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Weekly Wrap Up (Dec. 18 - Dec. 24)



If you are just waking up and and decided to fire up GA for your first task of the day ;), then

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays GIF by Mostapes

On behalf of all of us here at GA, we wish you and all yours the very Merriest of Christmases. I really hope that it is profitable for everyone out there :gikkle: 

I am off to my sisters for dinner this evening, how about you? If you are not going anywhere, doing anything, know that we all will be thinking about you in addition to the ones we are with. 

I usually ask a different question to you, besides what are you doing today, so I want to know is if you have any different, unique or just interesting Christmas traditions? One of mine is back from when I was living a few hours out of my home town for a decade or so. I would always come home for the holidays and spend Christmas Eve with my best friend and his family. I'd spend the night but that usually entailed too much wine and me and the friend building the larger Christmas presents. Has anyone ever tried to assemble, and place stickers on a mini kids drivable jeep after maybe 1 or 2, probably 3 bottles of wine :o When we started it, Maddy was 10 months old and she is now 23 :o Although I do not sleep over anymore, I am still there every Christmas Eve. Speaking of that, I'm doing this up early tonight and I better get my assets in gear! :o 

Looking back at the past Monday, Cia introduced us to the December Signature Author Feature:

The great thing about that happening on a Monday, it means Wednesday is following up with an excerpt:

Thursday Val popped in once again and gave us a gentle reminder to get out and vote for next year's Anthology themes:

Friday, Cole from the Prompt Team was feeling generous and gifted us all with an additional prompt this week :hug: 

Yesterday the big kahuna, aka Myr, popped by to wish you all a very Merry Christmas too!

Without forgetting to get these in before I hit save, here are the words of the day:

uncouth, narwhal, askance, elucidate, babel, sashay, yuletide

Now before you continue on with your Christmas celebrations, I know you all want to know where we are on our goals, both monthly and yearly.



Blog Opportunities

Ask an Author 3.0: Send in 3 questions that you would like your favourite story's author to answer for you. Send them into @astone2292

Story Review: Send it in to  @Timothy M. of @wildone 


And here is the look at the past weeks postings on all our Authors and Poets!

Recently Updated 'Premium' Stories

  1. On Fire by Cia

Recently Updated 'Signature Author' Stories

  1. a Glass Floor Underfoot by AC Benus
  2. Winter Haven's Dyrpath by Cia
  3. On The Outside by Comicality
  4. Left Without Words by Comicality
  5. First day of Christmas by northie **Complete**

Recently Updated 'Classic Author' Stories

  1. 40 Souls to Keep by Libby Drew
  2. Taking Off the Mask by Ronyx
  3. Desperado by Dabeagle

Recently Updated 'Promising Author' Stories

  1. Tales of Inanimate Objects by astone2292 **Complete**

Recently Updated 'Author' Stories

  1. The Icebox by JujuTheDruid
  2. Plattenbau by Thirdly
  3. It's Just a Matter of Time, Charlie Boone! by Geron Kees
  4. The Mantis Variant by Adam Andrews Johnson
  5. Never walk alone- Walk on by Andre Delport
  6. Solitary by RichEisbrouch
  7. Canaan Club by Westley D.
  8. The History of British Currency - A Brief Introduction by Refugium **Complete**
  9. Chasing Rusty Parker by Laura S. Fox
  10. ARROW by CLJobe
  11. Maddog & The Pope (Learning to fly on Broken Wings) by Georgie DHainaut
  12. Dark Star by Arch Hunter
  13. The Golden Bird by Refugium **Complete**
  14. Coming of Age by Tim Hobson
  15. Love Is Everything by Ajbt2001
  16. The Fear of Fairies by Refugium **Complete**
  17. The Naughty List by Ken
  18. A Slice of Life by Xfighter1984

Read, Write, and REVIEW!!! (Don't forget to Recommend too!)

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No, I didn't wake up, start my computer, and hop on GA.  I haven't gone to bed yet.  My body clock doesn't coincide with standard time.  

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  • Site Administrator

I normally spend Christmas eve with my family, then wake up on Christmas and open my presents from the friends I exchange with, head over to my mom's for breakfast and prezzies, then go to my aunt's for dinner.  Well, this year I got a double whammy which prevented pretty much all of it from happening.  My area is completely shut down by that massive winter storm that hit a lot of the country.  It settled in over the lake for almost two days straight, bringing 43" of snow along with hurricane force winds.  It's finally died down, but we're still dealing with the aftermath, so there's a travel ban in place.  With 4-5 feet of snow covering my driveway, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.  Not that I could anyway, since I got the gift of covid this year. 😒  So the only tradition I was able to observe was waking up and opening my prezzies from my friends.  I will celebrate with my family next weekend.  I will spend this Christmas day in my Christmas kitty jammies, binge watch A Christmas Story, and sleep when the horrible sinus pressure allows me to.  I hope everyone is able to celebrate as they usually do :hug:  

Snow Day Dog GIF

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Thanks for sharing :] and Merry Christmas to everyone at GA. I haven't been around very long at all, but the few stories I've sunk my teeth into so far have been really loveable. GA has really special writers. Looking forward to reading much, much more, and to contributing my own stories soon. Take care everyone ❤️

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5 hours ago, Valkyrie said:

Not that I could anyway, since I got the gift of covid this year. 😒

Hope you feel better very soon.  😘

Sad Best Friends GIF by Lisa Vertudaches

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