a Game, Right?)

  5. Who's To Blame?

    By Bill W, in Spring - It Wasn't Me. 02/11/2012 (Updated: 02/11/2012)

    A student committed suicide and his parents are claiming the school didn’t do enough to stop the harassment and bullying he endured. A school psychologist looks into the situation.

  6. Who...Are You?

    By MJ85, in Spring - It Wasn't Me. 02/14/2012 (Updated: 02/14/2012)

    Jake McCallister opened his locker one day to discover...somebody likes him! But who could it be? Could it be the swimmer who's only recently come out at school? Could it be the president of the school's GSA, who inadvertently helped Jake to come out himself? Or...could it be...?

  7. Who Is It?

    By Graeme, in 2016 - Secret Admirer Short Story. 02/04/2016 (Updated: 02/04/2016)

    John has a mystery on his hand as he tries to work out who is leaving him anonymous Valentine Day cards.

  8. Where Life Takes Us

    By kuragari129, in Fiction. 11/04/2014 (Updated: 05/21/2015)

    Step into the life of Wyatt Luis and find out how he handles his new family and friends. Adopted from a near by Orphanage, Wyatt joins Kenneth, Diana, Kayla, Caitlyn, Grandpa Nicholas, and most importantly Talon to make the complete Luis Family!

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    When First We Meet

    By BWCTwriter, in Fiction. 01/22/2011 (Updated: 01/22/2011)

    This is a short story (couple pages) which was a challenge given by Bardeara. The Title belongs to him, but the content is all mine. It's about the worries and joys of meeting a new potential mate.

  10. Weightless 2. Less is More

    By Cynus, in Fiction. 09/06/2016 (Updated: 11/23/2016)

    Zane Thompson is a smart kid with a lot of potential, but has more projects than he can handle. Now that he's also found a potential boyfriend, Clint Fjeldsted, he has even more on his plate. Between his family, school, and maintaining friendships, how will he ever make time for his new love interest?

  11. Vorant

    By Zane15, in Fiction. 12/18/2010 (Updated: 12/26/2010)

    Carsyn Keeve has a problem. He's in love with his best friend. One unimportant girl realizes just how much he is one night before mistakes are made.

    Zeke Dazi can't stand it when he is judged. Which is why no one can ever know his secret.

    But sometimes secrets slip out, and there's no way to get them back.

  12. Unspoken

    By maw062007, in Fiction. 12/11/2011 (Updated: 12/11/2011)

    Sage figures out that Marc has feelings for him and has to find his way down a new path that his new discovery has forged for him.

  13. Underdogs 4. Logan and Seth

    By Cynus, in Fiction. 02/19/2015 (Updated: 02/19/2015)

    Logan and Seth face some of the realities of their relationship, while Seth makes a new friend, Grayson. Teenage angst runs rampant as Seth tries to find the answer to his unique situation.

    This story was built out of a collaboration with Dabeagle and his story, Dreamcatcher. It is recommended to read Dreamcatcher before reading Underdogs.

    You can find the rest of the Sanitaria Springs collection here: http://www.dabeagle.com/Sanitaria_Springs.html

  14. Under the Acacia

    By markycielo, in Fiction. 05/08/2012 (Updated: 05/29/2012)

    The story of a boy who discovers himself during the confusing and hormonal teen years of his life while attending a University away from home.

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