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TJ's journey to love - 20. Chapter 20

I ran up the stairs and JC was close behind. I think it took a minute to register what I was talking about. I went into my room as I had everything we would need. I came out of the bathroom to find a fully clothed JC.

“Why aren’t you naked yet?”

“Are you sure this is what you want? I mean you aren’t going to flip out or anything?” JC asked with concern in his voice

“Yes, I have been wanting to do it for a while. I even have the supplies” as I said this JC broke out laughing

“Are we baking a cake or something?” he said in fits of laughter

“No smarty pant, I want us to make love” I said smiling

“Ok so a love potion, gotcha” he said with a wink. I walked over and kissed him and pulled his shirt over his head.

“No, I want all of you.”

“I can handle that, just promise if you have any doubts or this bothers you, you will tell me to stop. Understood?” At that point his love for me was undeniable. His true passion and concern was showing.

“Yes I understand.” I said as I undid his pants. We starting kissing and JC removed the rest of my clothes and took his off; man he is such a Greek god. We did things I never dreamed of and he definitely rocked my world. We made love to each other reversing roles many times until the sun came up. We fell asleep curled up on top of my sheets in an entanglement of love.

We had been asleep long when there was a knock at the door.

“Hey TJ, mom is going to be here soon” Grayson said.

“Ok thanks for the warning.” I untangled myself from JC and went and showered so I didn’t smell like a sex factory. I put on some shorts and tee and went downstairs. Grayson had his bags by the door and ready to leave. He and Trace were at the kitchen island eating cereal.

“Morning guys” I said as I took a cup and poured some coffee and sat down next to Grayson.

“Something is different about you this morning, that smile is way too big” Grayson said

“Nothing out of the ordinary” I said as I shifted in my seat. Boy did my butt hurt

“I think your brother got laid” Trace said

“What! No way! Did it happen?” Grayson said excitedly. I didn’t know my love life mattered.

“I don’t kiss and tell”

“No need your face and that comment say it all” Trace said

“CONGRATUALTIONS Bro” Grayson shouted said as he jumped out of his chair and gave me a hug.

“Thanks G” I said returning the hug as Trace sat there smirking. The bell signaled someone was on their way up. JC was coming down the stairs semi-dressed as he discovered I was missing and he’d showered too. Guess he figured mom was here. Tracy, Jack, Mom, Beau and Lucas came through the door.

“Good morning honey” mom said

“Good morning mom” I said and gave her a hug and kiss

“We brought bagels” Tracy said. Everyone tore into the bagels and had coffee. Grayson and Trace ate like they had breakfast a while ago.

“Are you ok honey, you seem to be sitting weird.” Mom said

“Yeah I’m fine.” I replied with Jack and Tracy giving me a knowing look.

“So how was last night’s card game?” Jack asked

“It was OK better than when we play Candy Land and someone flips out when they lose.” Trace said looking at JC and everyone laughed. Everyone finished eating and it was time for Mom, Beau and Grayson to leave. I gave my brothers a hug and saved mom for last.

“Honey, I am proud of you.” Mom said

“Why, what did I do?”

“More so I know what you did.” She said with a wink

“OH that” I said and blushed

“Just take care of yourself ok? I will call you when we land.”

I hugged her again and she kissed my cheek. She went over and did the same to JC and whispered something in his ear that made him blush. She also gave Trace a hug and kiss. They were off to the airport for the flight home.

I texted Jacob and thanked him for the help yesterday and offered to meet him and his boyfriend at the concert. He texted back that he was excited and he would love to meet up and introduce me to his boyfriend.

JC was texting with Audrey and Seymour and found out that he and Seymour were in a lot of classes together and I had many of my classes with Audrey. Audrey told JC they tended to avoid each other at school. JC and I took different classes so we wouldn’t be distracted by the other; I was hoping it would work. I also reached out to Joyce as she was going to The Ohio State University just like a lot of people from the High School. Mom had said that is one thing that needed to be changed is diversify where students go after high school; as more than half of each graduating class goes there. She told me her roommate was super nice and she was enjoying being on campus.

JC and I made love every change we got. I love him more and more each time. I am going to have some serious withdrawal when he goes on tour. We planned to facetime each night as his hotel rooms would be private. I know Trace and Grayson were doing the same.

Friday rolled around and the concert was in a few hours. JC would be on a plane right after performing. He was doing a promotions tour with the record label. We made love as much as we could.

“I’m going to miss you Tristan James” JC said

“I’m going to miss you too JC. Wait a second is your middle name Craft? I asked

“What a way to ruin a moment. No my middle name in Paul, after Liz’s dad.”

“So why JC and not JP” I asked

“JC just sounds so much better. My last name is hyphenated as Craft-Woolery but I don’t advertise that so I have some anonymity as Jackson Craft.”

“Ok… I like when you call me Tristan or T.” I said blushing

“Well then you should call me Jackson or something” he said

“Ok. Hi something” I said laughing

“You know what I mean.” He said as we rolled in the bed and he pinned me and kissed me.

“So I will call you sweet ass” I jokingly said

“No. Out of the question and so is Jack, I don’t want to be confused with my dad.” He said sternly

“How about Jay?” I asked

“That sounds cool Tee.” JC said smiling. We made two more rounds of love before he had to go get ready. I took my time and showered and put on some jeans and dress shirt to look comfortable.

Trace and I headed over to Carnegie Hall together. As we approached I could see Jacob standing out front with someone else. I told Trace I was meeting a friend and he could go in if he wanted and he said he wanted to go see JC before he went on. I walked over to where Jacob was standing

“Hey Jacob” I said

“TJ! You made it. This is my boyfriend Josh. Josh this is TJ” Josh is not at all what I was expecting. Jacob was all muscle and had Abercrombie model looks while Josh was the opposite. It was shocking but it made me realize that Jacob is not one of those shallow jocks.

“Hi Josh it’s nice to meet you.” I replied and offered my hand which he took and shook

“Jake said you know JC”

“I sure do but he’s getting ready to perform. You can meet him after; he a pretty chill dude.”

We walked in the hall and I found the seats where Trace directed me to sit. I thought Jake and Josh were going to freak out when Trace came over.

“Hi friends of TJ, I’m Trace.” He said extending his hand

“Hi Trace. We are Jake and Josh” Jake said

“Nice to meet you, I just need to steal TJ for a minute.” Trace said. I got up and followed him to the backstage waiting area. Tracy and Jack were standing outside a room and smiled as I approached.

“He asked to see you before he went on” Tracy said with a smile

“Ok.” I replied as Jack opened the door to the dressing room. My man was standing there looking fine as hell. It took real strength to not jump his bones right there.

“I just wanted to see you.” He said

“Aw I missed you too. I said as I kissed him

“There that should make it all better for you.” I said and he smiled.

“Enjoy the show and we will talk after.”

I made my way to the seats with Tracy. Jack and Trace had already head out an taken their seats.

JC’s performance was stellar and he had everyone super excited when he announced his new album. Afterwards, we all made our way to the back room to meet JC. I congratulated him and so did the others. He enjoyed meeting Josh and told Jake he was a lucky man. He shooed everyone out but me and closed the door.

“Babe, I’m really going to miss you.” JC said

“Me too, I’ve slept with you every night and now you’re going to be gone.” I said

“Don’t remind me it’s going to be a long two weeks.” JC said as we did one last kiss. I walked out and said good bye to Jake and Josh and headed back home with Trace. I tried to wait up for J to facetime but I was tired and fell asleep. I woke to find a missed call and message from JC.

J: Hey babe. When I called and you didn’t answer, I called Trace and he checked on you and said you were passed out in the bed hugging my pillow. He sent me the sweetest picture of you and now I have something to remind me of you.

I texted him back

T: I was so tired and tried to stay up but sleep won out. I take it your flight to Las Vegas was uneventful and I am counting down to our talk tonight and when you return ❤️

Since it was still early there I didn’t expect a response. I did my morning routine and was working on some dance routines for school when my phone rang

“Hi Mom” I said

“Good morning TJ. Did you sleep ok?”

“Yeah it was tough without JC”

“I know and that is part of why I called you.”

“So what’s the other part?” I asked

“We had a family meeting here last night and I wanted to fill you in on a few things. I will be listing this house for sale and moving in with your grandparents. I told the school system that at the end of the year I will be leaving. Beau and Grayson will both finish school here, as your brother is a minor and I don’t want you to be responsible for him. In the spring your Grandparents are going to list their house for sale and are moving to Florida. They had planned to before we moved here and delayed moving to help me. If they would have told me this I wouldn’t have moved here.”

“So will they be near Grandpa’s Ron and Tony”

“Yes, they have a place already and it is in the same retirement community.”

“So what are your plans?”

“Are you alone?”


“Ok, I am moving to New York and will be working for the security company that Kellan, Jordan and Brayden work for and before you ask my job will be different.”

“What will you be doing?”

“I will be the Vice President of Training and Education”

“At a security firm? Mom that makes no sense”

“Yes dear. We want the folks working there to be educated and up to date on different tactics and other things.”

“WOW. I don’t know what to say.”

“Just know you can stay where you are there is no obligation or need to move in with me when I get there.”

“Ok mom. Thanks for the heads up.”

We ended the call. Wow so Mom works for the agency now and they for sure as hell want Beau. This is just too weird.

It was time for my session with Kev and now I had something to discuss with him, so I grabbed my ipad and got in my comfy chair by the window and waiting for the call. The appointment was due to start but the call didn’t come and Dr. Kev was never late; I was beginning to panic. All of a sudden my ipad started to ring with a facetime call from Dr. Kev, except when I answered but it wasn’t Kev

“Hello TJ”

Plot twist coming to a chapter near you involving the family very soon. Be prepared.

Copyright © 2020 AquariusGuy; All Rights Reserved.

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Chapter Comments

1 minute ago, Wesley8890 said:

Doc. Martin? Im hoping its him. 

Maybe... but we got a serious twist coming. So have those meds ready. 

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Just now, AquariusGuy said:

Maybe... but we got a serious twist coming. So have those meds ready. 

Nope. Itll just have to kill me!

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1 minute ago, Wesley8890 said:

Nope. Itll just have to kill me!

Can't have that. Who will be first on commenting? Need to have paramedics standing by.

I will assure you NO ONE has come back from the dead

  • Haha 3
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6 minutes ago, AquariusGuy said:

Maybe... but we got a serious twist coming. So have those meds ready. 

Come on we are all well after two calm chapters.And now THIS!!!!!

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1 minute ago, weinerdog said:

Come on we are all well after two calm chapters.And now THIS!!!!!

Hey TJ has a heck of a life and is about to learn some serious stuff

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2 minutes ago, weinerdog said:

Come on we are all well after two calm chapters.And now THIS!!!!!

You also forgot TJ got his world rocked in a good way

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Doc Martin is very good guess and that would be cool.My first though was maybe Jeff.I hope this doesn't mean something happened to Dr. Hottie.

Emily working for the agency huh?Something should  tell TJ to never ask her about work.

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1 minute ago, weinerdog said:

Doc Martin is very good guess and that would be cool.My first though was maybe Jeff.I hope this doesn't mean something happened to Dr. Hottie.

Emily working for the agency huh?Something should  tell TJ to never ask her about work.

Just wait... the next chapter will reveal the twist and who was on the other end. 

Don't ask mom about here work? Well she runs the education part. Where do you think she learned to chop vegetables? :gikkle:

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Great chapter. As everyone as said I suspect it's Doc Martin on the phone, but as we're getting a major twist it could be a new family member.

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1 hour ago, chris191070 said:

Great chapter. As everyone as said I suspect it's Doc Martin on the phone, but as we're getting a major twist it could be a new family member.

We will meet a new person but not on the phone.

TJ is in for the shock of his life... 

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8 minutes ago, mikedup said:

Wow Great chapter, and  you leave us with another curve ball, 

Be prepared as the next two chapters are a curve ball out of no where. :devil:

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