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Poems and Short Quips - 29. I See You

For sean.

And anyone who fights against themselves.

There you go

Flipping that hoodie over your head again

Pulling the strings tight, tighter

Until only your nose is exposed

Enough room to allow you to breathe

But not enough to let the world in


It’s times like this

When you’re anxious and unsettled

The heavy weight of existence upon you

That you encase yourself in that fibrous cocoon

Assuming that once you’re hidden

your presence will go unnoticed


But I notice you, boy

I see you

I care


This perpetual instinct

To hide within your refuge of fleece fabric

Will only provide temporary reprieve

From the compression of the world

And the self-imposed doubts

That relentlessly push and pull at you


Take this advice

Remain focused on me

Seek refuge in the hand that guides you

Together, we'll work on dismantling the negative forces

The tight vises which grip your heart and mind

Together, we'll push that hoodie away


Hopefully, for good

Copyright © 2017 MacGreg; All Rights Reserved.
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Mac Sir   the things you say.. why you put up with me i don't know. very grateful for it tho Sir

maybe some day  i can do it, burn the hoodie.. lol 

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