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Poems and Short Quips - 12. Periphery of Yearning

Dreams encased in shadows,

Echoes punctured by distance -

I catch glimpses of your winsome figure

In the periphery of my yearning.


Spectral images turn transparent

Amidst the recurrences of futility,

Following broken paths of misfortune

I’m forced to navigate alone.


Cursed be the happenstance which bonded,

Then dismantled our hand-in-glove affection,

Like a cruel jester performing its final farce

On participants resistant to the outcome.


Our reality is jaded by circumstance,

And the finite obstacle of geography -

Dissevering the dreams we proposed,

Providing no solace for frustration.

Copyright © 2017 MacGreg; All Rights Reserved.
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Sad, yet beautiful... Its amazing when you bare your soul in your poems. Whether angry, sad, happy. Your words are clear and concise. 

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