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Series and Worlds Covers and Banners


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One of the enhancements we are introducing with the upgraded Stories Series and Worlds features is Covers and Banners.


For all Author groups, you will be allowed to set a "Series Cover" and "World Cover" for your series and worlds.


The "Myr" banner shown here is the series cover and it shows on the Series Detail page which shows the list of stories in the series.

World would be the same.  This is an opportunity for authors to put some visual art on their Series and Worlds.

The recommended size of the image is: 848x121 pixels.  Rember that the image stretches, so if you type something, it needs to be big. (like above)


For promoted author groups (Promising, Classic, Signature Authors),  we have also added "World Banners" and "Series Banners".  These are 3 different sized banners that will display as part of the World and Series listings.


An example of how the large banner will appear is here.  (the banner is for this month's Classic Author story)



Series/Worlds Banner sizes:

LG =  728 x 90 px

MD = 300 x 100 px

SM = 300 x 50 px


The banners are not resized, so you can make them look readable and good in that size.  What happens then is that the image that is shown to people will be the proper size based on their device.


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@Carlos Hazday has posted a real-world example of a series banner as a Promising Author



The banner appears above the description.  Banners are available to Promising, Classic and Signature author groups to help promote your stories.  Be sure to take advantage of them.


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1 hour ago, Timothy M. said:


that's the question...


I'm completely useless at art. :( 

I am as well. Trying to make a Series Banner was a lesson in how bad I am at graphic design, and using basic programs.

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