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Happy Birthday JC


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No, silly, that's the 25th Posted Image


Today it's Jonathan Colourfield's birthday. Any similarities between JC and JC are wholly coincidental Posted Image




Posted Image

Freaking love this picture XD


Happy Birthday John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted Image


:wub: you too <3


Happy Birthday John. I hope it's a great one. Enjoy.


Now a little Gaelic


Là Breith sona dhuit.


Thanks! Gaelic is foreign i dont understand. *hires a translator* :P


Happy Birthday John Posted Image


Thanks :hug:



HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Little Brother!

Right back at ya :D



Happy Birthday Johnathan Colourfield! Posted Image Posted Image

Thanks :D I dont know you but I hope to get to know you! :D

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WOO HOOO!!!!! It's your birthday!


Happy Birthday JC - now go do someone. . . err something fun Posted Image


Ah nineteen, what a good year I remember . . . no actually that was too long ago to remember. Posted Image


haha spent the day with my family :D that was good :D My fish memory is already bad so i'm screwed when i get to your... delicate age :P



Happy Birthday!!!!


Hey hun! I hope you have a great day!!!


Happy Birthday!!!!


Hey hun! I hope you have a great day!!!

Thanks my day was awesome :)


Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!!!!


thanks my day was awesome with my family :D


Happy Birthday!!


Best wishes for a great day.


Thanks Sharon! :)




Thanks Mark :) Hope you are well :)



Happy Birthday JC.


and many more.

thanks comic :)


hello and happy birthday late as it might be...


Thanks anyway! :D

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