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Welcome our newest editor: Roland Q


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On behalf of the Editing Team, I'd like to introduce, and welcome our newest editor

Roland Q.


I'm sure Roland will make a valuable contribution to the GA Editing/Beta team.  He is all set and ready to take on new authors. Roland is a writer too, so he understands that when a writer puts pen to paper and becomes engrossed in the writing process, grammar and other writing principles can be overlooked because the writer is so close to his body of work.  His favourite genre's include: Romance, mystery and fantasy stories.  He doesn't mind editing 1st or 2nd drafts.


When asked what comes first, plot or character (much like the chicken or the egg), his opinion was that plot and character are difficult to separate.  The action, flow,  and mechanics of the foward movement of plot, must make sense for the character because any divergence from plot might add another dimension.  In essence, he knows that plot and character must work together.


Welcome to the team, Roland.  Happy editing.  But, mostly, happy writing.


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It's already fun, and I'm not yet editing - thought I have been going over my own works more carefully.  I picked up some needed advice on punctuation for dialogs. 

That's why this community works so well, we're  learning from each other. Nobody is perfect but we're getting there. :P


Welcome Roland!

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