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Poems and Short Quips - 13. Punctured Hope

In dreams…

Subconscious turns acute.

Time becomes irrelevant,

And distance won't refute.


In dreams…

Grand illusions are misspent.

Betrayal becomes rampant,

And desire turns discontent.


In dreams…

Surrealism darkens night.

Troubled images expand,

And rationale takes flight.


In dreams…

Visions mirror self-doubt.

Transgressions flatten truth,

And malice stings throughout.


In dreams…

Cruel trickery rides disdain.

False promises slither low,

And hope is punctured by pain.

Copyright © 2017 MacGreg; All Rights Reserved.
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Wow.. well written, but very dark and it felt like shove backward from mid-chest.  Hope you're okay. 

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Wow Mac, 
 I'm a little speechless. This poem is so stripped down, emotional and raw. 
 While this reflects hurt and pain... Its beautiful in its power... Brought on by your choice of words. 

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1 hour ago, MacGreg said:

Thanks for the comments. Just needed to expel a few things.

It worked.

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