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Poems and Short Quips - 14. Derision and Desire

Aggravation lingers

And scratches at the eyes

The never-ending struggle

To exist with what belies


Trapped in bleak discordance

We claw hard at bitter roots

Seek solace for our errors

While cinched in disrepute


Limits of expression

Lure heat to fuel the fires

Bring derision to the table

And suppress profound desires


Intentions can’t foretell

A lone man’s disposition

In a world which spins eternal

We each need recognition

Emotions have been broiling at the surface the last couple of days. Thanks for reading.

Copyright © 2017 MacGreg; All Rights Reserved.
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Seek solace for our errors

While cinched in disrepute



As amazing as always. The architectonic beauty of the poem stands tall.

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Awesome poem, Mac. The second and fourth stanzas are most punchy and affecting; almost meta-rhythmic. Yet it is the third stanza which sets up the fourth; you do it very well. It is often in one's limits and frustrations that one is recognized at last.

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This is a pain-filled poem. It claws itself, and that's impressive and touching. Thanks for posting it, and hugs 



Edited by AC Benus
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We do all need recognition for who we are, not who we're expected to be or what society says. You show me that everyday and give me courage to be me.... it means everything.... i'm grateful, Sir and i hope to pass that message on to others.

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