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  1. Ian's Transformation 1. The Journey to the Throne

    By JayT, in Fiction. 03/02/2017 (Updated: 03/05/2017)

    Ian was recently made a vampire, but cannot bring himself to kill a human and drink from them.

  2. Welcome to Unison Island 1. Unison Island

    By Caz Pedroso, in Fiction. 11/11/2014 (Updated: 11/11/2014)

    This is an introduction to Unison Island, including how it started and how it is governed. This was prompted by the reviews I have received on my other stories. Some facts have of course been left out if they impact on current or future stories - Sorry but you'll have to wait for all the answers.

  3. The Diary of a Mortal God

    By Estion, in Fiction. 01/03/2016 (Updated: 01/03/2016)

    The Journal Entries of the Last God to be born, Astion.

  4. Eternal Life, Limited

    By aditus, in Fiction. 03/05/2017 (Updated: 03/05/2017)

    Waking up to a schizophrenic robot talking to itself can be interesting on your first day of forever.
    This happens if your maker plays Cia's Grid and Dice game.

  5. Family of the Feral

    By Kenny Deheart, in Fiction. 06/19/2013 (Updated: 06/19/2013)

    David Brine, an antisocial underground street fighter who lives in a small one-bedroom apartment, must deal with the grief from his sister’s death, and support her three adoptive supernatural children while learning about the supernatural world and trying to find out who killed his sister.

  6. Into The Grey...

    By Arkaven, in Fiction. 08/01/2012 (Updated: 08/01/2012)

    A young man wakes to find himself in a life that defies everything he ever deemed possible...
    Is he able to leave his old life behind and accept his new life in a world that makes little sense and offers to break him at every turn?

  7. Twilight Observations

    By Lily Gilding, in Spring - People Are Strange. 02/21/2011 (Updated: 02/21/2011)

    Wendy and Claire sit down to watch some movies

  8. Desire 1. The Claim

    By Branflakes, in Fiction. 10/05/2012 (Updated: 10/02/2012)

    Luke, a young city boy, finds himself in trouble one day when he sees something he shouldn't in a back alley. He finds himself thrown into a completely new world; one he never expected to exist. How will he cope with this knowledge? Who is the man who saved him?

  9. Rise of the King

    By Linxe Termoil, in Fiction. 12/14/2010 (Updated: 12/14/2010)

    Ben is a quiet boy, loves living life in his imagination more than anything. He has a sister who protects him, a mother who doesn't understand him, and a grandmother who perhaps understands too much. So then, who is this new boy in his life that seems to intrude more and more on his fantasies, perhaps even making some of them reality.

  10. Count On Him 2. Out-Numbered

    By northie, in Fiction. 10/30/2019 (Updated: 10/30/2019)

    Writing a Dracula mash-up is not the most sensible thing to do perhaps. Especially when one of the principal characters takes exception to the tale.

    A response to one of Cia's writing games.

  11. Innocence Of NIght Book 2 2. Innocence of night

    By Remijay, in Fiction. 12/21/2014 (Updated: 06/21/2015)

    Jeremy and Asher, in the darkness together. In time Jeremy will understand what he must do. Read along and find out what must be done.

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