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Poems and Short Quips - 22. Variances of Light and Dark

The fog distorts the path

Swirling, thickening

Like ebb and flow of seawater

Predictable, frustrating

Filled with variances of light and dark

Salty, cavernous

Sometimes inky black

Never allowing for clear passage

Only mere glimpses of possibilities

Of what could be,

Of what can never be


The shroud distorts the path

Can you see the sunshine?

There, there, snippets of warmth

We trudge forward on brittle feet

Shackled, unrested

Denying the untenable alternative

Burying vexation for another day

Love and hope

Drifting, drifting

Silencing our restless existence

Thank you for reading.

Copyright © 2017 MacGreg; All Rights Reserved.
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You set up an lovely ethereal quality, entirely consonant with the mist and fog. ‘Brittle Feet’ is a lovely phrase. 

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this is quite beautiful, ghostly and gossamer.. it's like the sea.. hope given yet it's taken from us by the tides. it's very good, Sir

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Beautiful Sir. A piece that sees the big picture. Not always easy, or black or white. A very thoughtful piece Sir.

Edited by BlindAmbition
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Fog, shrouds, ebb flow ...this speaks of dark places, gripping sadness and a kind of resignation, that this is how things are and will remain. Yet... There is more, moments of brilliant light and love, I think. A deep and thoughtful poem.

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