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It will be four years tomorrow, that I lost 2 friends in a terrorist attack on the gay nightclub Pulse. Last year, @Mikiesboy and @AC Benus put together a tribute to them, from several writers from GA

It's difficult for me. I ride the line between being needing information and stepping away from the mindlessness of it all. There's a paralysis that comes from knowing there are problems that we can't

Well ... I'm gonna have that second glass of wine after all. Our water heater gave up in dramatic fashion. Like ... bottom failed, and water gushed out. And it was behind a screwed in panel. So t

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Just now, Mikiesboy said:

Nice new house... clean and tidy.  i'm going to see what one of the bedrooms is like... Night all. xo

Good night tim... sweet dreamz tonight and always :hug: 

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OK... night all..   remember to turn your clock back... i'm out xo

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Just now, Defiance19 said:

New digs.. I promise to mind my manners. 😁


Night, tim.  


lol.. don't be daft boss....lol.. night.

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18 minutes ago, Starrynight22 said:

Hey hey hey.  This new place is great.  


We have a fireplace.  What a treat

Thank goodness, i'm freezing. I hate daylight-screw-me-over-savings time changes ... i feel like crap. LOL

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1 minute ago, Mikiesboy said:

Anyway.. i'm going. But i will be growly.   just sayin

I hope the day improves for you, Bro. And that work is easy today. :hug:

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