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Poems and Short Quips - 24. Another Year

Ruminations as 2017 draws to a close...

Another year sneaks up

Slips by like the wind

Twelve months gone by

And I fear I never lived,

Twelve months gone by

And I crumple and discard each one

Like torn pieces of holiday paper

Removed from shiny, empty promises,

Now forgotten

Now becoming another layer

Of the waste we collect and endure.


Create a new path,

Start a new journey,

Make shit happen!


This I insist

As I stand amongst the ruins

Clutching shiny wrappings

Wondering where the days went

Wondering where the wind took me

Tossing bygones and regrets

Into the dreamy ebb and flow

Of Time’s continuous current

Cyclical tides that cleanse me

Cyclical tides that usher

In the New Year,

Revealing all that is glorious,

All that is potential.

Thank you for reading, and Happy New Year.

Copyright © 2017 MacGreg; All Rights Reserved.
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There’s wisdom in these words of yours, Mac. I shall be remembering what lies between the lines. 


Happy New Mac. :) 


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We get busy, and the better things in life slip by when we are dealing with the necessary.  I think you're right we need to make something happen.  Make time for the things we love to do. I do believe it's possible. I think also that not all accomplishments are things we'll see immediately. Seeds we plant today may take time to come to fruition. 


I hope you will find time for things you love in life, Mac. All the best in 2018. 

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