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TJ's journey to love - 28. Chapter 28

“What do you mean, we have a problem” I asked

“Your grandmother has gotten some lawyer and they convinced the judge to halt everything in motion.” Jack said

“But I thought you had it handled.”

“I do and here what I’ve already done, I spoke with the hospital legal team and they spoke with the doctors who said I have made all the right decisions. They wanted to let her go as they said she could have brain damage. I didn’t want to be the one to make that decision and so I decided they should do what was best for her. As for Black Hawk, as the legal counsel for the business and your mother, I need to pick a side. There for I am letting Liz handle BHO and I am taking on your mother’s care. I have challenged her petition in and am being met with so many outrageous demands. For starters she is claiming you are doing this out of spite and making your mom pay for your father’s sins. I have provided the court documents that BHO was to become yours at age 21 which it is your since you are now 23 years old, meaning your mother withheld the control illegally. The second one is she says you are unstable. This one is a little harder to combat but I have asked someone to go to bat for you and they have agreed. You have grown up and I see the changes you made in yourself emotionally. I challenged the petition on the grounds that your Grandmother has had bouts of dementia which was met with a certified mental health evaluation. I am getting a second opinion on her as something is going on, so I have my work cut out for me.”

“Wow I am sorry you have to deal with this Jack, what can I do?”

“I need you to continue being here for now and be available if needed. There is nothing to show your Grandma knows about San Francisco but I wouldn’t put that past her weasel of a lawyer. I also suggest that you talk with your friends and let the know the truth.”

“I already did and they seemed ok with it.”

“That’s good. I will keep you informed and before I forget I did let CC know what was going on.”

“Ok Jack, could you also let Kat know? She knows my grandparents very well and so does Kelly and Murray.”

“Yes I will let everyone know what is going on.” I hung up with Jack and just stared out the window

“Everything ok babe?” J said

“No it’s not.” I proceed to tell him everything that had occurred and he had his arm around me the whole time.

“You know what J, I think it’s time we are official if you’ll have me”

“Are you asking me to be your boyfriend?”

“Yes I am. I love you with all my heart and I want you now and forever.”

“My lovely TJ, I have always loved you and will never stop” we shared one of the most passion filled kisses.

“Well we better go to the store and get stuff for Grandpa Tony to make dinner” I said

“What a way to kill the mood TJ” J said with a smirk. We freshened up and went to the store and got the supplies.

Grandpa Tony arrived earlier than everyone so he could start cooking. J was in there helping as best as he could and I sat at the island and watched. Tony loved to cook and wanted share his gift with anyone who asked. Tonight’s dinner was fried chicken, greens, mashed potatoes, corn and his home made sweet rolls. Everyone arrived and we sat to eat. Grandpa Tony addressed us before we started:

“I am so glad that TJ is back with us after his five year sabbatical. We are a family no matter where we are and we are always here for you no matter what. TJ would you like to say something?”

“While I was gone I missed everyone sitting here at this table but most of all I missed Grandpa’s cooking (everyone laughed) I’ve come to realize family is just not blood relations and it can be anyone. I am happy that my brothers have found life partners and that my grandpa’s have set an example for all of us. I would also like to announce that JC and I made it official and he is my boyfriend.” I finished and sat down.

“Well it’s about time you two made it official.” Trace said

“I am happy for you both” Grayson said everyone else pretty much echoed the sentiments. We had dinner and then moved to the living room where we had a chocolate mousse. We were all having idle conversation when Jack and CC made their way in.

“Hey guys we need to talk” Jack said

“We are getting a huge amount of push back from your grandmother’s legal team saying we forged the documents.” CC said

“That being said, until further notice Grayson and Trace you both will have your internships suspended. I hate to do it but I need to protect you both.” Jack said

“Pop do we know who the leak is?” Trace asked

“We have an inkling of who it might be and are pursuing an investigation. We are keeping it under wraps and have NDA the individual signed.” Jack said

“What about my life out west?” I asked

“Someone knew about it and provided details to this person.” Jack said

“Don’t worry TJ, everything will work out in the end.” CC said at that moment we heard the bell ring differently.

“TJ and JC go upstairs to the secure room until I come for you. That bell means the police used their bypass to come up.” Jack said. JC and I made a dash for the room. He closed the door and hit some security code panel on the wall and the light above the door went red.

“We are safe in here until Dad or Pop override the lock to let us out. It’s controlled by an app.” JC said

“Why would the police be here? I didn’t do anything wrong.” I said

“SHHH babe, you will be alright.” JC said and looked at his phone

“We need to get you out of here, pops orders.” JC said as he walked to the corner and pushed a button revealing a hall way.

“Trust me and let’s go” he lead me through the hallway and we came to another door.

“Wait here.” JC said and went through the door and came back and said we need to go. We were in part of the building I have never seen before. It looked like a service elevator system. The elevator was there and standing inside was Tracy.

“Come on let’s go” Tracy said quietly. We rode the elevator down and went out a back door to a waiting SUV. We all got in and I was told to get on the floor until I’m told otherwise.

“OK you can get in a seat now TJ” Tracy said.

“Where are we going?” I asked

“The airport” Tracy replied we made our way to the airport and used a special entrance for access to the private plane holding area.

“We don’t have much time but Jack wanted me to tell you they are trying to arrest you for the murder of Brayden and attempted murder of your mother.” Tracy said I stood there completely shocked

“What do you mean?” I said

“Someone is feeding the police misinformation and attempting to get rid of you. Go to California and stay where this plane takes you.”

“You mean I’m not going to San Francisco?”

“No we have another place for you temporarily as your identity in San Francisco is compromised.” JC and I boarded the plane and the door shut immediately. We were told to sit and buckle up; we were in the air 15 minutes later.

“I wonder where we are headed” I asked

“Well dad did say California” JC said giggling

“Well duh, but where?”

“Guess we will know soon. Since it’s dark out let’s try to get some sleep.” JC said closing his eyes, sleep was the last thing on my mind. My mind started to wonder who of my friends was reporting on me and knew the truth. Miles seemed to know about the pictures but anyone who follows celebrities watches TMZ. Brooks seemed to be so honest and forth coming I doubt it’s him. That left Rusty, he made passes at me and I turned him down and he suggested I move in with him to save money. What a way to snoop on me; I should have known better. Hours later we arrived at an airport and I woke-up JC but was told to stay put. We were ushered off the plane and into a waiting SUV and driven to a hotel. They had taken our phones before we left New York but were told to contact no one. We got to our room and went to sleep in our clothes in case we had to leave in the middle of the night.

I was jolted out of my sleep by the ringing room phone.


“Hey go down to the lobby and a friend is there to meet you, I will say more to you later.” The call ended before I could ask Jack who I was meeting, we didn’t even have a change of clothes. J and I cautiously went down to the lobby. I was looking around when I heard him scream

“T2!!!!! T2!!!!” and I got the biggest smile

“Hi Tristan” I said and picked him up and hugged him

“Guys, we need to get a move on. The room is paid for, follow me” Kevin said leading us out to a car.

“T2 you stinky, daddy T2 needs to change his diaper.” Tristan said holding his nose and we laughed. It wasn’t until we were in the car that he saw J

“J you is here!” Tristan shouted

“Hey buddy, yes I am here”

“Um we will need a change of clothes” I said to Kevin

“Already taken care of at the house.” He replied

“I hope we aren’t putting you out” J said to Kevin

“Not at all, Jack called me and I offered a place and told him I would help any way I can.”

We arrived at Kevin’s and we ushered into the house quickly. Jeff greeted us and told us clothes were upstairs in the room I stayed in and we could use the shower.

“I hope we aren’t putting them at risk” I said

“It sounds like they know what can happen and are ok with everything.” J said and it still didn’t calm me down. We got dressed and went downstairs and found Jack sitting in the living room with Kevin and Jeff.

“Boys have a seat so we can talk” Jack said

“Is there any change we can eat something?” J said and thankfully our stomachs rumbled at the same time.

“Yes, I got some donuts this morning and there is a pot of coffee. Help yourself” Jeff said

We got coffee and donuts and came back to the living room.

“So what is going on Jack?” I said

“Your grandmother is a piece of work with all that has been going on. Liz was in court this morning fighting the arrest warrant while I was on the way here. She got it all put on hold pending an investigation, as there is no evidence suggesting the alleged crimes occurred with your involvement. I did some digging into the leak and that is why I am here. Russell Grant is your roommate right?”

“Yeah but I know him as Rusty.”

“Well Rusty has an older brother Henry Grant that worked for me until this morning. He was financially way over his head until recently and had been looking for anyway to make a buck. He learned about you from his BHO’s work and Brayden’s mishandling of everything. He called Rose and spun on hell of a story and got Rose to pay him $1 million dollars for the information on what was supposedly going on. Henry was elated when he discovered you knew his brother and he could manipulate Rusty. Henry had Rusty spy on you and get all the intel he needed and was planning to tell Julian where you were. The only part he didn’t count on was CC figuring things out and taking care of Julian.. She knew where you were and so did Bob and it was part of the records at the company based on Bob coming to visit you yearly.”

“Oh wow, I had narrowed it down to Rusty but I wasn’t sure.” I replied

“Well Rusty was forth coming at first with information but as time went on he was less forth coming which means he didn’t want to see you hurt. Now Henry had also teamed up with Brayden and they were working on getting control of BHO by eliminating all the folks who controlled it. Your father was first, Bob second, your Grandfather Joe, Your mother and your grandmother.”

“Grandma Rose? What how?”

“She was being feed drugs which she was taken off to pass the mental test and then put back on. She collapsed this morning at the court house and could not be resuscitated. They tried everything including giving her Narcan but nothing helped. I asked for an autopsy so we know what she was given. Henry is sitting in an undisclosed location after being captured by BHO. The BHO agents are also tearing Henry’s place and Kat’s house apart looking for stuff relating to the planning of all of this conspiracy. I have been told your mother may recover but might not be the same.”

“So basically Brayden fucked things up royally. What can we do?”

“I am having Rusty picked up by BHO personnel. I need to know what he knows and if he is a danger to anyone. Your grandfather will not recover and I want to take you to Florida in a couple of days to talk to him. I have spoken with Ron and Tony and their house is going to be cleared out and they can start over fresh. We don’t want them finding some poisons that were setup by our duo but they haven’t taken yet.”

“I have an idea for you to share with them. If they are willing they could live in New York in Bob’s place he left me, that way they would be close to us if we need them. If mom is going to be off her rocker we might need them.”

“Good idea and I will run it past them.”

“Lastly, congratulation you two on making it official” Jack said smiling.

“Thanks but how did you figure it out so fast?” I inquired

“Well we did some searching and someone got into your grandmothers financials and noticed the large transfer of cash. We did a bit of follow the money trail and it was not that well covered up. It appears they didn’t think they’d get caught.”

“Good to know. So one more question, Kevin where is Tristan.” Everyone laughed

“We called his baby sitter and they are outside in the pool.” Kevin said and smiled

“You two are really joined at the hip aren’t you?” Jeff asked

“We definitely are” I said with a smile. I went got up and headed to the back yard and opened the sliding door. For some reason I expected a girl but I was met with a tan blond Adonis who was splashing in the big pool with Tristan.

“Hey little man” I said from the edge of the pool

“T2!!!” Tristan said paddling to the edge

“Having fun?”

“Yes, this my friend Code-e. Code-e this is my brudder T2.”

“Your brother?” Cody asked

“Well yes, but no, it’s complicated. My name is Tristan but I go by TJ.”

“Ah ok, my name is Cody” he said

“So how do you know each other?” I asked

“He’s from the youth center and spends time here watching Tristan” Kevin said

“That’s cool, I bet it helps keep little man out of your hair” I said and Kevin laughed

“More than you know; he loves to be the center of attention and by that I mean Tristan not Cody. He might be too but who knows.” Kevin said

“Dr. Campbell do you need me to stay?” Cody asked

“I do actually but not with Tristan. You see I wanted you to meet TJ as I’ve known him for a few years and I think he might be able to help you and his boyfriend could too.”

“How could I help? My life is full of drama” I said and Kevin laughed

“Mine too” Cody said quietly

“Hey Tristan, why don’t you spend time with J and let is talk.” Kevin said

“Ohhhh J. Do he swim?” Tristan asked

“Yeah he does but we don’t have swim suits.”

“We should have something to fit him. Let’s go find him.” Kevin said picking up Tristan. We followed him inside and found Jack, Jeff and JC sitting in the living room.

“Hey J do you think you could swim with Tristan while I talk with Cody?” I asked and I could see J taking in the tall tan blond Adonis behind me.

“I’m not sure” he growled

“Down boy, he’s a friend of Kevin’s and Tristan’s babysitter; Nothing to worry about.” I said as Jack gave J a look.

“Jeff why don’t we join the boys outside and bring a baby monitor and we can continue to reminisce about our time together and boys here are your phone back.” Jack said

“Sounds like a plan, I’ll get us some lemon aid.” Jeff said and went to the kitchen. Cody, Kevin and I headed into the home office.

Before we could start I got a call

“Hey Beau, is everything ok?”

“Mom is awake and asking for you.”

Copyright © 2020 AquariusGuy; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

1 minute ago, Wesley8890 said:

Poor tj shit no wonder he left! Jesus his life is way too full of drama. Id have just said fuck it and stayed hidden. 

But then he'd never have met Tristan... can't have that negativity 

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Just now, AquariusGuy said:

But then he'd never have met Tristan... can't have that negativity 

Thats true. 

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That bunch that is trying to take over BHO I wonder if they work for a certain person that has an orange comb over.They are incompetent enough.

If TJ's mom asked for him that would be a sign she has all her faculties.

I'm really interested in what Cody has to say and how TJ can help him


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1 minute ago, weinerdog said:

That bunch that is trying to take over BHO I wonder if they work for a certain person that has an orange comb over.They are incompetent enough.

If TJ's mom asked for him that would be a sign she has all her faculties.

I'm really interested in what Cody has to say and how TJ can help him


Sometimes people only remember certain people. We don't know yet if she is 100% there... did she ask for TJ or Tristan, which is also his father's name. :o

This is set in the future so the cheeto in chief is not in power. 

Cody will be a very interesting character and why Kevin wants TJ's help with will surprise you

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3 minutes ago, AquariusGuy said:


This is set in the future so the cheeto in chief is not in power. 


I didn't say who (Wink,Wink)neither did you for that matter

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Poor TJ, with such a complicated life he deserves a brudder like Tristan to keep him calm and centered. I can't wait to see what Cody has to ask TJ for?

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7 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

Poor TJ, with such a complicated life he deserves a brudder like Tristan to keep him calm and centered. I can't wait to see what Cody has to ask TJ for?

  Tristan is going to be a big part in getting TJ on a better path.

I added Cody for a little bit of a twist and it will be all good. 

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Wow intense chapter,poor TJ really does bounce from one drama filled episode to another, he is certainly a tough character

  • Love 4
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4 minutes ago, mikedup said:

Wow intense chapter,poor TJ really does bounce from one drama filled episode to another, he is certainly a tough character

He definitely is a tough cookie.

We still have to deal with Rusty and Henry, meeting the rest of the San Fran crew and dealing with his mom.


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4 minutes ago, James B. said:

I'm not sure I like the idea of TJ's Mom wanting to see him. I don't trust her.

What? She's been kind, supportive, manipulative. The list goes on. :o

Just wait :X

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1 hour ago, AquariusGuy said:

What? She's been kind, supportive, manipulative. The list goes on. :o

Just wait :X

The manipulative part is what worries me.

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9 hours ago, weinerdog said:

If TJ's mom asked for him that would be a sign she has all her faculties.

My husband (who is 19 years older than me) had a stroke last year (he’s doing quite well now, thank you).  While in the hospital, they tested him at least once daily on things like where was he, what was the date, who was the President (his response was that he hated the guy and DIDN’T WANT to remember his name!), etc.  Most of those were very confused for the first week, understandably.

However,  when they asked him his name, he knew it.  When they pointed at me and asked who I was, his response, almost every time was, “She’s my Child. Bride.”  He would them give my full name. I told them not to ask for our anniversary date, because he never remembered it in 19 years of marriage!

I just had to relay the story to explain that the important things often stay.  As bad as he was, he never lost me.  ❤️

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