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TJ's journey to love - 19. Chapter 19

“An interview, didn’t you just start the new job?” I asked

“Yes, TJ but this is something I can do in conjunction with my job, so I won’t be leaving the high school anytime soon. I have thought about leaving when Grayson finishes school but it all depends on how things are going.” Mom replied

“OK, I was just worried.”

“Don’t worry I won’t cramp your style.” Mom said then winked

“Ok let’s eat!” Uncle Brayden shouted

Everyone moved to the dining room and the food was set out and smelled delicious. We took our seats and everyone sat next to their significant other but I was between Mom and J.C. Dinner conversation was around how college and high school was going.

“Since the whole family is here I wanted to announce I accepted the full ride offer from MIT” Beau said

“A full ride, that is awesome” Jack said as he looked at mom

“Congratulations Beau, does it feel good to have made the decision? They’ve only been after you for a couple of years.” I said

“It does feel good but I get this nagging feeling that I made the wrong decision sometimes.” Beau said

“Grayson have you given any consideration what colleges you want to visit?” Aunt Kat asked

“Yeah I am looking at NYU School of Law”

“NYU huh… I wonder why” I said with a sly smile looking at G and Trace who both blushed

“Well Grayson, NYU is a great school but make sure it is something you want and aren’t just doing choosing it because of Trace. Not to mention you have plenty of time to decide since you are a sophomore.” Jack said

“Did you and Tracy come to New York together?” I asked Jack

“We did but we weren’t together. Tracy and I dated a lot of different people before we reconnected. We had both just broken up with someone and I went to Marie’s Crisis for a drink and some show tunes. I didn’t see Tracy but he saw me from across the room and made his way through the crowd to where I was standing. We stood there and tried to catch up with each other but it was too loud and crowded so we went for a walk to Christopher Park and sat on one of the benches. We talked for hours and caught up on each other’s lives.” Jack said

“We watched the sun come up from the bench” Tracy added

“You were out all night?” I asked

“We didn’t plan on it we just sat and talked and the conversation just flowed. We traded contact information and parted ways. I was too chicken to text him later that day but he reached out first. We dated for a year and then I popped the question.” Jack said with a laugh

“What’s so funny?” I asked

“He beat me to asking him by a few days. I was planning on doing the same thing myself.” Tracy said

“You two are great together and I can’t imagine you with anyone else” Mom said

“You should have seen the people we dated after we left Cincinnati. Sometimes I question where my head was when I dated some of them.” Jack said and everyone laughed

After we finished dinner we went out to the terrace to hang out. We sat there and enjoyed the cool autumn air that was starting to move in. Uncle Brayden lit the gas fire pit and I snuggled closed to J.C. The conversation was light and I dozed off at some point. J.C. shooking me awake as it was time to head home. I said good night to Mom and everyone else. Kellan drove the four of us back to the apartment.

“Good night you two and please keep it to a dull roar” I said to Grayson and Trace who just blushed.

“Hey where are you going, the room is this way” I said to J.C.

“Come in here tonight lover boy” he replied teasingly as he stripped off his shirt. I went into his room and closed the door.

“Thankfully your dad’s were smart enough to sound proof this place.” I said

“Why does hearing them have sex turn you on or off?” J.C. said quizzically

“Haha funny man, now strip you are wearing too much.” I said. He put on some music and did a strip tease for me. After he was naked he plopped on the bed next to me.

“Your turn dancing man” he jokingly said

“Ummm. Ok I guess” I replied. I tried to imitate what J.C had done and he seemed rather pleased with my performance. When I was done I got under the covers.

“Good night my sweet prince, love you” I said and kissed him. I noticed tears in his eyes.

“Love you too, babe” J.C. replied.

“Are you ok, I see some tears?”

“It’s the first time you’ve said you love me”

“Oh, well I really do love you.” I snuggled closer to him and put my head on his chest and fell asleep listening to his heart beat.

I woke up when someone was knocking at the door. J.C. untangled from me and grabbed his underwear and answered the bedroom door.

“Hey J.C. mom called and wants the four of us to go out for lunch. I wanted to give you guys time to get ready as it’s already 11 o’clock.” Beau said

“Ok, let me and sleeping beauty get ready.” J.C. said and closed the door

“Sleeping beauty needs his kiss to wake fully up” I said that turned into a full on make out session. I moaned into his mouth as we both landed up covered in cum; that was a first and there was a whole lot of it so it wasn’t just me. I got up first and headed towards J.C.’s shower.

“Coming lover” I said walking into the bathroom

“You bet your sweet ass” J.C. replied joining me. Once the water was hot we both stepped in and washed each other. When we finished I wearing a towel and holding my clothes I dashed across the hall to my room. I found Grayson sitting in the chair by the window.

“I wondered when you were going to come over here to get dressed. I brought you a cup of coffee but it’s cold now.” Grayson said

“Thanks bro. What brings you in here this morning?” I asked while looking for clothes to wear

“Um.. I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“What’s up?”

“Well you know Trace and I have been really close and the whole long distance thing is hard. Do you think Mom would let me live out here and go to school?”

“Wow, I didn’t expect that little bro. I am happy that you two are so in love but are you sure moving here is wise? He just started college and is just doing pre-law before he can get into law school”

“You know he was taking college classes before and is actually almost done pre-law and has the LSAT next year.”

“I had no clue, that’s cool that he is ahead of the game. I would talk to Mom but don’t be surprised if she asks you to wait.” I said while I finished getting dressed.

“I just need to figure out how to ask her.”

“Do it somewhere privately that way you guys can talk it over. I hope it works out for you. Did Mom say where we were going to lunch?” I asked

“Not Cancun, we are going to Tavern on the Green in Central Park.” Grayson said laughing

“Hey I love Mexican food, what can I say.” Grayson got out of the chair and came over for a hug

“I love you big brother”

“I love you more little brother”

“Hey guys, we need to head out” Trace said breaking our hug. I smiled at Grayson and we walked out with J.C. and Trace and headed over to the restaurant. I was surprised that none of the other adults joined us. It was just Mom, her sons and our boyfriends but mom just said we were all her sons. Conversation remained light at lunch. Afterwards we all decided to enjoy the nice day and walk over to Time Square. It was super packed with tourists coming to the city for the weekend. Mom loved to shop and said she had extra people to help carry things now. We broke off in groups for a bit and went through the stores. From there we went up Fifth Ave to the higher end clothing stores.

“OMG IT’S J.C. Woolery” Some girl screamed. It didn’t take long for people to notice him. He took hold of my hand and we ran into the Abercrombie store to hide. One of the hosts asked if he could help us find anything

“A place to hide” I jokingly said.

“Right this way gentlemen” the host lead us up the stairs to the men’s department changing room area in the back of the store but took us through a door.

“I didn’t want to have you stuck in one of those small changing rooms and my name is Jacob.”

“Hello Jacob, I’m J.C. and this is TJ.” I waived

“J.C as in J.C. Woolery?”

“One and the same.”

“How Awesome, I have tickets to your show at Carnegie Hall” Jacob said smiling

“Cool.” J.C. responded. Was this shirtless hunk flirting with my guy

“Yeah I am taking my boyfriend as a surprise.” Jacob said. What a relief I thought

“Can we stay here a while or is there another way out?” J.C. asked

“Let me go talk to my manager and I’ll let you know.” Jacob said as he exited the room

“I totally didn’t think I’d get recognized” J.C. said

“Yeah I could tell when that girl screamed it caught you off guard.”

“Jacob seems nice and is a great piece of eye candy” J.C said wiggling his eyebrows. I just frowned at him. After a few minutes Jacob came back with some other guy.

“Greg this is J.C. Woolery and TJ. Guys this is Greg he’s the manager.”

“Hello guys, so I had to chase that group of people off as they were standing around waiting for you. They are actually now waiting out front on the side walk.” Greg said

“Well it’s nice to meet you and thank you for allowing us to come in here. Is there any way out besides the front?” J.C. said

“No there is not.” Greg said

‘I have an idea… why don’t we buy some clothes and change our appearance.” I said

“I like that idea” J.C. said

“I’ll give you guys a discount on your purchase.” Greg said

:”Give me your sizes and I’ll go pick stuff out for you.” Jacob stated. We provided him out sizes and he and Greg went to pick stuff out.

“How do you go out and deal with all these fans?” I asked

“Well you know it took me a while to get used to it. Normally I take a few photos and sign a few things and move on. This group was out of control mobbing us like that. I really am sorry.” J.C. said

“It’s ok babe” I said giving him a peck on the cheek. Jacob brought the clothes in and he picked out some nice outfits. J.C. handed him a card to pay for the clothes. We changed and looked different enough not to be recognized. I exchanged numbers with Jacob and we gathered our stuff and left.

“That was nice of you to exchange numbers.” J.C said

“Yeah he seems nice, even though I thought he was flirting with you.” I said and he laughed

“Awe you were jealous” J.C. said and grasped my hand as we walked to the nearest train station. Once we got on the train J.C. sent a message letting Trace letting him know we were heading back to the apartment. Once we got back we set the bags in the rooms and joined back up on the couch.

“So we have this week before I do my two week concert tour” J.C. said

“I’m going to miss you. Don’t go falling for some other hot guy” I said

“I like this jealous TJ.” J.C. said laughingly. I just glared at him and then leaned into for a kiss. We were seriously making out again when we heard the cat calls from behind us, as the shoppers came into the apartment.

“TJ and J.C. are you ok, I heard you guys were mobbed.” Mom asked

“Nice clothes guys.” Trace said

“We’re fine mom, we ducked into a store and they were able to help us out with a hiding place. We brought some new clothes to change our look so we could sneak out and I was surprised it worked.” I said

“Good for you both. I worry about J.C. being a star and being recognized. TJ, can we talk in your room please.” Mom said.

“Sure mom.” I said as I got up from the couch and tried to discretely adjust myself. I could hear the guys snickering as we walked up the stairs to my room. I closed the door for more privacy.

“So, what’s up mom”

“Grayson asked if he could move to New York to be with Trace and I wanted to hear your thoughts.”

“It’s up to you, Jack, Tracy and Trace.”

“Yes it is but are you OK with it.”

“Well I told him to talk with you privately and I guess it is ok. What would you do then?”

“Well funny that you ask. See I had been considering moving here before we moved to Ohio but you know with your grandparents and all I wanted to be closer to them and the school district needed me. I took the job not considering that all my boys would leave home so fast other than you.”

“Well mom it’s something to think about. I couldn’t figure out why you bought such a big house. Could you sell it and move in with Grandma and Grandpa?”

“If the market is hot I could but I have Beau to consider he’s a senior now.”

“Well you up rooted me and I turned out just fine.” At that point mom burst out laughing.

“Really TJ, you were fine except for everything else that’s happened” mom said between laughs

“Ok before anything is decided we will have a family meeting and I will need to talk to your grandparents.” I hugged mom and we went downstairs to join the others in the living room.

“I just talked to Dad and Pop and they said we are free to do what we want for dinner, so how about I order us some NY Pizza” J.C. said

“Sound like a plan guys but I am going to head back and eat with Brayden and Kat.” Mom said. She gave me a hug and said she would be by early before leaving to go home. We had pizza from Made in New York Pizza. It was delicious and my first New York pizza. After eating and playing a couple games of cards Beau and Lucas headed back home. Trace and Grayson faked being tired and went to bed; I know they had other plans. I sat there thinking and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.

“Penny for your thoughts babe, you seem deep in thought.”

“Just thinking about things” I leaned over for a kiss from J.C.

“We can talk if you want” J.C. said

“You know what Jackson Craft-Woolery, I have other plans. I think I am ready….” I said as I ran up the stairs.


Copyright © 2020 AquariusGuy; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

1 minute ago, weinerdog said:

Ok nice calm chapter. Nothing earth shattering happened or was talked about.Who are you and what have you done with @AquariusGuy?Seriously excellent chapter and @Wesley8890 doesn't need heart medicine

I wanted to move on... something is going to happen next chapter just wait. 

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I might be overly critical, but am I mistaken in my memory that Grayson is the youngest (freshman HS and not legal)? But she is thinking of letting him move to NY to be near his sophomore/junior College boyfriend? Did I miss something?

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1 hour ago, mikedup said:

Great chapter, some fun and a bit of drama, soon everyone will be in New York, 

Not exactly....

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19 minutes ago, purrbaby said:

I might be overly critical, but am I mistaken in my memory that Grayson is the youngest (freshman HS and not legal)? But she is thinking of letting him move to NY to be near his sophomore/junior College boyfriend? Did I miss something?

He was a freshman but now he is a sophomore and is addressed in the very next chapter about his age and moving.

They really aren't that far apart in age when you think about it. Trace is only 18 but has been taking classes so he can get into law school like his father. 

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17 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

Great chapter, nice and calming after all the drama. Soon everyone will be in New York.

I am about to change it and have his mother move to Afghanistan and become a sniper. 

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Things seem to be looking up lately but I’m a pessimist I suppose as I’m worried something is going to go wrong for poor TJ. Let’s hope I’m just being silly.

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