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Family Struggles - 25. Down In Flames

Down In Flames:


Blu grabbed his coffee and one for Kyle going upstairs to wake him up for the day. As he reached the top of the stairs he found his husband leaning against the door frame to Cody’s room silently watching Brody and Levi cuddled up together asleep. He stood behind Kyle reaching around giving him his coffee then resting his chin on Kyle’s shoulder.

“You okay, blondie?” He asked his husband quietly.

Kyle nodded his head, “We are lucky to have kids that aren’t afraid to show their feelings towards people, after all they have been through.”

“Hmm, it’s nice.” Blu kissed Kyle’s neck. “What do you want to do about the twins birthday?”

“I think we let the boys decide if they want a big party with Brody spending so much time here, I’m not sure he could handle a big amount of people,” Kyle sighed as he tilted his head kissing Blu’s temple.

“Good idea. We can talk to them in the office after breakfast.” Blu rest his head on Kyle’s shoulder. “You ready for the big orientation? You sure you don’t want me to come with you? We can get Nan to watch the kids, they can go for a swim or something.”

Kyle turned facing Blu giving him a quick peck on the lips, “You can come too, Babe. The construction guys are finishing the new paint scheme and the new gymnasium and pool are complete.”

“Actually, I’ll ask mom and dad. Nan will probably try and drown them.” Blu snickered. “Love you, Blondie.” He kissed Kyle quickly and went back downstairs.


Doug and Lily hugged Blu once they entered the kitchen.

“Thanks for doing this, I want to go and support Kyle today,” Blu told his parents, “he’s acting confident but I can tell he’s nervous, this is a big deal for him.” Although concerned, he couldn’t contain his pride in Kyle.

“It is a big deal, son. We’re all proud of him and his brothers accomplishing this. We’re happy to help.” Doug looked over his shoulder watching Kyle hurried into the kitchen while he fiddled with his suit jacket.

Kyle held two different colored ties in the air, “Which one? I don’t want to look like this is my first day on the job. And you don’t look ready to go.”

“Alright, alright. I’m going. It’ll only take a minute.” Blu took the burgundy tie and wrapped it around Kyle’s neck kissed him and raced out of the kitchen, his footsteps thundering up the stairs.

Kyle hugged Doug and Lily fixed his tie then grabbed two travel mugs and made coffee for him and Blu.

“Thanks for doing this, the alternative was Nan. We all know how that went last time.” Kyle rolled his eyes.

“Happy to spend time with kids,” Lily answered. “We can spoil them without you interfering.”

Kyle spun around narrowing his eyes at his mom.

“Mom, don’t go overboard, and not too much sugar. Keep an eye on Brody, Maria will be here to help but she’s still not a hundred percent herself yet.” Kyle screwed the lids on the mugs. “Oh, Link and Cody can’t go in the pool until they clean their bedroom.” He snapped his fingers remembering. “Blu will have a shit-fit if that room stays the way it is one more day. Oh and if Kasey comes over don’t let him feed Khan any candy, I don’t wanna clean up a mess.”

“Kyle, relax. Everything will be fine. Blu’s still alive, isn’t he? We’ve done this before. Concentrate on what you have to do today.” Doug chuckled at his anxious son.

Kyle smiled stupidly, “I guess I’m overreacting a bit.” Turning toward the stairs, “Babe, hurry up.” He grumbled as he tapped his fingers on the banister.

Blu appeared at the railing looking down at Kyle, “I’m coming, simmer down.” He turned around calling back to the bedrooms. “No Link, clean your room. I won’t tell you again.”

“But Pop!” Kyle heard Link whine.

“Dad, Pop is a tyrant!” Link said as he appeared disheveled wearing his swim trunks.

Kyle shook his head, “Pop is right, you’ve been asked to clean your half of your messy bedroom for days. Cody has had to crawl over that pile of clothes which has almost swallowed him whole numerous times.”

“Fine, but I don’t see what the big deal is.” Link turned to stomp off but paused, “How will I know where anything is if I move stuff?”

“That room better be clean by the time we get back Lincoln Abraham Waters, I kid you not. If we can’t see carpet your grounded, no more pool, cell phone, computer, and I’ll eat all your candy. Move your ass.” Blu growled as he thundered down the stairs. “That kid, I swear.” He grumbled to Kyle.

“Me? You’re evil threatening my candy,” Link shook his head and returned to his room.

“It’s amusing watching you two take jabs at one another,” Kyle gave Blu a quick peck as he grabbed his hand dragging him toward the door screaming their goodbyes as they exited.


The applause rang out as Kyle finished his speech. Kaleb and Jared had kept theirs to a minimum before introducing Kyle to the staff. Blu looked around the room from where he leaned up against the wall. Everyone seemed excited to face the new challenges that the brothers had outlined. Kaleb and Jared split up mingling with the new staff as Kyle made his way to Blu.

The two men then introduced themselves to the new staff, introducing them to tenured staff that had been employed previously before they converted to a private school. The brothers had made everyone apply for their jobs again so they could only keep the cream of the crop. They’d decided to employ only people who shared their vision for what they wanted to achieve but also cared more about the kids and their learning experience rather than a paycheck.

After giving a tour of the upgraded facilities, Kyle ended the staff orientation.

“Are you ready to head home and see if Mom and Dad are stringing the kids up yet?” Kyle smiled as he loosened his tie.

“Yup, you did great today, Blondie. I’m so proud of you. The new intake of teachers is great. I especially like the two new coaches. They aren’t there to win trophies but teach the kids skills.” Blu beamed at his husband.

“All of the new staff are special, each seems as dedicated to kids as we could only hope,” Kyle held the door for Blu as they reached the exit.


Kyle drove slowly toward home as music meandered through the car. His phone rang, indicating Steven was calling on the dash display.

He reached up tapping the button on the steering wheel to answer the call.

“Hello Judge,” Kyle offered a little wave stupidly and smirked at Blu.

“Kyle, where’s Maria and Brody?”

“At our house with Mom and Dad and the kids. Why?” Kyle turned serious.

“Good, no reason just want to make sure they are in a safe place. Look I’m on my way to your place. I’ve got some info on Carson. We need to keep Maria and Brody away from him. Where are you now, you sound like you’re driving?”

“We are on our way home from the school. It should only take us like thirty minutes or so, we are going to grab some pizzas for dinner on the way,” Kyle mentioned as he turned onto the main highway, to bypass the stoplights.

The two men made their way to the local pizza place, put in their order and sat down with a drink while they waited. Unfortunately, the place was packed to rafters and their pies were going to be at least twenty minutes.

Blu smacked his lips together after taking a sip of his beer. “Mmm, that’s the shit.”

Kyle smirked at Blu, “I thought you said I was the shit last night in bed?”

“That was then, this is now. Right now I want this beer.” Blu laughed. “Maybe later tonight you can be the shit again,” he said suggestively.

“I’ll have to check my calendar,” Kyle chuckled as his phone rang.

“What’s up Teddy?”

“We’re at Pizza Shack.”

“We told Brent to stay at home to make sure Mom and Dad had back up with the rug rats.”

“Why are you interrogating me?”

“Teddy, what the hell is going on?” Kyle’s voice became heated.

Kyle stood up grabbing Blu’s beer taking a chug, “Babe, cancel the pizzas. Teddy has anybody spoke to Nan or Mom and Dad?”

“Fuck, we will handle it.” Kyle ended the call shoving his phone into his pocket without making eye contact with Blu.

“What’s going on Blondie? I canceled the pizza’s.”

Kyle was white as a ghost as he stumbled in a daze towards the door, “It’s Steven…”

Blu pulled Kyle to a stop. “What’s going on baby, you’re scaring me?”

Kyle turned facing his husband placing his trembling hands on Blu’s shoulders, “He’s… he is…” Kyle shook his head. Taking a deep breath he slowly muttered, “Steven is dead, he died a few blocks from our house. A car hit-and-run killing him.”

“You sure, we just spoke with him?” Blu said confused.

“Teddy confirmed it with his police contacts,” Kyle said as he scrubbed his hand over his face.

“Fuck, Nan,” Blu yelled as he ran to the car at lightning speed.

Kyle followed behind getting in the car quietly, reaching for Blu’s hand after starting the car. “Nobody has been notified yet. Should we go speak to Mom and Dad, or go break the news to Nan? Either way, I really don’t see a good outcome.”

“Dunno, you decide.” He glanced at Kyle. “She’s going to be devastated.”

“I feel responsible for this… If he wasn’t looking into stuff regarding Carson for me, he wouldn’t have been coming to see us. Fuck,” Kyle slammed his hands against the steering wheel.

Blu didn’t say anything, leaning across the console hugging Kyle. “No, baby.” He whispered in Kyle’s ear.

Kyle shook his heading hoping to wake from a bad dream, but reality continued to slap him in the face. Placing the car in gear, he started the drive to Steven and Nan’s house. “I don’t want Nan hearing the news over a special broadcast or something,” Kyle said solemnly.

“Jesus Blondie, this can’t be happening.” Blu watched out the windscreen dazedly as the world passed by.

The ride was eerily quiet, as they pulled into Nan’s driveway Kyle took a deep breath exhaling slowly, “How do we tell Nan, the love of her life is gone?” Kyle asked as he shut the car off.

Blu turned to Kyle with tears in his eyes, “I have absolutely no idea.”

Just as Kyle opened his car door a police cruiser pulled in beside their car.

An officer stepped out of the car and walked to Kyle and Blu, “Is this the Powell residence?”

“Yes, are you here to speak with our Nan?”

The officer glanced at his clipboard, “Do you mean Phyllis Powell?”

“Yes sir, she’s not going to take this well. She’s a little unpredictable.” Blu swallowed audibly completely unprepared to tell his nan about the sudden death of her husband.

“This is a part of my job I dislike. Could you lead the way?” The officer asked Blu.

“Sure, would you mind telling her. Neither one of us could stand to break her heart?” Blu asked the officer. “We’ll be there for support but if you could do that we’d really be grateful.”

The police officer nodded as he took his hat off placing it between his left arm and side. “This is one of the duties that is the most difficult,” he stated as he followed behind Blu and Kyle.

Blu opened the door to his nan’s place, calling out to her.

“Nan, it’s Blu. Where are you?”

“Kitchen, grandbaby,” she called back walking into the living room wearing an apron and wiping her hands on a tea towel. “What brings you to my place, boys?” she stopped dead in her tracks. “Jimminy crickets what have you boys done now?” she screeched looking at the policeman.

The officer stepped forward, “Mrs. Powell? I am Officer Samuels, of the Boston Police Department.”

“What’d they do?” she asked narrowing her eyes at the boys.

“Nan, we didn’t do anything. Maybe we should sit down?” Blu suggested steering nan toward a couch.

She pulled away, “No, Blu. You tell me how much trouble you’re in right this minute.”

Officer Samuels motioned for Nan to take a seat, “I really think it’s best for you to sit down Mrs. Powell.”

She went to the couch giving the officer the stink eye the entire time. After sitting she smoothed out her apron with the skirt underneath, putting her hands clasped in her lap.

“Fine, I’m sitting. Go ahead. How much trouble are the boys in?”

“Mrs. Powell the boys aren’t in any trouble, there has been an accident. I’m sorry to inform you Steven, was killed,” Officer Samuels said humbly.

“They killed Steven?” she asked shocked looking at the boys as if they were strangers.

“No Mrs. Powell a driver struck Steven, killing him without reporting the incident,” Officer Samuels said as he knelt in front of Nan.

Nan sat stoically in front of the officer, staring straight ahead as if she could see through him. The three men waited for a reaction from nan. Hell. Blu expected her to start throwing things or scream profanities. Much to their surprise she stood and walked to the front door, turning to the three of them holding it open.

“Thank you for coming by. You can all leave now,” she said without looking at them.

“Nan, you can’t stay here by yourself,” Kyle said as he walked over to her.

“I’m fine Kyle, you can go. Take Blu with you. Thank you for coming over.”

Blu looked at Kyle, fear gripping hold of him. Frightened by Nan’s reaction.

“Maybe it would be best if we go Kyle. Nan, we are going for now. We’ll be back, okay?”

Nan didn’t say anything just motioned for them all to leave. Blu had to practically drag Kyle from the house. He was determined to stick with Nan.

Kyle turned to look back at Nan as the door slammed closed. “What the hell was that? You can leave now?”

Officer Samuels stopped and handed his card to Blu, “Your family has my sympathies if there is anything I can do to help contact me.” Turning to face Kyle, “Peoples reactions at this type of thing can be quite shocking, just give her time.” He said before making his way back to his cruiser and leaving.

“We better go talk to dad.” Blu ran his hand through his hair frustratingly. “I’ve never seen her shut down like that before. The woman is combative and loudly reactive – always. This isn’t good. I’m scared, blondie.”

Kyle pulled Blu into a hug, “She dismissed us like we were school kids sent to my office.” He shook his head as the embrace loosened and then opened Blu’s door before going to his side of the car and getting inside.

Once the boys reached home, Blu discretely asked his dad to meet him and Kyle in the office. Kyle was waiting, not really waiting so much as pacing, once they got there.

“Kyle, are you okay? Did something happen at school?” Doug asked stopping his son from wearing a hole in the carpet.

“No, I’m not okay. She dismissed us and told us to go home. Since when has she sent us home? I mean we’re not little kids,” Kyle scrunched his face and continued his path of pacing.

Doug frowned at Blu, seeing the tears that had appeared since he entered the room made him fill with dread.

“Maybe you boys should start from the beginning. Who kicked you out of the school?”

“Nan,” Blu answered.

“Why was mom at the school?” Doug asked his head sweeping back and forth between Blu and Kyle trying to make sense of everything. Blu was crying and Kyle seemed somewhere between concerned and angry.

“Not school,” Kyle paused shrugging his shoulders, “their house, well Nan’s house now.”

Doug sighed in confusion. “Boys, what are you talking about. You’re making no sense what so ever. Sit down, take a deep breath and start at the beginning.”

Kyle walked by his desk kicking the garbage can over before sitting down. Blu sat down curling into his husband. Kyle lifted his arm making room for Blu, kissing his forehead as they both took a couple of deep breaths.

Sighing Kyle steeled his nerves and made eye contact with Doug. “Dad, Steven called us as we were leaving the school wanting to meet us here.”

Doug nodded listening intently.

“So, anyway, I’m not sure if he told you but he was looking into Carson’s background for me. But he made a breakthrough, I’m not sure what.” Kyle buried his nose in Blu’s hair inhaling, “When we were at Pizza Shack waiting for our order to cook, Teddy called.”

Doug nodded again, but his patience was wearing thin.

“Steven was struck by a car Dad on the way here. We went to Nan’s with the police. She kicked us out,” Kyle’s voice was hoarse from emotion.

“Shit! Is Steven okay?” Doug asked knowing he wasn’t going to like the answer.

Blu shook his head into Kyle’s chest. “No dad, he died at the scene.”

“Okay, fuck!” Doug quipped.

The boys both sat up straight, it’s not very often a curse word passes the lips of their dad. Doug stood up leaving the boys in the office, calling out for Lily as he headed for the door. They heard the front door close a few seconds later. After a minute or two Lily appeared in the office doorway.

“Where did your father go, Blu?”

Her son looked at his husband before answering, “Um… I think he’s gone to see nan. He’ll be back soon, mom.”

Lily saw the boys were upset, she came into the office and made the boys move apart so she could squeeze between them.

“Don’t worry boys. Whatever she did, or however you upset her, your dad will fix it.” She tilted her head resting against Blu’s then reached up with her other hand pulling Kyle’s to her shoulder.

“I don’t think anything can make this right,” Kyle mumbled to himself.

“Come now boys, everything will be fine. This will all blow over.” Lily comforted the boys, neither of them have the heart to tell her what they were upset about. Best if their dad handled it.


After Doug had returned and informed the rest of the family what had happened the family went its separate ways to deal with things in their own way. Blu and Kyle kept a vigilant eye on the kids, the twins especially. Levi usually lashed out and Lincoln would bottle his feelings up. Steven may have only been part of the family for a few years, but he had always been part of the kid's lives. He was a quiet, stoic man but he had a sense of humor that entertained the kids. They made a game up to make him smile or laugh and when they would achieve this they got to swap one of their chores for an easier one with another.

The adults, on the other hand, were very fond of Steven, he loved nan and her wacky ways and had the ability to reign her in when she got out of hand. He always did things for the family without being asked and would never accept anything beyond gratitude. The house was solemn and quiet. Blu went up to check on the kids. He found them all in their room, laying in all manner of positions sprawled across their bed watching a movie together. Blu smiled to himself taking a picture sending it down to Kyle. The kids didn’t often go in their room and never without permission. However, they liked to be with their dads when they were sad or sick. It was their safe place.


The following morning Kyle was up early he had made coffee and grabbed the mail, before sitting down at the kitchen table and remembering Steven. As he sorted through the mail, Kyle found a letter from the Federal Department of Corrections. He ran his fingers over the embossed logo on the envelope before he turned the letter over and placed it on the table.

After sipping his coffee and reading the junk mail, Kyle reluctantly picked up the envelope and opened it. Sliding the official document out of the envelope he slowly read the letter with excerpts that stuck out.

Excerpt 1-

After hearing appeals by Penelope Francesca Remington the courts have decided to uphold her sentencing to death by lethal injection. The date will be scheduled at the discretion of the Department of Corrections.

Excerpt 2-

Rudolph Valentino Remington will face life in prison with no chance of parole per his plea agreement.

Kyle sat the letter down and drank the remainder of his coffee. Cody wandered into the kitchen, squirming his way onto Kyle’s lap and snuggling into him.

After kissing the top of Cody’s head Kyle gave him a hug and kept him enveloped in it.

“Dad?” Cody called out.

“Yeah?” Kyle said as he rested his head against Cody’s.

“Why do good people die?” Cody squeaked as Kyle maintained the hug.

Kyle sighed, “I honestly don’t have a good answer for that Cody. I wish I could give you a good reason, right now I just want to protect you kids from all of the bad stuff.”

“What’s in the letter you were reading? You looked sad when you were reading it?” Cody looked up giving his dad puppy dog eyes.

“My parents were… are bad people. That letter told me how bad of people they are,” Kyle inhaled a deep breath. “Your Pop and I love each of you more than words can ever say.”

“We love you back,” Cody said matter of factly.


Kaleb dragged Davis from the parking lot into the clinic for their first sonogram of their baby.

“Baby, slow down. They are going to wait for us. Terri promised, her mom will be with her so try and dial back the crazy for the next few hours okay?” Davis pleaded with his husband.

“Me? Crazy? Please,” Kaleb flapped his hand at Davis dismissively. “Hurry up already, the baby will be here before we meet it.”

“Leb,” Davis pulled Kaleb to a sudden stop, then grabbed his shoulders turning him so they were face-to-face. “Chill, honey, I’m excited too, okay? But you’re at jack russell status, and you're making me anxious. Take a deep breath and calm down.”

Kaleb gave Davis his sad eyes as he took a deep breath.

“There you go. I love you so much, Kaleb.” Davis kissed Kaleb making sure he knew how much. When they pulled out of the kiss Kaleb was red-faced, fanning himself grinning at his husband.

“So, what are you doin’ later? I have a feeling you’re gonna get lucky,” Kaleb said as he ran his finger down Davis’ chest.

“Laundry, Waters residence, 7 pm,” Davis answered with a smirk.

“Hmm… my favorite room and good lord you do a good load of laundry,” Kaleb winked as he grabbed ahold of Davis’ hand. “Let's go before we have to find a laundromat.”

Davis and an almost, but not quite calmer Kaleb met up with Terri and her mom outside the reception of the clinic.

“Mom, this is Davis and Kaleb Hanson. Guys this is my mom, Nadine Halifax.”

The boys being the gentlemen they pretend to be charmed Nadine’s mom as they went inside the clinic. Terri leaned over to Davis whispering as Kaleb and Nadine chatted a few feet away.

“How did you calm him down? This is the most relaxed I’ve seen Kaleb.” Terri took one look at Davis’ face before saying, “Nevermind.” Smirking as she caught up to the other two.

Kaleb turned to look at Terri, “So is the little one kicking the shit out of your bladder yet?”

“No, yes.” Terri rolled her eyes rubbing her belly softly. “But I don’t mind that’s how I know she’s healthy. The morning sickness is a distant memory at least.”

A clinic technician called out Terri’s name, they all followed along to the small room. The technician turned to them, “Just the mom to be and the dad. The room is kind of tiny.”

“I’m sorry but, I will be going in. If you actually read the file you’d know my daughter is a surrogate and these two gentlemen are the fathers to be. We’d all like to be in with Terri. We’ll make room and won’t interfere with your job. I assure you.” Nadine was firm but polite.

The technician opened the file flicking over a few pages biting his bottom lip.

“Hmm, yes, I see.” He smiled at the small crowd. “I guess we’ll make do. Come on in.”

The foursome breathed a sigh of relief filing through the door after the technician. Terri climbed up on the exam table lifting her shirt leaving her belly exposed. Kaleb reached out to touch it, Davis smacking his hand away.

“Ow, baby. I just wanted to see if it really feels like a beach ball.” Kaleb rubbed his hand. “You’re not getting lucky tonight mister.”

“Oh, yes I am,” Davis mumbled quietly hoping only Kaleb heard him.

Kaleb rolled his eyes and looked at the technician, “So, how good are you at seeing a penis?”

“What?” the guy looked up full belly laughing at Kaleb.

“You know…” Kaleb made a hand motion, “Can you see his little thingy?”

“Oh,” the man calmed a bit at least to a sporadic giggle. “Depends how the babies are situated,” he said distantly while his eyes narrowed at the screen running the wand over Terri’s stomach.

“So you mean our baby has to have his junk on full display for you to know if it’s a boy?” Kaleb had positioned himself behind the technician looking over his shoulder watching his every move.

“Hang on on second,” Davis’ voice panicked, “did you say, babies? Like with an s, plural, as in more than one?”

Kaleb stopped looking at the display and stared blinking in disbelief between Davis and the technician.

“Has no one told you that this pregnancy is multiple births?”

Terri vigorously shook her head, her complexion had gone green.

Kaleb got a wicked look on his face spinning the technician around on his little stool, flinging his arms around the technician. “Davis we are having twins! My super sperms done it!” Turning his attention back to the technician, “So two babies? What sex are they? How big is his wanger? Are they healthy?” Kaleb looked at Davis, “We need two of everything. What are we gonna name them? Will we need any special stuff to care for them–”


“Davis wake up! You can’t lay down on the job now baby,” Kaleb said as he pushed the technician out of the way and knelt beside Davis slapping him gently on the face.

“Davis you will not lay on your back while I slave taking care of the babies,” Kaleb said as he peppered kisses on his husbands face.

The technician grabbed some smelling salts from the shelf, waving it under Davis’ nose.

“Mr. uh...”

“Hanson,” Terri informed him.

“Mr. Hanson, you with us?”

Davis opened his eyes slowly. “Huh, flmsu wens.”

“Here sit up.” The tech slowly sat Davis up checking his pupils, doing the normal assessments. “He seems okay, maybe just sit a minute and gather your bearings.”

“If you’re trying to get out of taking care of the babies at night you are sadly mistaken,” Kaleb poked Davis’ chest with his finger.

“Dizzy,” Davis said wearily.

“You’re fine,” Kaleb turned back to the technician, “So did you see his wanger?”

Nadine went to Davis’ side. “You okay honey?” she asked helping him off the floor.

“Yeah, I think so. Shit! Twins right?” Davis asked shakily.

Kaleb turned and sighed at Davis, “Yeah, you were to busy taking a nap.”


Kaleb looked at his husband holding his hand up, “Can you please answer the question? Did you see his junk or not?”

Nadine helped Davis again making sure he was okay. He swayed over to the examination bed.

“Are you okay with this, Terri?”

The young woman smiled warmly at Davis. “Yes, I’ve known from the beginning that it could be multiple births. I’m good, just surprised.”

“Let us know if there’s anything we can do to make things easier for you?”

“Davis hit the technician he’s not answering my questions,” Kaleb whined.

Davis scrunched his face up at his husband. “Can you guys please excuse us for a second. I’m just going to talk to my husband in the hallway for a minute.” He dragged Kaleb out into the hallway and read him the riot act about being disrespectful and demanded he go back in there and apologize to everyone.

“Let the man talk, Kaleb. You are being ridiculous and childish. That young woman is having those babies for us and you’re only concerned about the gender. I passed out for christ sake Kaleb, and all you care about is me getting out of work that hasn’t even come our way yet. Grow the fuck up!”

Davis angrily went back into the room trying to put the hurt look on Kaleb’s face out of his mind. He was being childish and downright disrespectful. Davis had no choice but to give Kaleb a wake-up call.

Kaleb walked back into the room with his arms crossed over his chest staring at the floor. “I’m sorry I was an ass, I overreacted and was disrespectful.” He glanced up at Davis quickly and his eyes darted back to the floor. “Terri I appreciate everything you’re doing for us. But I really wanna know if you,” he pointed at the technician, “Can see my boys thingy?”

“Apology accepted, and you’re nowhere near the first over excited expecting father I’ve had. And yes, I can confirm that at least one of your babies is a boy. The other I can’t confirm but at least seventy percent sure it’s a girl.” His smile was professional and friendly.

Kaleb flung his arms around the technician kissing him on the lips before flinging him across the room and grabbing Davis. “We’re getting one of each. You gotta deal with the female talks, I’m not good at dealing with female stuff. You know I just freak out over the whole V word thing.” Kaleb stopped to catch his breath and lay one huge kiss on Davis.

“Okay Leb, calm down,” Davis told him.

“Kaleb?” Terri said getting his attention. “You’re going to have to get used to the girl stuff. I’m not having these babies so you can half-ass it. You find a way to deal with it, got it?”

Kaleb looked at Terri, “I got it, but what if I screw up?”

Nadine let out a little chuckle. “Oh, you will screw up. Many times. But you soldier on and do better the next time something comes up. There is no handbook Kaleb. It doesn’t get easier as they get older either it just changes that’s all. It happens to all parents.”

Kaleb snaked his arm around Davis, “I love you so much, baby. Well, I guess you have to lose that nickname now,” he mumbled the latter comment.

“You can call me what you want, as long as you still love me Leb,” Davis said sweeping Kaleb’s hair back from his eyes.

“I’ll always love you, Davis,” Kaleb turned and bent down close to Terri’s stomach and whispered, “your daddies love each of you guys too.”

Well, there is the next installment to Family Struggles, I believe we start the countdown of ten chapters left in this book. I want to thank everybody for being patient in dealing with my life struggles, this chapter came together much easier than I anticipated. A special thank you to our Beta-Readers which returned the chapter rapidly to get it published.


Twins can you believe it? Davis is in shock!


Steven is gone... What did he find out?


Poor Nan, is she okay? Only time will tell with a broken heart...

Copyright © 2018 Aaron Hawke & JT Babbage; All Rights Reserved.
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2 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

Wow what a chapter. Seriously worried about how Nan will handle Stephens death. What did he find out?

The new school sounds amazing.

Twins will certainly put some excitement in Kaleb’s and Davies lives.

Everybody has to remember Nan has aged a good bit since the beginning of the story, nothing is easy for her anymore.

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2 hours ago, droughtquake said:

I don’t think it was just a hit & run. I think Stephen was murdered because he found something out that no one was supposed to know. The question is whether Stephen left any documentation behind with the evidence…


Davis faints, but Kaleb is obsessed with finding out the gender. What would Kaleb do if the baby is intersex*? Would he insist on gender assignment surgery? Would he demand a DNA test for a chromosome check? What if the test showed XXY or XYY? How would Davis react if he’s having this much trouble with a multiple birth? And Davis shouldn’t be so shocked with his brothers-in-law, Kyle and Jared, being twins themselves – it does run in families.



*This is an area of LGBTQI rights where Australia is among a small handful of countries with specific anti-discrimination rights for intersex individuals. South Africa and Malta are also in that group with Malta being the most comprehensive in their protections. A few jurisdictions in the US allow third gender or sex classifications and there are a few anti-discrimination rights in healthcare. Overall, this is an area where much work needs to be done.


Just as with sexual orientation, sex and gender are not necessarily an either/or proposition. There are variations and things are not strictly black and white, yes or no. And just as with circumcision, assignment surgery should not be something parents (and doctors) should be allowed to decide for the child, no matter how well-meaning.


Its interesting how the ‘god doesn’t make mistakes’ folks seem to be the first to demand surgical intervention on intersex infants.

Twins are all about  "eggs" not sperm!

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2 hours ago, Tonyr said:

Twins are all about  "eggs" not sperm!

Edited – is that more accurate? And so far the younger set seems to be following the lead of the older set in being all about the sperm, not eggs. But Link & Levi haven’t mentioned an orientation yet even though studies indicate that some preteens already know.  ;–)

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17 minutes ago, NimirRaj said:

Of course I think the laundry room at Kyle & Blu’s house has been in use with the kids around by Jared & Mason if memory serves so nobody really has a lot of shame in this family. 😂

The need to annoy Kyle & Blu seems to override any shame they might feel.  ;–)

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19 minutes ago, Benji said:

😎...…………… Crap the Judge getting killed was a shocker, he was the only sane one in the bunch.  I fear that he was murdered and it does relate back to Carson.  Nan is not going to take this well, and I wonder if she can handle living alone now. (G-D forbid should she get herself moved in with the grandbabies -- Kyle and Blue). Better she should bother Davis and Kaleb with their new additions, OMG! Twins. I wonder why Penelope and Rudolph were brought back up in the conversation? Great to see another chapter!

Were Pendolph involved in the murder?

Edited by droughtquake
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Watching K & D handle twins is going to be so much fun.   As to Steven, I'm so sorry to see him gone; he was a true asset to the story.  I'm wondering how bad the info he found out is if it got him killed.  Also, wondering if Nan knew as she is too calm.  It could be shock or it could be something she and Steven discussed.    Oh, well.  I guess it'll all come out soon.  

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Welcome back.  :hug:

This chapter was very much a circle of life kind of chapter.

It was encouraging to see the school getting off the ground with the right foundation.  Steven’s death was a shock and suspicious, in my opinion (I’m looking at you, Carson).  Nan’s reaction doesn’t surprise me actually, It’s the calm before the storm before she breaks down.  I only hope she doesn’t do something drastic in her grief.

Kyle getting the letter about his donors was sad but not unexpected.  I thought sperm donor’s actions were worse than egg donor’s but then remembered she tried to get Kyle killed or something, right?  I have to look back.  None of them will be truly safe tho until life ceases for both of those individuals.

The announcement of twins for Kaleb and Davis was just the right ending for this chapter.  Davis is the perfect husband for Kaleb and together will be a great parental team.  

The usual order of life is birth then death, you reversed it with this chapter, leaving hope after such sad news.  I hope life is treating you the same right now.  

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A real mix of emotions in this chapter.  Happy for Kaleb and Davis getting the news of twins!!    Very sad for the death of judge Steven and hurting for Nan.  The hit and run seems very suspicious and I hope that whatever the judge was going to tell them is documented somewhere.  I also hope there is evidence that can lead to blaming Carson for this.  This family keeps getting knocked down but keeps coming back. Rudolph got life because of a plea deal and Penelope didn’t take the deal.  Thanks for the new chapter.  

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