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Jack Frost

3000 posts - Congrats to C James

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wow! 3000 already! Congrats C James. :great: :king:


Don't you start lurking now :P


But, as I'm already a lurker, I guess I could just continue lurking? :ph34r:

Thanks Kojaky!


Using your fame to squeeze money out of us? :o


Sadly I'm broke...so I can't give away any money. Not even a twoonie. :angry:

Ouch, I know that feeling all too well. I hope things turn around for you soon, Jack.

Ahhaa! 3,000+ posts under a year... :blink:


I knew you had it in you. :P

Congratulations CJ!!!


Hi Krista!

That, or I joined GA on Feb 16th, 1706. :music:


lol, I can still remember when he was just a kidd around here with less than 100 posts! :P


Wow.. Considering that I'm now claiming to have joined GA in 1706, that means that you can remember back to before the American Revolution! I guess my comment to Graeme about you getting old was right! 0:)


Thanks kevin, and thanks everyone! :wub:

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Hey Goat-buddy,


On behalf of the Goat Sub-group here at GA, I want to offer our heartfelt congrats on your 3,000th post. :worship: You make us goats look good! :great:


I know for sure :rolleyes: that 2,900 of those posts have to do with your moderator and committee responsibilities. It's not easy keeping us goats in line...especially all those posts telling us what to do with our anthology submissions!!! :lmao:


You also take the kidding very well! ;)



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