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Poems and Short Quips - 27. Words Seldom Liberated

Sometimes, I feel useless as a writer. Just needed to purge this sentiment before I move onto more productive things.


Embedded in my cerebrum

Ulcerous, infected

Clinging like small leeches

Hungry to suck my blood


Words hold my imagination hostage

For a ransom which cannot be paid



Seldom liberated from my cerebrum

Anxious, irreverent

Inflaming like small torches

Ready to join the pyre


Words resist their emancipation

As if they know not that they are free


Without words, I am fucking useless.

Copyright © 2017 MacGreg; All Rights Reserved.
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I’ve read this multiple times today Sir. I feel your exasperation. Think of your words as musical notes. Start stringing together and eventually you will find your chord progression. Those strung together words will find their harmony and rhythm. You’re a maestro Sir. I look forward to your next arrangement. 

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Thanks, everyone. I wasn't trying to be a downer by posting this; as many of you can relate, having the need and want to write, yet feeling you can't do so with any semblance of accomplishment, makes you ill. I just needed to purge this sentiment from my system and move on. Which is what I did. I appreciate all that you've said to encourage me.

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