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Weekly Wrap Up (Jun. 2 - Jun. 8)



Have you ever gone out to dinner and thought you were hungry and then only had the waiter/waitress bring out your entree and then realized you were not that hungry?  :unsure: That happened tonight when a few of use went to East Side Mario's. I knew I wasn't going to eat both pieces of the chicken parmigiana and spaghetti, Italian wedding soup and the bread. But I was full after a piece of bread, half bowl of soup and not even 1 of the 2 pieces of chicken. Never mind how little of the spaghetti I actually ate. Why did I order that?

Next question :gikkle: , remember in the good old days when the wait staff asked if you wanted the leftovers to go, and you said ya and they took your plate to the back and put it in doggy bag/box and brought it back to you? Why don't they do that anymore? I mean, when I was done I was covered in marinara sauce. Oh, maybe that is why they don't do it anymore ;).

At least the waitress had a sense of humour and said that now that I had lunch for tomorrow I could come back for dinner tomorrow night :o!

Where is this random babbling leading to you ask :P? We had great service and meal, like above and beyond. So when I looked over and saw a friend's tip was 0%, I felt like I had to compensate for him. Do you call him out in private? I do understand that we are being asked to tip everywhere nowadays. Maybe the exception being McDonald's. It seems like even places like Subway they expect you to tip them before you leave. Still, I think when someone, including the cook staff, give you an excellent meal that you give a bit extra to say thanks. 

My intention is not to start WWIII here :D. As I know this is one of those different point of view things that Val was talking about in this weeks prompts, but be honest, no judgement, no replies, no justification needed. Do you tip for a prepared menu out, or maybe a sandwich at Subway or a latte at Starbucks? I'll be honest, they have got me right where they want me ;) If it is a meal out, probably going go 20% if I'm happy. In the other places, and the smallest they have is 10%, I'll choose other, and put in 5%.

Now that I'm done with that, thank gosh, let's see what happened this past week on the GA News Blog. I'm always appreciative of tips, but not the ones like don't eat yellow snow :unsure:.


Monday was a day to get to learn about the June's CSR story, and author:

Tuesday was a look at the Literary Fiction in a Deep Dive:

Wednesday, first one of the month meant we were lined up for another AAA 3.0:

Friday was the day that I was speaking about earlier. Valkyrie brought up an unique prompt request for us this week:




What about seven words this week. Any hang you up?

caliginous, canorous, kenspeckle, kalology, kilderkin, nacarat, panglossian

I'll be honest, I knew nada. Not a one. Nope. 



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Posted (edited)

6 hours ago, kbois said:

I'll tip according to service. If it was average it'll be 15%. Excellent service gets 20%. Crappy service depending on how bad it was will get maybe 10%. Horrible service- I'll walk out if we haven't ordered anything or they'll get nothing and possibly a Karen moment when I'll let the manager know why I'm not leaving a tip. 

My one exception to the 20% is when we go to our usual Cafe for breakfast. Our check is about $25. I'll leave a $15 tip for our regular server because we've been going there for at least 10 years and she take care of us.  Our server was always so patient with my mom, even when her dementia had progressed to the point where you couldn't really understand what she was saying. 

Good points, @kbois.  A friend and I go to a particular breakfast buffet one morning a week.  The bill is about $36.  My friend and I take turns paying, but both of us tip every week; usually he tips $10 and I usually tip $11.  (In that state, minimum wage is $12.30 an hour -- except for servers -- for servers it is $3.13 an hour.)  We've gone to breakfast at this particular place for 8 years and this particular server takes EXCELLENT care of us whether they are busy or slow.

Some excellent stories in this week's Wrap-Up.

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I nearly always tip.  I know wait staff are usually underpaid and it's not going to kill me to leave a few bucks.  But the service has to be really bad to not tip.  One restaurant that my mom and I went to had terrible service and she gave them a very small tip.  So they would know we weren't happy.  I feel that not tipping would make the employee think we forgot or just didn't believe in tipping.

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Well, I am all over the place on tipping.  For a set down meal, 20% for just good to average, but I go 30% for excellent; for me to go under 15%, they have to be bad, and anything less, someone is going to hear about it.  I usually will not go under 10% because you never know what is going on that might have prevented better service, but if I can tell they just don't care, I carry a few quarters to leave.  Much like @CassieQ, I feel if you don't leave something, they think you just forgot or someone else took it.    I have left up to 150% for truly exceptional service and as little a .25 cents to make a point.  In Texas, the wait staff is paid 2.13 a hour, and without tips, a waiter, even a good one can't make it. 

That said, I do not tip at any fast-food restaurant.  I use to round up, but found out that when I do that to supposedly help a charity, even a worthy one like Ronald McDonald Houses, McDonalds puts all the money together and gets a tax break for it.  So, I just give directly to something that I want to support.

Only knew two of the words this week, had to look up the other ones.  

Thanks for the thoughts and wrap up.  Great as always.  

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