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Introducing Sex Into Your Story



There are two schools of learning when it comes to writing erotica...some people want a full story with drama and tension and build up...and some people are rock hard already and want to find something hot to get off to! Hehehe, and sometimes we understandably flip flop from one to the other. Depends on the mood, I suppose. But if your writing a story, and you label it as 'erotica'...just keep in mind that no matter how intriguing the story is, no matter how adorable your characters are, or how talented you are with words, style, and metaphor...a great deal of your audience are going to be actively searching for the erotic part of that equation. And that means a touch of the 'naughty' between the people they're reading about. But when is the appropriate time for you to introduce sex into your story? You don't want it to be too soon, or it won't have the same 'umph' in the delivery. But you don't want to take so long that your readers get frustrated with the long wait either. So where's the middle ground? Let's discuss.

I started out writing stories that matched the stories that I used to read online. Super HOT! They were mostly short, one chapter, stories that had one hot boy meeting another hot boy, trading names, finding a way to be alone, and then shagging each other silly! Hehehe, and I LOVED it! Sometimes, I still get in the mood for a hot quickie, to be honest. There's nothing wrong with it. Sometimes, it's exactly what you're looking for and exactly what you need. In fact, I suggest you write a few yourself, just to get your name out there and use it as a draw back to some of your other stories that might be longer and have a little more depth and plot to them. However, many times those stories can feel like eating a handful of cookies to hold you over until dinner. It satisfies, but it's not as much nourishment as something that you might find a little more emotionally substantial.

I think that introducing sex into a story has a lot to do with how you, personally, view sex in general. No matter what your feelings are about it, tell that story. If you hold that level of intimacy to a much higher standard and think it should be something that your main characters don't take lightly...then take your time and tell that story. But if you think sex is just a normal expression of what you feel and don't want to dive into the whole 'angst' and slow build aspect, and would rather go forward with something sexy and hot without I being that big of a deal, then write THAT story too! Hell, try both if you want to experiment with the difference. But sex scenes in your story should truly reflect a very private and vulnerable part of who you are as a person. Allow yourself to explore the kind of sexual exploits that you would want to have in real life. If you could have it any way that you wanted it...what would you do? How would you do it? This is your self orchestrated wet dream, so go wild with it, right?

I like for things to take a very natural and realistic pace in my stories. But that pace is also set by the kind of story that I want to tell. Sometimes I want to write about someone who has spent the better part of their lives lusting over the one they want, and once they're given the opportunity to dive in to a situation...they go for it, full throttle, with no regrets. However, there are other stories that I write where there's a certain level of insecurity and intimidation that comes with having a sexual experience with the boy of their dreams. Especially if it's a virgin experience, which is something that I try to handle with delicacy and a bit of grace. I wrote an article on building up to the 'first kiss' in your story, and I feel the same way about sex in a story. Let it be a reward, not only for your main character, but for your readers as well, for sticking it out through the plot points that come before it. So there's a balance that you'll have to play around with and determine on your own. However, you want to play the 'long game' but still want to add some sex into your story before your audience gets too antsy, a good way to achieve this is through a masturbation sequence or a dream. Possibly even a series of naughty thoughts while staring at their love interest from across the room. That way you can add something truly sexy to your story without having to rush your main characters into doing the deed before it feels natural.

Also, since this is your personal fantasy, feel free to really express yourself through the type of sex you want your characters to have. Write it your way, and make it sizzle. The hotter it is to you, the hotter it'll be for your readers. If you want a slow, romantic, grind in the bedroom...then throw yourself into it and bring out the sensuality of that moment. If you're more of a 'rough rider', and want something fast and breathless...then try to capture the spontaneity and desperation involved. Do you want your characters to do something secretive, or in a public place? Maybe you want something more innocent and experimental. Or perhaps a bit more on the dominant/submissive side. Whatever your particular flavor is, you're running the show. And you want that first sexual encounter to be as erotic as humanly possible, as it's going to set the standard for every hot scene to follow it.

It takes a little instinct and a lot of practice, but if you can bring sex into your story at just the right moment, and you make it something explosive...your audience will be strapped in and ready to ride with you until the very end. So go on out there and put a smile on their faces!

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As a reader, oriented toward relaxation and enjoyment, not a professional author, nor an editor, a consumer of the stories that are posted to GA, and as an elderly man perhaps of an age where sex in stories merely for the sake of sex does nor pique my interest as much as it might were I a hot-blooded teen ager. I enjoy reading about sex. but only if it advances the story or the characteriazations. It, in my opinion, should be like spices in cooking -- something that adds savor to the dish, not overwhelms the flavor of the meat. I contrast the Bridgemont stories with the Hornblower series -- in the one there must be a sex scene before any progress is made in the story -- in the latter there is no sex male or female at all.

     If I find too much sex in a story, I am well within my rights as an enjoyer, a reader, to skip a portion of the text, just saying in my mind, 'Well, they had sex again.' and moving my eye down the page to get back to the story line. But I find that a series, like the Hornblower stories, with no sex whatever, especially in rereading them as an adult, to be marginally boring. 


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On 2/17/2018 at 7:40 AM, Myr said:

Meh.  This is a function of how much total content is posted and whether the story is just full of sex.  As a new starting out author on the site, Cia does clip wings to remind folks that we aren't a PWP story site.  (PWP is either Porn Without Plot or Plot? What Plot? depending on who you ask)


Better to clip porn stories than penises, in my opinion. 0:)


I rarely write sex scenes in my stories, because I almost always aim them at middle schoolers. Although there are books on the market (such as Judy Blume's Then Again, Maybe I Won't) written for young teens, that contain sex, those stories are harder to slip past the gatekeepers: the parents, teachers, and librarians. If I do write sex, I put it in stories I plan for older readers to enjoy.

However, I know of a few books that "push the boundaries" for younger readers, in terms of what we adults consider to be "sex". These stories are not focused on sex or eroticism, so much as they look at the characters' exploration of their bodies and identities as male or female humans, a phase of "play" or experimentation. A concerned adult reading such a story might see these natural developments as sex, but in the minds of the young story characters (and their readers), they are completely innocent to the sensual thoughts and feelings that are later attached to the private parts at young adulthood. I guess such a story would be better relegated to a site like Nifty, though.

And so, I remind myself that a story doesn't need to have sex, or even romance, for that matter, in order to be considered good. In Tim Federle's Nate trilogy, a 13-year-old boy runs away to NYC to participate in a Broadway musical production of E.T. Only until the story reaches towards the end of Book Two is it revealed that Nate might have a romantic interest in his rival for the part of Elliott, a boy named Jordan, when they share a small, quick kiss after a disastrous opening night at the theatre. I think the question of whether or not to write sex entirely depends on what the writer is comfortable with, how it fits the "mood" of the story, and how the target audience might receive it. :)

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6 hours ago, Comicality said:

I've never been particularly squeamish about writing sexual scenes. Or sex in general. Didn't really think much about it, to be totally honest.



6 hours ago, Comicality said:

the sex itself? To me, it's just another form of dialogue. It progresses the story and the character's shared bond forward in a natural and endearing way. I don't really streas over it too much. 

The only time I've stressed over including sex is when I needed something that needed to slip under the gaydar. 


For a while I had two versions of that first post-puberty story. One the way the writer intended, and one for when family went "so, what is it you've been writing for so many hours so many days in a row?'


Let's just say your neighborhood VampireMystic kept his coffin in the closet. Funny fact: first time I outed myself I was busted writing erotica. At like 2am so I could use the dial dial-up internet. 

Not funny: all the yelling after. 


See earlier post for evidence of agreement with "sex is dialogue"


6 hours ago, Comicality said:

we wrestled around or got excited, and it was like, "Wanna have sex?" Then I was like, "Ok!" And...voila. Doesn't make for a great story, does it? :P


Plenty of stories like that. It's practically a mainstream cliche. Even if the sex doesn't happen: 


Observe Boys A and B rough housing. At a certain point Boy B is on top of boy A. 


Boy A gets a certain light headed "a whole bunch of blood just went below his belt line" "queer in the headlights" look.

Boy B: Dude! Why'd you pop wood? You're always so weird! Let's play Sega!

End scene


Cliches are because they're true. 


( The boner can be on either boy, of course. In my imagination, in that situation gravity would be creating extra friction because of all that weight pressing down. Not A top/bottom thing.)


Which reminds me: Comsie, when are we gonna see Justin and Taryn switch it up? *Giggles* (so far as i noticed, they haven't.  And now that I've said this in public I'm probably wrong.)

6 hours ago, Comicality said:

Never thought of it as innocent, never thought of it as dirty either. Just sex. Really awesome, emotionally stimulating, sex! :) It's why I'm such a romantic to this day, I think.

Good indicator I think. My own development as a romantic will have to be discussed elsewhere. 

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