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General fiction are fiction stories that don't clearly fall into other more strongly defined genre fiction. This category also features two common Gay Story mainstays, "Coming of Age" and "Rich Boy".  With Rich Boy being extremely common escapism fiction from the dawn of the internet where the usually teenage character had enough wealth not to deal with the downsides of being Gay.  (Far more extreme in the 1980s and 1990s)

Sub-genres: Coming of Age, Drama, Experimental, Prompt, Rich Boy

Top 10 Most Read - Drama

  1. Dichotomy of Love by Mrsgnomie
  2. Great Restorations by Libby Drew
  3. The Discovery by Jdonley75
  4. Jay's Loelife by Mrsgnomie
  5. CDMX by Carlos Hazday
  6. Impressions and Reflections by Tiger
  7. I Hate This Town by Demiurge
  8. Cards on the Table by Headstall
  9. Seth on the Road to Chaos by Ronyx
  10. Boss Nanny by Mrsgnomie

Top 10 Most Read - Prompt Fiction

  1. Noah's New Plan by Rob Colton
  2. Parker's NaPoWriMo 2017 by Parker Owens
  3. The Lonely Heart Club – a prompt story by Aditus
  4. Promptings from Valhalla by Valkyrie
  5. Timothy’s Terrible Prompt Stories by Timothy M.
  6. Only Prompts by Mikiesboy
  7. 2014 Prompt Responses by Valkyrie
  8. A prompt a week by comicfan
  9. Buried Treasure by Caz Pedroso
  10. Tuesday Staff Meetings by Thirdly

Top 10 Most Read - Coming of Age Fiction

  1. Gap Year by Mark Arbour
  2. Northern Exposure by Mark Arbour
  3. The Cockney Canuck by Dodger
  4. An English Teen, Circumcised in the USA by Riley Jericho
  5. Paternity by Mark Arbour
  6. Adam Blake by CLJobe
  7. The Brilliant Boy Billionaire by Altimexis
  8. Into the fields of Summer by gabz2000
  9. 9.11 by Mark Arbour
  10. Odyssey by Mark Arbour

Top 10 Most Read - Rich Boy Fiction

  1. The Brilliant Boy Billionaire by Altimexis
  2. Boss Nanny by Mrsgnomie
  3. Belovéd by Don H
  4. Summer by Carlos Hazday
  5. Stranded With a Vampire by Thirdly
  6. Coming of Age by Tim Hobson
  7. Coming Out by Tim Hobson
  8. Reggie: Matt's New Friend by Lee Wilson
  9. Rich Boy: Growing Pains by dkstories
  10. Rich Boy: Awakening by dkstories

Top 10 Most Read - Experimental Fiction

  1. His Beautiful Boy by CasualWanderer82
  2. Men Of Honor by CasualWanderer82
  3. Tales of Inanimate Objects by astone2292
  4. Games guys sometimes play by PhillMakracken
  5. The Closing Act by Arch Hunter
  6. This and That Prompt by Cole Matthews
  7. Light & Dragonflies: Nature Poems/Love Poems by AC Benus
  8. Over the Cliff by TeamStilinski
  9. One Hundred Forty-Five Candles by Aditus
  10. Shards & Fragments: Short Stories by SilvryArdor

Be sure to check out the stories and let us know what you think below.

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Recommended Comments

Three of my favourite authors on those lists:-

@Carlos Hazday - I still can't believe you're no longer with us! I miss our occasional messages 😭. Will anyone else take up your mantle and carry on with your CJ stories?


@kbois & @Mrsgnomie - I just love the interaction that both of these lovely ladies have with each other and with us, the readers of their wonderful stories. (I had to put someone first and @kbois won otherwise she would send me back to The Korner!) 🥰

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