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TJ's journey to love - 14. Chapter 14

Here is more cop questioning and we get somewhat of an answer about Dylan and Sebastian.


“Missing? You surely don’t think my client has anything to do with this.”

“Mam, your client files charges and the boys are kidnapped. I find it hard to believe this isn’t a coincidence.”

“Well how do you know they didn’t just run away? They knew they were guilty and you are letting them bide their time to escape. Did you know Sebastian has dual citizenship?”

“We do know about the dual citizenship. The kidnappers were professionals based on details recovered from the scene and all their personal belongings were left in the car.”

“Well my client has been here in the hospital which several Doctor’s and staff can validate. So unless you plan on asking about the rape you can just leave.”

The detective was staring at Liz and she was a bull to be reckoned with.

“Right now the investigation has shifted to an endangered missing person case with your client as the number one suspect. I see there will be no cooperation from him, so I will leave.”

“Wait a GOD DAMN minute!” Mom yelled

“Those two good for nothing shit stains hurt my child and they become important because they are missing and you are accusing my son of being a professional kidnapper? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“No Mam, I am not joking. The professionalism of the kidnapping has scared the community.”

“Oh I get it… it’s because both Dylan and Sebastian’s parents are rich isn’t it.” Mom said

“Money has no object here Ms. Michaels.”

“So says you. I don’t believe a damn thing you are saying.”

“Well check the news lady it’s all over the news” Mom did something no one in the room expected. She decked the detective.

“I don’t know where you get off talking to me like that. I am going to report you and you just opened a can of warms you shouldn’t have.” Mom said

A nurse came in an offered the detective an ice pack. After Liz had security escort him out she made a few phone calls.

“Holy crap mom, I didn’t know you had that in you.” I said and she laughed

“Mama bear doesn’t play” mom said with a smile

Using JC’s ipad I pulled up the local DC news and mom was right:

Endangered missing:

Two of Potomac’s outstanding High School Seniors Dylan Carmine and Sebastian Corse have gone missing. There is fear that they were targeted for being the gay sons of two prominent local families. There are allegations of a rape being spread but as of this time charges have not been filed and we haven’t been able to verify them.

The article went on to talk about how wonderful they are. I got so angry I threw the tablet across the room and it hit the wall and the screen shattered. At that moment I realized it was JC’s tablet.

“I am so sorry JC”

“It’s ok and I can’t believe the false information being spread. We have pictures and videos.” He said

Dr. Kev came in and wanted to see what was going on as they heard the tablet hit the wall. I explained to him what happened and he said we will need to work on anger techniques. When he left JC just gave me this look and all I could see is jealousy. We aren’t dating so what’s his deal. Liz came back into the room.

“TJ I hate to do this but I need to leave and head to Maryland. I spoke with my father and he called the Chief of Police for Montgomery County. I am stopping by your house to get the phone from Jack. I will not turn it over as it has evidence on it and I do not trust anyone.”

“Smart move Liz, how is your father since he left the Governorship?”

“Well he came back to the firm but his political connections pay off every now and then. He’s meeting with Maryland’s Governor tonight before we head over to meet with Montgomery County. When I told my dad how the detective treated you and TJ he was livid.”

“Thanks Liz” mom said

“No problem and I’ll be in touch. Son, take care of TJ” with that she was gone

“What now?” I asked mom

“Well let’s see when the Doctor will release you.”

As if on cue Doctor Hottie walked in.

“Ok, TJ, I am going to release you but you need to keep all of your appointments. The hospital also provided written statements to Ms. James stating you have been here and have not left.”

We gathered what belongings we had. JC donned his hat and glasses but I am not sure why I could still tell it was him. We walked out the door and past the cameras and no one noticed him. I thought that was strange but possibly because everyone saw him leave yesterday. We climbed into Mom’s car and JC laid his head on my lap so he could hide till we were out of there. We drove home in silence. When Mom parked I noticed the 4 Runner was gone, I guessed Beau had gone out. When I entered the house I was attacked by Grayson and Beau.

“Hey guys, I missed you too.”

“Don’t ever scare me like that again” Grayson said

“Yeah I agree it scared me even more when you just stopped and were unresponsive.” Beau said

“So who’s not here as the 4 Runner is gone?”

“Oh mom didn’t tell you. Since it might trigger you it’s next door until we can trade it in and get something newer.” Beau said

“I didn’t think about that. Maybe that’s why I avoided the pool the rest of the summer.”

Everyone moved to the family room and it was the first time I’d seen Kellan and Jordan since Christmas.

“Hey guys where have you been?”

“Oh we’ve been here just been hanging out at your grandparents house.” Kellan said

“We’ve really enjoyed talking with them.” Jordan said

Being Lucas’ older twin brothers and also by extension my brothers I expected them to visit me or something. Shoot when we did the whole facetime Lucas hogged the phone. Grayson tackled him and took it so someone else got a chance.

Mom said I should lay down for a bit but I didn’t want to be alone. JC was becoming protective and I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I know he’s appearing interested in me and we kissed but I don’t know where we stand. I disappeared and went to my room. I could tell the door had been replaced and was freshly painted. They must have broken it to get into my room. I went to lie on the bed except I started to breath heavy and felt a panic attack coming. I rushed out of the room and collided with Beau in the hallway.

“You ok Teej? You look scared.”

“bbbbeeeeddd” was all I could get out.

He grabbed my shoulders and guided me to his room. He sent a quick message and had me lie down and he cuddled up as the big spoon, I was still shaking.

“It’s ok TJ you are safe.” Beau said before he started to sing you are my sunshine while rubbing my back. This was dad’s trick to get us to sleep when we were little and surprisingly it worked on all of us. I was out like a light before he finished. When I woke Beau was gone but replaced by Grayson who was nuzzled so tight I think he was part of me. I was only awake a few minutes before Beau came in and said dinner was ready. When I came down stairs everyone was there. The Grandparents came over and all gave me hugs that seemed to last forever. After dinner mom pulled me aside.

“Did your room trigger you?”

“More so my bed, which is strange to me”

“Honey you went straight to bed after your father confronted you. Of course the memories will be there. We can see about getting you a new bed tomorrow ok?”

“Thanks mom.” I hugged her.

That night we had a big sleep over in the living room. JC kept looking at me like he wanted to be near me but was scared. I saw him and Trace whispering a lot.

I was having trouble falling asleep and everyone was knocked out. I walked up stairs to find mom sitting in her room.

“Can’t sleep honey?”

I shook my head yes.

“Come have a seat and let’s talk.” I walked over and took the chair that was opposite hers.

“Just so you know that was my chair not your dad’s. I am in his as I feel closer to him with it.” I felt some tears fall.

“TJ, you know you are a strong individual and you have a great support system. I even think JC wants to rekindle your relationship from when you were 5.”

“Well I don’t remember him or it at all.”

“Give it time. You might.”

We sat in silence for a while and I went back down stairs. Mom said if I had any issues to let her know. JC was up and looked a bit worried when I reappeared.

“Everything ok?” JC asked

“I couldn’t sleep and went to talk to mom and could tell she was falling asleep so I left.”

“We can talk you know.”

“Mom said we had a relationship when we were younger.”

“We did and I never forgot my T. Well that’s what I called you because your name was a mouth full.”

“Why didn’t you ever reach out?”

“When I was older I wanted to but it just seemed so weird you know? Like hey when we were 5 we said we’d get married. You’d think I was nuts”

“You got a point” I chuckled

“Here let me see if I can remind you. Lie down and let’s cuddle.”

Once we were situated he started to sing:


Somewhere over the rainbow way up high

There's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby

Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue

And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true


Someday I'll wish upon a star

And wake up where the clouds are far

Behind me

Where troubles melt like lemon drops

Away above the chimney tops

That's where you'll find me


Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly

Birds fly over the rainbow

Why then, oh, why can't I?


If happy little bluebirds fly

Beyond the rainbow

Why, oh, why can't I?


I felt so relaxed I fell asleep.


TJ is dreaming


“Ok boys it’s nap time, Beau is already asleep so it’s your turn to lay down.” Mom said

“T sleep with me please?” Jackson said

“ok J” I shyly answer as we both cuddle under the same blanket. L is next to me and smiling at me.

“Have a good nap brother” L says as he closes his eyes.

I turn and look at J and smile and we scoot closer.

“I love you” I say and kiss his nose and he giggles

“I love you too” and he kisses my forehead

We hold each other and drift off to sleep.


Some over the rainbow

“It’s done”


“They will never be found”

“I wouldn’t expect them to be”



Hope you enjoyed the chapter.

Thank you to those who have PM'ed me about some small mistakes in the story. You were very helpful.

Copyright © 2020 AquariusGuy; All Rights Reserved.

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Chapter Comments

1 minute ago, Wesley8890 said:

This story makes me think bad things. Is it horrible i hope they were kidnapped and sold to a wealthy oil field owner over seas? I forsee a cop on desk duty! 

Honestly I haven't decided their full fate yet... they could be alive and I am misdirecting or they could be dead and this is the folks talking about it.


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1 minute ago, weinerdog said:

T.J's mom called the detectives shits stains?I didn't know she was related to @Wesley8890

She was talking about Dylan and Sebastian... and he's the missing branch

  • Like 3
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1 minute ago, weinerdog said:

T.J's mom called the   two rapists shits stains?I didn't know she was related to @Wesley8890

Yeah well the cop is a cockwomble!

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Just now, AquariusGuy said:

She was talking about Dylan and Sebastian... and he's the missing branch

Yeah I just edited it before you responded

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Great chapter.So it will be interesting to see where they hid The POS's

I think she was justified hitting the "cockwomble" but it's still assault on an officer how will Jack handle that?

Just to clarify at the end you had the guys being referred to by their first initial.Are all of them calling each other that?

My bad for not knowing this but what song was J.C. singing?

Edited by weinerdog
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3 minutes ago, weinerdog said:

Great chapter.So it will be interesting to see where they hid The POS's

I think she was justified hitting the "cockwomble" but it's still assault on an officer how will jack handle that?

Just to clarify at the end you had the guys being referred to by their first initial.Are all of them calling each other that?

My bad for not knowing this but what song was J.C. singing?

TJ was dreaming and he was 5 at the time in the dream. At that time they all used their first initials. 

The song J.C. sung was Judy Garland's version of Some where over the rainbow

Liz will handle the cop manhandling. Based on the next chapter Emily could have a few punching bags at the department

Edited by AquariusGuy
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I'm glad Mum decked the cop, he deserved it. I can't wait to see where the bodies of Sebastian and Dylan turn up.

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Wow Mama does not take any crap, I think that the 2 of them disappearing is just way too convenient, 

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Sounds like Dylan & Sebastian might be in Oz. Too much to hope for that someone dropped a house on them isn’t it? Honestly since they’re rich they might have gotten away with it yet I’d rather see them receive a jail sentence than dead not to mention we don’t know the motive of the kidnapping. We can assume it’s related to the rape revelation but it could be something else entirely. I don’t want to support say the actions of violent homophobes or rapists if it’s something like that no matter how much I hate them for what they did to TJ as well as possibly others.

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