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Gay Authors News blog focuses on items of interest for our entire site with an emphasis on stories.

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July Classic Author Feature: Almost Home by Shadowgod

I've featured long reads, stories to take you to other times or places.... so how about we do another snippet of a week in the snow in the sunny heat of July in this bite-sized feature "Almost Home" by Shadowgod.  Length: 2,782 Description: There was nothing Bryson and James wanted more than to get away from the stress of college, and once Bryson had convinced him, James was sure that this ski trip was the perfect way to do just that. Their week together in the snow would turn ou

June Classic Author Feature: Yankee by The Zot

June is Pride month! We often see stories of coming out or teenage coming of age stories that are very popular during this month. They are read as inspiration, a reminder, a hope... whatever the reason, they exist because we still struggle this battle. So how about a Classic to remember?  Length: 80,483 Description: Justin's a fish out of water no matter where he goes, and never more so than when this Boston kid has to move to rural Georgia. Sometimes things don't work out the wa

May Classic Author Feature: The Knife That Twists Within by Stefan Schmidt

May is here, and with it another Classic Author banner and story feature. Do you take the time to search out these older stories? Well, if you don't, never fear, we'll bring them to you with our monthly features! I don't know about you, but the past year plus has been crazy, so I thought... let's turn the feature on its ear and do a Christmas season story in May.  Length: 160,370 Description: Nicholas is a young street painter in Berlin and full of painful memories until he meets

April Classic Author Feature: NickolasJames8's Bodega Bay

This isn't an easy story to read, but sometimes that's what we need. Live the ups and downs with Kevin as he struggles to learn how to come to terms with life and all the uncertainty it can throw at a person, no matter what their age.    Length: 114,942 Description: Kevin has always had turbulence in his life, but things when suddenly go from bad to worse and he has no where to turn, he sets off to return to the one place where he was able to build good memories in his young


Cia in Classic Feature

March Classic Author Excerpt: Altimexis' The Cajun Asian

Hopefully you caught Monday's blog announcing this month's Classic Author feature is Altimexis' story, The Cajun Asian. Okay, so I don't do this often, but this section of the story just SMACKS for the title that grabbed my attention when I was picking a story to feature for Altimexis.  Usually I do an excerpt that has a big more of a vague aspect, something to just highlight a character or special scene. ⚠️ Just a warning... there's a bit of a spoiler about the characters if you're looking to r


Cia in Classic Feature

March Classic Author Feature: Altimexis' The Cajun Asian

Well, the title of this story is quite deceiving... and exactly describes it at the same time. I will say it drew me in and made me want to know more. Was it describing a character? The setting? Something else...? WHAT or WHO is the Cajun Asian? Hopefully this feature will help intrigue you too.  Length: 24,414 Description: Seth and Asher are two boys growing up on New York's Lower East Side. Nearly finished with their first year at Stuyvesant, one of New York's elite public spec


Cia in Classic Feature

February Classic Author Feature: Heritage Heretic by Lugh

February means love, romance, sex... um, the unintended consequences of that sometimes? Okay, I admit I love stories that include the educational field since I work in it and like to see different authors take on the world I live in. This story, on the surface, seems like a simple day in the life of a couple of HS seniors...  Length: 4,348 Description: 2010 Spring Anthology Michael Thomas George, known as Trey by his friends, has to participate in his high school’s annual spring


Cia in Classic Feature

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