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An Emotional Week

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Been an emotional week around here. tim is going through something, and I can only watch and wait. But words run through my head after he comes to me, needing me. Last night he asked me to just hold him, as he tried to sleep. I did and he did. 


But I know him very well. Know his heart and the kind of human being he is. It's why I love him. And why I wrote this:



You tell me you need my arms about you tight

I know there's something, and I whisper tell me

the name of who is in your heart this moment,

Your head bows, there's damp on your cheeks

But it isn't my name there, or on your lips


And I hold you, strong against me, and smile

As you say: you know I love you, don't you?

I know and we are bound together in many ways

Yet, I know the man in my arms, and his heart

aware I am not alone in it.


There are others you love, desire and care for

But I am wise enough to know, forbidding this

Or trying to cage you, would drive me from the

Very heart I love with all of my own

To keep you, I must free the butterfly


So if sharing who you are and your heart

Means I can love you, then share you I will

I am not sad, or afraid, because you're here

We always will be, until one of us must go

I hope I am left, for I'd not want you to suffer alone.


I know one day, you'll be gone from my arms

But I don't want to know that emptiness yet.

Don’t want to think of not kissing this soft skin

I am your caretaker, your man and you're my boy

And if eternal love exists, then that is mine, for you.


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4 hours ago, BHopper2 said:

Mike, you're a fantastic Poet and a really great guy.

You're kind. I'm definitely not a fantastic poet, and the great guy thing. I have my moments. I appreciate your comments and for reading this piece. 

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