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Poems and Short Quips - 32. The Detritus

Each morning with the rise of the new sun,

I seek solace on the back porch,

Meditating and evaluating the rubble in my lap,

Wondering when it all came about:

the discontent

the wandering eye

the restless indiscretions

I fear it may have been there all along,

your skillful façade gaslighting my intuition,

Expunging my better judgment, bullshitting me

Such blatant disrespect for the Life we built together:

piece by piece

brick by brick

kiss by kiss

your proclamation that it wasn’t me, it was you

Was but a cowardly excuse, bereft of comfort

For how can I not doubt my place now…?

you extinguished crucial bits of me, quick and heartless

Without regard to the ensuing impact:

the fallout

the detritus

the gaping crater

Now, as I numbly pick through the scraps

Seeking evidence of trust and honesty

I am reminded that a Life paramount to me

Was but a place for you to exist in the interim

Until something better came along.

Copyright © 2017 MacGreg; All Rights Reserved.
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Ouch. Words definitely can hurt, and convey hurt. I can only infer here, and say I'm sorry that you had to write something like this. But it's a good thing to express yourself, and you did it well. 

No failure visible here, certainly.


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