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Potential Holiday Theme Story Event


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Since the Halloween event worked out so well, I want to see how far we can do these. I wrote this in my blog as well:


I am thinking about starting some Holiday Story Themes:

Like Halloween themes, writers will be limited to an individual theme to write, Only 1 writer per theme and 1st come 1st served.

I am also expanding the field from 8 to 32 Themes, so the field will be much more crowded than before. There will be traditional themes like "New version of A Christmas Carol", new humorous themes "Daddy Kissing Santa Claus) :P (Hey, I'm a GA writer), unconventional themes "Making Latke with a Friend", and Dark themes "Deaths of the New Year".

There is a special part in this one, I want to let the readers decide if our stories fit the theme elements. In this unofficial GA story writing event, I am also tempted to do something special for the best Holiday writer, but must clear it with Renee (I don't want to make this an unofficial contest, it is sounding like one in my mind, but it should be for fun).

Anyone think I am nuts for attempting this?

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Nuts - no.  


But don't limit things too much - maybe mommy wants to kiss Mrs Claus!


You might want to think about limiting it to one writer per topic - I think a group of stories about Daddy kissing Santa would be the bee's knees!

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As a suggestion, you may want to limit themes again to 8 or 10 and after they are taken - open the themes up for additional writers to pick any of the themes. One theme may get more responses than others but at least every theme will have one author. Besides, you may get an author that would like to take on a second theme for fun. Just an idea.



edit to remind that depending on the end date, this may compete with assorted Holiday goings on. You may not fill 32 vacant slots anyway, that is awfully ambitious thinking.

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I like the idea of limited themes with one author per theme. It worked out well for Halloween. Starting out with 32 themes sounds overwhelming. If someone comes up with another good theme, you can always add that to the project.

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I thought about the anthology as well but then, that is just one theme - Recipe for Disaster - and if you are not moved or inspired by it *shrugs*. It could have competition from NaNoWriMo as well. But Holiday themes are right up the alley for many folks and there may be quite a few takers if the themes are interesting. Only one way to find out. The tricky part is choosing an end-date that doesn't find people caught up in the Holidays. You want readers, right?

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Sounds like we may have some fun for December, lots to read and lots to enjoy.


I can't do this alone, so all ideas and suggestions are open.

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I say titles of Christmas songs.  Lots out there, but since you did such a good job with the Halloween W_L, you pick the ones you think would make a great story, and post.  Like I said.  I'm in!

My favourite Christmas song is Fairytale of New York :whistle:

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I'll definitely use Christmas songs, but I don't want to limit it to a Christmas only affair :D


I celebrate the Asian Winter Solstice along with Christmas. I know we have a lot of Jewish writers here too and I want to hear more about how Hanukkah themes in a fictional story setting (I've rarely read anything from GLBT Jewish authors expressing themselves and their cultural holidays.)


Let's give everyone options.


I am thinking of announcing the themes on November 15th and putting a deadline of December 21st.


Just like the Halloween themes, no word count limit, No format limit, and No Editor required (Though you could find one).


Writing fiction is more than writing based on formats or word limits, it is an expression of an idea. Some of us are really good poets, some of us are good nano or short story writers, and others are full length novelists.


Playing with old ideas, inspired ideas, and outrageous ideas are part of the thrill in what we do.




Also guys, don't make comparisons between what GA's team does with Anthologies and what we are doing unofficially among authors. We are just having fun, exploring ideas, not starting a revolution. I don't plan on doing this every month or every holiday.


Between writing within a "special holiday" theme per one writer versus many writing a prompt, you have your choices. Variety is the spice of life.

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LOL I warned you WL - you've gone and opened your version of Pandora's box with holiday themes!  If you do not want to or are unable to keep it up you may either want to find someone to replace you or find a nice big stone wall to hide behind!

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I have Renee's okay, but I have to call this a contest :( since I am giving out a $50.00 Amazon Giftcard to the best writer in the Holiday Theme stories. :D (Good for a small stocking stuffer right :D )


Explicitly, I need to state this is not a GA event, it is something authors on GA are doing among ourselves in an unofficial capacity.


I am also going to have to figure a way to count votes for "best story-holiday theme", which will be public, i.e. meaning we all know who voted for what. We're all friends, but I want to keep this fair and if someone gets an avalanche of votes above other authors, it is better for transparency. (Yes, I am actually really forward thinking when it comes to that stuff)




Kitt, I mean Halloween and Holidays around Nov-Dec is one thing, but I can't do this every month. Like, I might like "12 Years A Slave" (I will review it soon in my blog, It is just so emotional) and "The Butler", but I can't be the one to host a GA Black history month event. (I'm a gay Asian guy who views this stuff from the outside; it wouldn't be appropriate.)


If someone wants to do additional themes after the major holidays, be my guest. I can imagine some extremely graphic and sad stories between masters and slaves in the old fashioned context not the "Fifty Shades" modern BDSM, so you have your first writer for that potential event.


GA has many good writers of all types, creeds, sexualities, genders, orientations, and ect.........I know others can do this as well or even better than me.


I am merely pointing you to the stars, only you can travel there.

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These are some preliminary ones, I have gotten: I have 8 more, but I want to test the waters with these




1. All I want for Christmas is You


2. I Saw Daddy/Mommy kissing Santa Claus


3. There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays


4. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year




5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas


6. A Christmas Carol


7. Masters of the Winter Solstice


8. One Candle


That's just a sampling, I might change it during the final list if people are fiercely against it.


While Christmas is heavy in this selection, I also learned a few fun things along the way. I think a couple of the Female writers on GA will be laughing at Masters of Winter Solstice (Funny Chinese story associated with the holiday and holds good lessons).


One Candle may be controversial, but I think it is a nice simple book that highlights why Holidays are so important despite the worst that humanity can offer us. (It might make you cry). It is available at most libraries.

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