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Dictionary or Fictionary?


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Some people know a lot of words and know exactly what they mean. (These people sometimes get beaten up after gym class.) Some people know a lot of words but don't quite know what they mean. And some people (bless their hearts) don't know many words at all. Which one are you?


Dictionary of Fictionary Quiz


I get such a kick out of these. :D Oh and...10 or of 10.



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I got 10/10, but I have to admit that I was unsure on a couple of them and made educated guesses.

If I wasn't sure about the meaning of a word, I looked it up and I still got one wrong.

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im surprised i got 9/10

i have to say i guessed a couple, like graeme said, educated guess :P

my knowledge of words kinda sucks.


so for those who didnt get 10/10, which ones did u get wrong?


i got fiscal wrong :( i thought it meant crappy or something lol.

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I think you're thinking of "fecal"...of course with the economy as it's been of late there's very little difference between the two anyway





I get what you mean!!! :P And it's so damn true!





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The abstruse angles of this structure make it more likely to collapse in an earthquake.

The option in the abstruse thing cracked me up--->


Living as I do in earthquake country, the San Francisco East Bay, with my house about one mile from the Calaveras Fault and a few miles from the Mt. Diablo Fault, and my dorm at Cal sitting right on top of the Hayward Fault, I can say with complete confidence that this definition is valid! In earthquake areas, structures should always be built with angles that are well defined and easy to understand.



Colin B)

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