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Name Your Alphabet...

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Hello Everyone, I got this Idea that I have to post a new game which at least have to attract the people I know On GA. This game is 'Name Your Alphabet', where You start to give the names that You know in an alphabetical order. And I wanna put some rules too, like below:


1. It need to be in Alphabetical Order, From A to Z.


2. After Z, the continuing will be AA.


For example, Z- Zeenath. next will be AA - Aakash

3. It all goes to same for remaining. Like AA to AZ, BA to BZ,... so on.


4. Very important rule is, if you know the person you named You have to explain something about them too...




I'll start...


A - Akbar


He is one of my friend, who had met some months before. We became good friends in small span of Time. We both love to Explore the Nature and Historical places...

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Sure. I'm game to try something new, though I do think we'll get stumped quickly once we get higher.


B - Benjamin

One of my best friends growing up. I always make fun of him for pretending to be religious when he doesn't act religious.

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C- Chrystal.


She's been my best friend for 28 years now. I always say she's "my person", cause she knows me best in this world and being around her makes me really happy.


(If we get this far, I seriously have a nephew named Xzavier, cause my sister didn't want anyone to EVER spell that right!)

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F - Freddie


Like Val, I don't know anyone named Freddie. It brings back memories of a character in a series of books I read as a child called The Bobbsey Twins. Reading those books helped me get through more than one long hospital stay.


PS: I still have all the books :)

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I - Ignacio


In my wayward past, Ignacio was a petty thief I worked alongside. He specialized in stealing watches, and boy was he good at getting them off a person's wrist without them even knowing.

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