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Love in the Shadows - 4. Chapter 4: Tender Touches

Fuck that hurts! Mason collected his thoughts as his truck came to a halt. Shoulder's dislocated.

Vincent! He snapped his attention to his mate. "Vincent! Are you hurt?" Vincent's head was lax, leaning downward and to the left. Mason checked for a pulse on his mate's neck. Unconscious. He needed to get an ambulance here, so he unbuckled his safety belt and went to open the door, but it wouldn't budge.

The door was frozen shut with three inches of ice. Mason narrowed his eyes and he realized what happened before the crash. Vincent. You saved me! Mason cut Vincent's seat belt with a shifted fingernail, and debated how he was going to get the body out without causing further injury.

The wolf's ears twitched. Whispers. Mason stopped all movement and focused on his hearing.

"...get 'em?"

"Go around the other side and make sure. Damned mage. Stay alert!" Pure hatred filled Mason. Mercenaries. And they're trying to kill my mate! I will slaughter them!

Mason listened for the footsteps to get closer so he could make a move.

...Now! The large man bounced to the middle console between him and his mate, and kicked the windshield with all of his might. The second it popped out of place and onto the pavement, he shifted to his wolf, tearing his clothes. He would be able to move faster and strike with more precision. Mason sprinted out and off the truck's hood, taking a wide berthed circle. He needed to see how many people he was up against and what weapons they had.

Two men. Submachine guns. Gotta keep it moving or I'll be in trouble. The mercs appeared to be startled when a large furry animal bolted out of the vehicle. They weren't expecting me. I'll take out the bigger one, seems like the leader. Mason turned direction and targeted the taller man.

"Fuck, what is that?!" Mason felt a twinge of excitement, almost wanting to toy with his prey, but knew that he needed to end this fast. He was within distance of the man, and lunged, aiming for the neck. Too slow, you bastard! With a swift and precise bite, Mason took his target's life, blood spilling onto his muzzle and the asphalt. The body crumpled lifelessly.

There wasn't time to relish in the victory, as the other man began peppering the area near Mason's paws. Sprinting again, Mason looked over his new target. At least this one can fire his gun. Probably scared shitless that his boss got taken out. He mentally smirked. Good thing he can't lead his shots.

Mason circled the remaining merc as he missed every shot. His gun began clicking when he pulled the trigger. The wolf's eyes shot open. He's out of bullets! Mason darted towards the man, prepared to end his life.

Just as Mason was about to lunge, a thin cloud of black smoke appeared in front of the merc. The wolf halted and retreated a few feet back. Smokescreen? When did he pull that out? His attention was brought back to the smoke as an agonizing scream filled the air. Something happened! Faulty grenade? What is…

The smell of creek lilies filled Mason's nose. Vincent? The wolf stayed on edge, but watched as the smoke began to dissipate. A figure wearing a dirty white long-sleeved shirt appeared to be bent over. With the smoke clearing, Mason understood what happened.

He...Vincent took the guy down! He was just in the truck! Is this the power of a shadow mage? Trepidatiously, Mason slowly approached his mate. He let out a woof to let Vincent know he was coming from behind. Vincent's head whipped around, and Mason saw his mate's serious face for the first time. Whoa! That's a pissed off look. I hope I’ll never see it again.

Vincent had the last merc pinned face down with an arm being twisted and a knee in the small of the man's back. A small grimace came to the corner of his mouth. Wolf! Wait...that’s...that has to be Mason! Glad he’s okay. The mage brought his attention back to the merc.

"Who do you work for? Answer me now!" Vincent's voice became cold and stern. He needed to command the conversation between him and his captive.

"I..oww! I ain't tellin' man!"

"Oh?" Vincent looked back to the wolf, and motioned his head for Mason to come around. Mason obliged. He wanted to see the face of the man who dared to mess with him and his mate. "Well, would you rather talk to me, or talk to him?"

Mason got what his mate's goal was. I'm so stupid. I was blinded by anger, and I would have just killed this guy. He could be full of information! The wolf began growling, shoving a wave of intimidation in the merc's face.

The man's face ran wild with terror, and started squirming under Vincent. Slamming his knee down, Vincent forced the man to settle down. "Stop moving! Now fuckin' talk! Who sent you?" The mage turned to the wolf. "Mace, you got some rope or something so I can tie this guy up?” A woof left the silver wolf's mouth, and began to trot towards the truck.

Thirty seconds later, Mason came back with some baling twine. "Here ya go, Vin."

"Thanks, Ma-" Vincent looked up and grabbed the twine, but quickly looked away when he realized that his boyfriend was naked. I...umm, wow! The second he saw that Mason's leg and hip were pants-less, Vincent's instincts told him to look away. "Umm, Mace? You might want to, uhh…"

Mason looked at the back of his mate's head, and looked down. "Oh. Right. Be right back!" He didn't mean to stand around naked, but it didn't cross his mind. Running back to the truck, avoiding the smaller pieces of broken glass, Mason grabbed a small backpack from the rear seat. He grabbed some pants and shoes, and proceeded to put those on. Once done, he grabbed his leather jacket and cell phone, and walked back to Vincent.

He was surprised to see that his mate already bound the merc's hands and feet together. Kid works fast! "You got him, Vinnie? I'll start making calls." Vincent nodded but didn't look away from the semi-shirtless hunk.

Holy shit...he's fucking hot! Look at that, well, everything! Those pecs, those abs...that body hair! The mage's eyes circled over every thin strand of hair that filled the wolf's chest, leading down to his defined stomach. A cough from Mason brought Vincent's eyes up to the wolf's face. Mason pulled his phone up to his ear and slid his tongue across his bottom lip, which made Vincent blush hard.

Mason let the phone ring, but quickly began losing his patience. C'mon, pick up, ya dick!

"Mason! Must be important if you called my personal number."

"Yeah, Henry. Can you get a couple pack-friendly officers and a paramedic at the last SR 47 intersection near my house? My boyfriend and I got t-boned. We got one tied up and a body."

"Jeez, Mace! What the hell happened?"

"Long story, but these two hit us on purpose and shot at us with machine guns. They were mercenaries. I'll meet with you tomorrow on this, but for now, we need to get this cleaned up."

"I agree. I'll send Poll and Ingle, but Mason, I'm going to need details on what's going down."

"Understood, Chief." Mason hung up and let Vincent know that help was on the way. He had a few more calls to make, but he made sure to keep an eye on their captive, even if he couldn't do much of anything. Need to call Dave and get his ass here. And a tow truck.

...My truck! Mason frantically looked at his black truck to inspect the damage. Well, the windshield was my fault, all of the windows are either cracked or shattered, and I don't know how this ice will affect things. The wolf decided now was not the time to grieve, but he hoped that the damage was minimal. Probably need to borrow the old beater from Dad, for the time being.

He pressed '2' on his speed dial, and after one ring, the line picked up. Mason heard his Dad's gritty voice.


"Hey, Dad! Need a favor."

"Anything, son."

"Just got in an accident. I was wondering if I could borrow the rust bucket for a week or two."

"Sure. Everything okay? Not hurt, are ya?"

Mason appreciated his Dad's concern. "Yeah, I'm good. It's been a Hell of a night. If you can bring it in the morning, that’s be much appreciated."

"Yeah, yeah. That's fine with me. Oh, and one thing. Your mother wants you to call. She needs to ask you a question."

"Gotcha, I'll give her a call tomorrow evening. Some serious matters came up and I'll probably need some advice on how to handle it."

A deep, guttural laugh came over the phone's speakers. Damn, that laugh is still scary. "Any time, son. I'll let you get a start on things. Night."

"Night, Dad. Thanks again." Mason hung up and shot a text to Dave, telling him the location and to get there ASAP. He got an immediate text back saying, 'Yes Alpha.'

Mason walked back to his mate and the merc. "He talking yet?"

"No, not yet. I'm tempted to see how he responds to his fingers being poked with an ice dagger." Vincent formed a knife with his right hand and started tapping the tip on the asphalt near the merc's digits. "I imagine it wouldn't feel nice."

"Yo...you wouldn't! Cops are on the way and they'd know if you roughed me up!"

Mason curled a smile, and knelt down to get in the man's face. "You mean the cops that I have in my back pocket? The cops who are going to turn a blind eye at that dead body over there?” He grabbed a fistful of hair and shifted to his golden eyes. “You have no idea who you’re fucking with.” The wolf stared into the petrified face. Love ya, Vinnie, but you gotta know how to scare ‘em. “Now. Talk!” Mason’s deep voice boomed in the quiet air. Vincent’s bones shook, and he felt the need to respond, even though the question wasn’t directed toward him.

After hearing Mason’s Alpha Voice, the merc began spilling his guts. Just as both Mason and Vincent suspected, Stefan sent the two man team after the mage. He, nor his boss, were the ones to discover that the mage was here in Kentucky, and they weren’t privileged to know that information. The duo caught up to Vincent just earlier this afternoon when they drove past him walking on the sidewalk. Vincent widened his eyes. I was heading toward the library. No point in getting upset over that. All I could have done was wear a hoodie, but it was too warm outside to have one on me. The fact they saw me was already beyond lucky!

Mason looked behind him as he heard a faint police siren heading their way. He looked back to the merc, who got distracted by the distant red and blue flashing lights and fell silent. As Mason was about to intimidate the man for stopping, Vincent slammed down his dagger’s tip onto the pavement. “Keep talking!” Vincent’s eyes were nearly soulless, frantically fidgeting, and wanting more information. The bastard got so close to me. And now, I have a merc in the palm of my hands! I need every bit of info this guy has!

A warm hand was placed on Vincent’s back, and it shocked the mage out of his thoughts. He looked up to see Mason standing next to him. If there has been one silver lining here, it’s been him. “What’s up, Mace?”

Mason knelt next to his mate, sharing the warmth of his body. "Just want to make sure you're okay." He put a smile on, hoping it would calm Vincent down. It's almost over, little one. The police will get here, we get the truck towed, and we can be on our way.

Vincent let out a long sigh. "I'm fine. Just can't wait for tonight to be done with."

"It will be soon." Both men's attention was drawn away as the police car pulled up to the intersection. Mason got up and began walking to the officers as they got out of their vehicle.

"Officer Ingle. Glad you could come."

The taller mixed officer stepped forward and shook hands with Mason as he leaned his neck. "No problem, Alpha. I know it’s bad when the chief gets on the horn. This is Poll. She's new to the area, but already knows the drill on the supernatural."

The smaller ginger-haired officer stretched her arm up to shake Mason's hand. "You must be Mr. Wilson! I've heard great things."

"Welcome to Owensville, Officer."

Ingle took off his police ball cap and brushed his clean-shaven head. "What kind of mess do we got here, boss?"

Mason pointed towards the scene. "Hitmen. Targeting my boyfriend. He's hunting a wanted mage who doesn't want to be found. Got one tied up, the other dead. Going to need the live one interrogated for everything he knows. Tell Detective Shaw to use any means necessary."

"Yes, sir."

"I'm also gonna need a wrecker to bring my truck to Old Man Richard's. It's in pretty rough shape."

Poll was scribbling in her notepad. "You got it. Who's the kid?"

"Vincent, he's with me. I'm going to take him back to my place tonight. Ingle, can you spare an Omega to patrol my property and forest tonight, just to be on the safe side?" A nod came from the lycan officer. "We'll be by tomorrow to get an update. Dave should be here shortly to help clean up. Not a word of this gets out to the pack or the public just yet."

Mason turned to go and comfort his mate. A white truck pulled up next to Mason's truck, and Dave got out. He walked up to Mason and Vincent, greeting them with a turned neck and somber words.

The Alpha put his hand back on Vincent's shoulder. "Hey. I don't feel comfortable taking you back to your apartment by yourself. You're staying with me tonight."

Vincent's face turned beet-red. I...I'm what now? He's taking me back to his place? "I, uh. Oh, okay. I'll need some clothes, though."

A sly grin flew onto Mason's face. "You can wear some of mine that I outgrew." Oh yeah. Gonna make you reek of my scent. After a few seconds of thought, Vincent nodded. "We'll stop by your place tomorrow for your clothes."

Reassurance trickled through Vincent. Maybe staying with Mace isn’t such a bad idea. He’s got connections here that can help me find Stefan. Vincent smiled as he swam in his thoughts. That, and he’s a big, sexy hunk.

Mason turned to his Beta. “You mind giving us a lift?”

“Sure thing. You need a ride in the morning?”

“Nah. Dad’s going to drop off his old truck. I will need to meet with you tomorrow afternoon. Once I meet with Henry and Dad, I’m thinking about contacting some of the local Alpha shifters. Would be smart to coordinate with them on sharing information and finding Gregoro.”

Dave crossed his arms and nodded. “I agree. If he can coordinate hitmen to do this kind of damage, it’s safe to say he’s capable of worse.”

Mason agreed. But his priority was to get his mate to safety. “Let’s go.” Dave fished his keys out of his pocket while the Alpha wrapped his arm around Vincent and pulled the smaller man closer. He needed to make sure his man felt safe. He leaned in and kissed the side of his head. “I guess we can pass on the horror movie tonight.”

After all of the stress and anger from the past hour, Vincent couldn’t help but burst out with laughter. He latched his arm around his boyfriend’s hip for stability as he attempted to tame his giggle fit. “Oh Gods, that was funny. Do you have that much of a one track mind?”

A chuff escaped Mason’s lips. “Well, I can safely say that you’ve been on my mind all day.” He began walking with Vincent and Dave toward the white single-cab Silverado. Something clicked in Mason's mind. "Hang on, be right back." The wolf trekked over to his truck for the last time. He opened the passenger door and found Vincent's library book on the floorboard. Closing the door, he walked back to Vincent and handed it to him. Vincent smiled, as he forgot all about it.

"Thanks, big guy! Almost left it behind."

"Not a problem." Mason looked to Dave. "Let's go." Dave got in the driver seat. Mason opened the door for Vincent, as he scooted in and over to the middle seat. Once Mason climbed in, and everyone buckled their belts, the Alpha latched his arm around his mate's shoulders and pulled him in close.

Vincent felt at home in Mason's arms. After tonight, he could really use the comfort. The mage leaned his head into his boyfriend's body and yawned.

Mason leaned down into the man's ear and whispered, "Once your inside, we'll get you a shower and tucked into bed. You've had a long day."

A small sigh came from Vincent. "I need a shower, but I'll take a cup of coffee. I don't want to mess up my sleep schedule. Makes work a living hell if I get thrown off."

Dave butted in the conversation. "I can take you off the schedule for a few days, Vin. You probably need to recover a bit with that large bruise on your head."

I have a bruise? Vincent reached with his left hand and felt nothing on the left side. Nothing. He quickly reached for the ride side and felt a dull pain as soon as he touched it. Fuck! That stings. Must have hit my head on the door when we made impact.

"Thanks, Dave. I appreciate it."

Mason curled a smile. Thanks, bud. More time with my man. He gingerly placed his hand on Vincent's shoulder and gently kissed the bruise on his mate. "That'll do for now, but we'll get a compress on that when we get home."

Vincent blushed, but hid his feeling of surprise. The pain is going away! He looked up to his man. Same stupid grin. "Thank you, too. For everything."

A purr-like growl flowed through Mason's chest. "For you, any time." Silence filled the cabin as Dave drove on, and the couple enjoyed their own company.


Dave took off down the long gravel driveway as Mason led Vincent up the front porch. The mage was taking in all of the details of the property. Nice house! Cute wooden porch swing. Would be really nice to read out here some time.

Mason unlocked the front door and stepped in to turn on his living room lights. "Well, welcome to my home." Vincent followed his boyfriend into the spacious room, and admired the decor.

The room was massive! Two faux leather brown sofas sat across from each other with a humongous matching recliner against the back wall. The walls were painted a warm beige, white crown molding ceiling, with a large wooden beam across the middle of it, matching the red oak plank flooring that encompassed the room. Against the wall to their immediate left was the biggest flat screen TV Vincent had ever seen, with a light teak wooden console cabinet table directly under it. Vincent's eyes caught the large canvas art hanging above one of the sofas.

The canvas piece was a large forest covering as far as the eye can see, with the rising sun behind it. "It's beautiful."

Mason came up behind the man and put his arms over Vincent's shoulders. "That's the forest behind my house. I took that picture when I went on a ride in a helicopter with my Dad."

"Oh wow! That's cool!" Vincent looked up to Mason and saw his sly grin. Nope! Uh-uh! No way in a million years. "You're not getting me in a helicopter. Just putting that out there."

Mason chuckled. Now I gotta put him in a copter! "Let me give ya a tour." He took the mage's hand and took him to the kitchen. One step in, and Mason adored Vincent's brightened face. Someone likes a nice kitchen.

Vincent couldn't describe the love for Mason's kitchen. Near-brand new appliances, island with two lower-back barstools, and one of those fancy pot and pan holders that dangles from the ceiling. I always fucking loved those! Pearl white tile flooring, and navy blue covered the walls. It looks like it came straight out of a magazine or one of those cheesy home makeover shows!

"There is no freakin' way you did this."

"Yeah, you're right. I had a stager from the realtors the pack works with and got it remodeled. Didn't want my mom's color palette in the kitchen anymore. Pink and rose wallpaper isn't my style."

A giggle escaped from Vincent. "Whoa, wait! Was this your parent's house?"

"Yep! I grew up here. My parents wanted a swankier place, so they left me this. Had to do some work in redecorating and a couple roofing spots, but I've turned it into my own house."

"Well, so far, I love it." Vincent looked up at the lighting around the island, then the bulbs above the cabinets. "Hey, are these two sets of lights on the same or separate switches?"

"Separate, why?" Mason looked curiously at his little mate. Know something about electrical work, kid?

"You should think about switching the bulbs over your island to Edison bulbs. Gives off an industrial glow, and works super well with blue walls. They'll raise your electricity bill by a dollar a month, but it would be worth it."

Vincent could see Mason's eyes moving from light to light, picturing it in his head. Then meeting him. "That'll work. How'd you know that, Vinnie?"

"I have a thing for those home makeover shows. They caused me to have a pipe dream to do interior decor for a living."

"Why don't you go for it? Not a lot of people know about Edison bulbs, and that was a damn good suggestion."

Vincent shoved his hands in his pockets and exhaled out of the nose. "Because, well. Between finding Stefan, running from him, and working dead-end jobs one after another, I don't have much time for dreams."

Mason's heart tore. Aw, Hell no! I'll be damned if he thinks his dreams are unobtainable. "Vincent, you can do anything you set your mind to. When this is all over, I can have our pack realty office train you in home staging, if that's your ambition."

His boyfriend's words melted into Vincent. He walked over into Mason's arms and rested his head. "Thanks. I think I would like that.”

"Like I said, any time. Let's get you a shower and fresh clothes." Mason led him back into the living room and through the hallway.

Vincent couldn't wait for a hot shower. His body's exhaustion was creeping up on him. That stunt he pulled before the crash drained him, but he refused to let it show. I've never manipulated my frost affinity like that! I'll have to play around some more later to see what else I'm capable of.

Mason led his mate to a door, opened it, and flicked on the lights to reveal a bright, but simple bathroom with a walk-in shower. Vincent loved how it had a similar tile like the kitchen, but cut into smaller tiles to showcase a difference between the rooms. "I'll go get you some fresh towels and some bottles of shampoo and body wash." The bigger man started to walk out of the door frame, but leaned back in. "Oh! And be careful turning the knob. It can get real hot, real fast."

After Mason left, Vincent unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it to the floor in a clump. He leaned in the shower and turned the knob halfway between the hot and cold labels. Cold water ran, but quickly became steaming hot. Jeez, he wasn't kidding! He dialed back towards the cold and began feeling for the perfect temperature. Little more cold...too cold...ehh, fuck it, that's good enough.

Vincent stood back up, and was startled as Mason opened the door, holding a folded blue towel with a couple bottles on top and a few clothes in between. Mason stopped, as he realized his mate was shirtless. His eyes flashed golden as he looked over every skin cell on the man's body. Ho. Ly. Shit! Those slender muscles. Those tufts of hair on his belly. Gods, those nipples!

Vincent began blushing realizing that the wolf was eyeing his torso. Mason placed the towel on top of the edge of the sink cabinet. "I'm gonna start the shower in my room. Wait for me in the living room and we can start a movie." Mason walked back out of the bathroom, but not without getting one last glance at his mate and licking his bottom lip.

The mage regained composure and walked over to the objects left by his boyfriend. He took the towel and rolled it on the towel rack, and slipped the remaining clothes off his body, placing them in the pile, with his glasses on the counter. Grabbing the bottles of shampoo and body wash, Vincent walked in the steamy shower.

Mmmm. Feels good. Vincent whipped his head under the running water. His bruise reminded him of its presence, it brought a dull pain, but began being soothed. He heard the sound of the other shower in the house beginning its flow. A smile ran across Vincent's face as he squirted shampoo into his hands and started scrubbing lightly. Once rinsed, he started on the body wash.

Vincent felt thankful for what the Gods have given him. He washed his slender body. He considered his appendage average, but retained little girth. Vincent soaped up the front of his body, then gathered up the excess suds and reached behind his back, lathering his shoulder blades and all over his rear. Vincent always made sure to clean his body thoroughly.

He rinsed his body with water, and dipped his head one last time before shutting off the flow. The mage opened the shower door and grabbed the towel, drying off from head to toe. Once satisfied, he wrapped it around his waist and stepped out onto the blue bath mat.

Looking through the clothes, Vincent caught a lavender scent wafting from them. Unfolding them, he took inventory. Big black basketball shorts. An even bigger purple collegiate hoodie…

Underwear? No underwear? Vincent squinted his eyes at the end result of the assumed plot. Damned wolf. He put on the shorts, tying the strings tight to prevent any cleavage showing throughout the night, and popped the sweatshirt over his head. Looking in the mirror, only one image swept Vincent's mind. I look like I'm a hussy about to do a walk of shame!

Vincent took one last sniff of the hoodie's collar. He smelled the detergent, but found the underlying scent of his boyfriend. Pine trees and cinnamon. Manly. Sexy. He heard the water still running in the other shower. Bigger guy. Must be more to wash. Vincent smirked at his little joke and stepped out of the bathroom, turning off the light.

The mage ventured back to the living room per Mason's instructions and sat down on the sofa under the forest picture. He spent time gazing at the teak console and got up to see what was in the glass cabinet doors. Vincent was impressed and in light awe. Mace has nearly all the new game consoles! Must be an avid gamer.

His thoughts were cut off as he heard the water shut off. Panic ensued in the mage's mind. Oh Gods! Do I sit on the sofa? Do I lay down? How about the chair? The other sofa? Vincent rushed a decision and sat back down on the sofa. I need to calm down! Big deep breathe in...and out. He leaned back, discovering how comfortable the sofa was.

"Well, someone looks comfy!" Vincent shook in surprise when his boyfriend appeared, leaning in the hallway frame. He was wearing baggy gray sweatpants and a black athletic tank top that showed off his big biceps. His hair was still damp, and completely left uncombed. It took everything in the mage’s power to stop himself from drooling on the couch.

Mason could tell he caused his mate to jump. "You're not in the Queen of England’s royal palace. Make yourself at home, especially if you’re going to be here for a couple days.” The wolf gazed at his mate. He looks sexy as fuck in my clothes. Can’t wait for my scent to rub off on him. He walked past his little man and sat down at the left end of the couch Vincent was sitting on. “C’mere, hot stuff.”

Vincent smiled and scooted closer, leaving an inch gap between the two. A chuff left the wolf's mouth. "Closer. No need to be shy." Mason leaned and wrapped his arms around the smaller man, pulling him closer to his body. "Are you afraid of cuddling? Because if you are, there's gonna be a problem."

A giggle came from the mage. "A problem?"

"Yeah. But I got a good solution. Wanna hear?"

Curiosity got the better of Vincent. "Sure."

Smirking, Mason loudly whispered in his mate's ear. "You let me hold you while we watch a movie…" He then looked Vincent in the eyes, purposefully flashing his golden amber irises. "...or I start tickling."

Vincent gasped. "You wouldn't dare." The wolf bared his teeth in a predator-like grin. Oh, he fucking dares. In an instant, Mason had one hand on Vincent's left lower rib and the other under the right armpit. The mage felt he would erupt in laughter if any of the fingers moved a muscle!

"I like dares." He moved his hands back to a non threatening position. "Now relax! You've had a rough day. It's okay to take a personal day every once in a while." Mason leaned in and kissed his mate's cheek. "Let's watch a movie. And I promise, no horror."

Vincent gave in and leaned into the man's hold. "Sounds good with me." Mason felt satisfied with the response. Any movie will be fine. As long as I get to keep you in my arms. "I'm gonna make us some popcorn." The wolf took the remote from the end table and turned on the TV. "How about you pick out something for us to watch."

Vincent inched forward to let his hunk have room to get up. Just as Mason walked into the kitchen, he spoke up so his mate could hear. "Vinnie, you like ranch?"

Ranch? Thought he was making popcorn. "Uh, yeah! I thought you were making popcorn?"

"I am. Was just curious, cutie. Whatcha got so far for our movie?"

Scrolling through the first streaming service, Vincent found a couple options. "Well. They just added the newest John Wick movie."

Mason scowled. Need to watch that, but I want something I can just listen to. "Nah, I had enough action tonight. Got any comedies?"

"Umm...Oooh! They got 'Mrs. Doubtfire' with Robin Williams! It's my favorite movie of all time!"

Perfect! "Works for me. Go ahead and start it, almost done in here." The microwave dinged and he pulled the steaming bag open. Mason reached in his pantry door and grabbed a ranch dip packet. After shaking it to get all of the powder away from the opening line, he ripped it and poured half into the popcorn bag. Mason rolled the bag closed and shook vigorously. Once done, he poured the contents into a large plastic bowl.

Vincent was curled up where Mason was originally sitting. When the wolf walked back in, the smaller man relished every step. Mason could tell his mate was watching him, so he started walking slower and let his golden eyes shift. Gonna give him a show he'll think about all night.

Mason took his free hand and rubbed his stomach, pulling up his tank top, revealing his abdominal muscles. Oh, yeah. That'll make him drool. He shot his gaze into Vincent's hazel eyes, and purposefully licked his bottom lip. Reaching his destination, Mason set the bowl down next to the TV remote and leaned into his mate's personal space. He climbed on top of Vincent and let the lightest of growls rumble out of his chest.

Vincent could barely contain himself. He wanted whatever Mason had planned to happen right then and there. Fuck, this is the best tease ever! Vincent felt the wolf placing a bit of weight on him. Just as he put hands on the wolf's hips, Mason leaned back. His patented sly grin appeared.

"You're in my seat." Mason got off his mate, reluctantly, and patted Vincent's back. The look on Vincent's face was priceless, but the wolf stomached the laugh. "Just scoot up, and I'll let you lay on me."

Mason took his spot, but swung his right leg over Vincent, positioning one leg on either side of his mate. He reached for the bowl of popcorn with his other arm pulling Vincent closer. The Alpha's seat wasn't the most comfortable, but he knew his mate would be. Mason placed the popcorn bowl in front of Vincent and grabbed a couple pieces for himself.

The mage was cozy in his new seat. He leaned back into the wolf's arms, obtaining the sensation of safety from the world's problems. How can one guy create that feeling? It just feels too right. Vincent turned his head and looked up to his boyfriend, and got a caring stare in return. Vin, you are falling, and falling hard. Mason leaned down and pecked the forehead with a kiss.

"Don't let me end up eating that whole bowl. You wouldn't want me to get fat, would ya?"

A mental image of his boyfriend with a large belly sprung to mind, and the mage let out every laugh and giggle in his system. He picked a piece of popcorn and let it fall into his mouth. The flavor confused Vincent, but he was delighted by the strange combination. Ranch powder...on popcorn. This is freaking delicious! There's just a hint of butter, but with the ranch, it's just perfect.

"I would have never put ranch seasoning on popcorn. When did you learn this trick?"

Mason chuckled. "You'd be amazed at the shit you learn in Scouts."

“Heh. Of course, a manly guy like you being a Boy Scout. How long were you in Scouts?”

“For every year. From Tiger Cub to Eagle Scout.”

“That’s cool. You probably learned loads in those years.” Vincent pressed his head against the wolf’s chest. “Don’t you have to do some big project or something to get Eagle Scout?”

A strong puff of air came from Mason. “Yep. Was a pain in the ass, but totally worth it. Coordinated with the two local cemeteries in the county and marked older headstones of war veterans that weren’t recognized when the headstones were placed with Armed Service medallions. Focused on Union Civil War, Korean Conflict, and both World War vets.”

Amazement ran through Vincent’s veins. “That’s very noble, Mace. How many medallions did you place?”

Mason grabbed a handful of popcorn. “A hundred and twenty-seven.” He threw a few pieces of corn into his mouth. Vincent’s mouth opened in astonishment.

“That’s incredible! You did this all by yourself?”

“Well, a couple of the other scouts helped place them, but finding the veterans and mapping out where they were was all me.” Interest piqued Mason. Not a lot of people would find that interesting, or even know that Eagle Scout rank requires a community service project of middle-sized magnitude. “How did you know about the service projects in Scouts, Vinnie?”

Vincent sighed. “My parents had me in Cub Scouts for a little bit before...before they passed.”

The wolf gave his mate a hug. “I didn’t mean to bring up any bad memories.” Vincent held the hands around his biceps.

“They weren’t bad memories. Good ones, actually. Dad was one of the fathers who were more involved. It’s one of the best bonding times I can remember with him. Taught me how to tie a couple knots and the basics of first aid.”

A faint memory clicked in Mason’s head. “You’re from Maryland, right? Do you remember your pack number?”

“Umm. Pack 432, out of Elkridge.”

A big smile came from Mason and jumped up in excitement. “No way! Small world. I went to a summer camp in South Carolina and met a couple guys from Troop 432. They would have been the same age as you and me. I’ll have to go and look back at my picture album, I’m sure I got pics with them!”

Curiosity got the better of Vincent. “Do you remember any names?”

“Yeah. Caleb and...oh Gods. Jack or Jason?”

Vincent almost spilled the bowl of popcorn in excitement. “No fuckin’ way, Mace! You know Caleb? He was, like, my only friend I made in Scouts! It really is a small world.”

Oh, then do I have a surprise for you, my mate. “Then I got a little secret for you.” His mate’s hazel eyes were glued to Mason’s with anticipation. “He’s pack.” It took Vincent a few seconds to realize what his boyfriend meant, but when it hit him, the mage’s jaw dropped. He’s here? In Kentucky? ...He’s a shifter?

“I...I had no idea he was a lycan. Is. Is a lycan. Wow. He’s here? In Owensville?”

“Yeah, he’s here. Him, his mate, Tasha, and their little one, Lowe. And he’s not a lycan shifter. He’s ailouros.” Mason could tell the terminology lost Vincent. “He’s a lion shifter.”

Vincent raised his finger, as if to ask a question, but lowered it, trying to figure out how to word it. “Your pack consists of shifters other than wolves?”

“Yeah. It ticks off some of the other Alpha shifters, but I don’t believe older traditions in our culture have a place in today’s time. I just cut through the bullshit and accept anyone who needs a place to call their own.”

Traditions? Must be some more of those rules that I skimmed over in my book. “What kind of traditions are you talking about?”

Mason exhaled hard out of his nose. “There are several that I don’t work with. Most packs believe in an Alpha-based hierarchy, where the Alphas father many children to fuel the pack, making stronger and stronger generations. Some packs don’t condone gay relationships or matings. We work with more foster care and state-funded orphanages than most packs or tribes in the country.”

Vincent felt moved. He’s making a hell of a difference in the world. Well, his world. This guy is truly amazing. “You’re doing great things with your pack, Mace. You should be proud!”

The Alpha held onto his mate tight. “Like I said, I cut through the bullshit. You need anything to drink, hot stuff?”

“Uh, yeah! I’ll have a glass of ice water.”

“Kay, scooch up a bit.” Mason bent his knee to get around his little man, and trekked to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and grabbed a can of cola and his water purifying pitcher. Mason poured the water three-quarters full into a glass from his cabinet.

“Mace, I do have a small question about something you said.” The wolf grabbed the drinks and made his way back to his special seat.

“Sure thing, just let me get back on the couch. Here’s your water.” Once Mason was back in his spot, he pulled the end table out so Vincent could set his glass down. “Alright, what’s on your mind?”

“I was curious about when you said relationships and matings.” Mason’s heart took a nosedive. Uh-oh. Here we go. “Is it common for humans and shifters to form relationships?”

Well, that didn’t go where I thought it was going to. Mason shifted to sit a little straighter. “It’s not uncommon for them to engage in relationships. It can be real dicey if the human isn’t aware of the supernatural things in the world. That usually warrants an Alpha’s attention, since it’s not recommended to just say, ‘Hey, I’m actually a shapeshifter and, turns out, your neighbor is one too.’ Normal humans can get traumatized rather quickly about things they always thought were reserved in movies.”

Vincent giggled at the neighbor line. “So, us being together has been a small blessing in disguise, since I’m a mage?”

Oh, Vinnie. You are more than a blessing. He kissed the back of Vincent’s head. More than you will ever know. “Oh, yeah. That definitely helped out. I still have trouble intervening in pack relationships when one of mine finds a mate or potential mate.” Mason swallowed his tongue once the words left his mouth.

“Potential? I guess I’m still new to shifter terminology. What does ‘mate’ mean? Is it kinda like a husband or wife in your culture?” Vincent looked behind him to see his boyfriend.

Mason did his best to keep his brow from furrowing. It’s time. “Vincent. I need to talk to you about something.” He grabbed the remote to pause the movie that they weren’t watching.

Vincent turned his body to be more structured. Okay. Serious face, calling me ‘Vincent,’ and pausing our movie. Probably some serious info on pack culture. Better take mental notes. “Fire away, Mace.” The mage set the nearly empty bowl of popcorn on the end table next to his water.

The wolf took a ragged sigh, and reached for his mate’s hand. “I know you haven’t reached that part of your book, but I’d like to talk about shifter...courtship with you, and how it can work.” Taking note of his mood and speech, Vincent could tell his boyfriend was a little nervous. Only time I’ve seen him nervous was when he stalked me.

“Mason. I know we’ve only known each other for a few days, and it’s bonkers that I’m saying this. But I trust you. You helped me when only a few others have, and you’ve put your faith in me. So I’m putting my faith in you. You don’t have to be nervous with me.” Vincent gripped his boyfriend’s massive hands and looked deep in his eyes. “You can tell me anything. I’m not going anywhere.”

A weight had been lifted from the Alpha’s shoulders. He gazed into his mate’s eyes, allowing his golden irises to flicker lightly. I have no idea if he is feeling anything in regards to our destined bond, but it sure as hell looks like it. “There are two ways that a shifter may find love. They can commit to a relationship, building trust and feelings for each other naturally. Just like humans. Like how we’ve been doing.” Mason flashed a smile, and got one immediately in return from Vincent.

“The other way isn’t as complicated. According to lore and religious texts, the Goddess of Destiny, Aliz, was deeply disturbed by how shifters, and some related beasts, were unable to live satisfied lives. They traveled across the globe, searching for love, but they were shunned by all, other than their fellow shifters. After about a thousand years of watching our people forcing themselves to procreate out of necessity, and not love, Aliz deemed it necessary to intervene. She spoke with her brothers, Dinbe, the God of Love, and Yir, the God of Luck, and negotiated that the shifters deserved a chance at happiness.

“Dinbe was all for the idea. He contributed to the idea that all beings, whether human or humanoid, deserve love. It is rumored that he was actually upset with himself for not bringing up the issue to the other gods before then.

“Yir hated the idea. In his mind, monsters didn’t deserve love. And shifters fell into the monster category. He was content with letting our people walk the Earth, aimlessly wandering with little to no chance at true love. The god argued that since shifters possessed superhuman capabilities, order must be balanced, and their happiness was the cost.”

Mason felt his mate squeeze his hand. Looking at his face, all the wolf saw was anger. “Vin, you good? Need you to settle down.”

If Vincent’s eyes could change color, they’d go red. He knew that some of the fabled Gods were fickle, but to toy with a person’s way of finding love, or pure happiness. That goes too fucking far! He took a deep breath, but kept his grimace. “I’m sorry, Mace. I just have some personal feelings about the Gods.”

"Let it all out, Vin. I'm here to listen. You can squeeze my hands as hard as you need to."

And Vincent did just that. Hard enough to make the Alpha wince in discomfort. "I believed in them when I was little, back when my parents took me to the services. We prayed to the Gods of Love, Order, and Luck." Vincent grew silent for a moment, but carried on. "I haven't spoken their names since that night, Mace. Your story makes me hate Yir even more. I don't hate him as much as Stefan, but it's getting close. No one should-"

Mason pulled in his mate for an embrace. The anger drifted from the mage as tears came in for replacement. How could they take them away from me? They were all I had and they took them!

"Shh shhhhh. It's alright, little one. You're still here. We will find Stefan and he will pay by our hands." He leaned Vincent back and gazed into his eyes. "The Gods do mysterious things, things that no one in this world can account for."

I had no idea he resented the Gods this much. I expected some blame, but to bottle up this much...it's unhealthy. "I can't bear to see you like this." The wolf moved himself to lay down on the sofa, putting himself on the edge. "Here, lay next to me."

He watched as Vincent lay down next to him, pinning his mate between him and the back of the couch. "Let's enjoy the rest of the night. Together. With Mrs. Doubtfire. I'll tell the rest of the story in the morning. But for now, let's clear your mind."

Vincent exhaled out his nose, and agreed with Mason's plan. As much as I hate those Gods. I would have liked to hear the rest of the story. But he's right. I need to relax a bit. He turned to his left side and draped an arm over Mason's chest, and rested his head on the wolf's pectoral. Yep. I can tell he's a good cuddler.

Mason smiled as he laid his arm on Vincent's back, giving his mate his shoulder to use as a better pillow. "You're cold. Want a blanket?"

"Nah, I'm just cold natured. It's a thing with being a frost mage. You're keeping me warm enough."

Mason growled in satisfaction. "Good." The two directed their attention to the movie. Giggles and hearty laughs filled the living room as the men relished in their own company.


The film credits began rolling. Love a classic. Mason looked down to see that his little man was still asleep. He first noticed a light snore fifteen minutes after they started cuddling. He's so peaceful. The wolf grabbed the remote gently without disturbing Vincent's slumber and turned the TV off.

The wolf leaned over and gave his mate a kiss on the forehead. "Time for bed, hot stuff. Let's get you tucked in." Vincent, in a dreamlike state, struggled to open his eyelids, speaking an almost unintelligible mutter about needing five more minutes. "You can get more than five when we get you in bed."

Mason lazily got up from his seat and gently pulled his mate to a seated position. They began walking together with Mason leading the way. "I got you set up in the guest room. There's plenty of blankets and-"

Vincent latched on to Mason's body, still half asleep. "Mmph. If it's okay, you mind…" A deep yawn rushed out of his lungs. "You mind if I sleep with you tonight? You kept me warm."

The wolf's eyes flashed golden. "Of course you can. But if things happen, I won't be held accountable." His mate mumbled a confirming sound, and Mason turned the mage around and headed to his bedroom. He opened the door, but kept the lights off to prevent Vincent's eyes from being blinded.

Pulling back the comforter, he sat his mate down, and watched as the little man quickly climbed in between the sheets, facing Mason. The wolf moved around the king sized bed, never breaking his stare. He climbed into his pillow-topped bed and took off his shirt. Mason always slept naked, but made an exception for tonight. Need to try to let him get as much sleep as possible. He left some space between him and his mate. Mason wasn't certain that he could keep his wolf in check for much longer. He closed his eyes and took a happy breath, and started to drift off to sleep.

"Mace." The wolf heard his mate's whisper in the quiet room. "Can you hold me?" His eyes shot open. Mason pushed himself forward to latch on to Vincent, spooning the smaller man from head to toe.

"Yeah. I got you." Mason couldn't help himself but give a kiss to his mate's neck, on the same spot from where he sucked on earlier. A whimper came from his mate, and forced Mason's cock to twitch. Gods, that whimper will be my undoing. Something pressed against the wolf’s groin, and made a slight circular motion. Realization struck Mason like lightning. He’s grinding that perfect ass against my cock!

The wolf pressed himself against Vincent's butt and grabbed his hips. "Warning you, Vin. You're pressing buttons."

Even half-asleep, Vincent liked pressing buttons. He kept gyrating his hips. Jeez, he's packing down there! Vincent felt his boyfriend's mouth latch onto his hickey and started sucking. He let out a soft moan, and that caused Mason to suck harder.

Shoving the cover across the bed, Mason got up and turned his mate onto his back, climbing over in a split second. I want him now! I need more of him! He attacked the little man's mouth, demanding immediate access for his tongue, and growling softly as Vincent gave it to him. His large hands began roaming. His chest, his nipples, his cock, his balls, that ass. I want it all!

His tongue left the human's mouth, lifted the hoodie's bottom rim with one hand, and found the left nipple with precision. Heavy breathing from his mate forced the wolf to lick harder, making circles and clasping his mouth over the target. He spent several seconds with his toy, then moved to the other nip. Enough playing. I want his seed.

Vincent stared in the set of golden eyes as his partner leaned straight up. "Shirt. Off. Now." Gods, that voice is intoxicating. He fumbled out of the large sweatshirt and flung it to the floor. He gazed at the silhouette of the man, seeing that his eyes were traveling all over his exposed torso. Vincent reached and touched the shifter's abs and chest. He's just so fucking hot!

Mason let out a ragged breath as his mate touched his body with those electric fingertips of his. "Touch me. Touch my body, Vinnie." The fingers turned to hands as they wandered the Alpha. "Mmm, Gods. Feels so good." He closed his eyes and swam in the feelings of ecstasy and adrenaline. The wolf leaned in, letting his body weight press on Vincent.

"I'm gonna run my tongue over every part of your body until you scream. You're mine, Vincent. I'm gonna make you scream in pleasure." Mason felt his mate's cock twitch. And I know where to start. He placed his hands on his mate’s chest, and lowered his head, using his tongue to lead a trail as Mason pushed himself further down Vincent’s body. Until he found his prize.

Vincent’s member was begging to be freed from the oversized shorts he was still wearing. The wolf’s irises glowed brighter as his head stood mere centimeters away from the erect appendage. This...this is mine. Mason took two fingers and pulled the fabric down, ever so slowly. Going to make this moment perfect. For him, and me. Just as the fabric reached the tip of his mate, Mason flicked his eyes up to Vincent’s. “Do you want this, Vin? Because I want this. I want you. In my mouth. Down my throat. For as long as your body can handle me.” Seeing his mate nod, Mason let the edge of the fabric slip.

It’s just as perfect as I imagined it. Mason lustfully took in the sight. Thin, but long. Little puffs of hair along the base. Perky balls. Where to begin? Never leaving his mate’s gaze, Mason ran his tongue in around Vincent’s spheres, lapping them as he took in the taste. Sweet as sin! Vincent let out a helpless whimper, and that caused Mason’s heart to soar knowing he’s pleasuring his little man. It encouraged the wolf to continue.

Time...for the main course. Mason rolled his neck before preparing for more. His wolf couldn’t stand this slow and methodical pace. The animal inside him wanted a more forceful and commanding tempo. But this is for Vincent. He deserves this, not a mauling. I’m going to enjoy every second of this.

Mason let his mate’s orb out of his mouth, and fixated his attention on the shaft that stood before him. “You want this, Vinnie? You want my mouth?”

“Yes. Mace, yes! I want it.” Vincent needed it. Every touch has had his body begging for more.

A growl escaped into the dark room. Yes, beg for me! Mason tamely grasped his mate at the hilt, and felt the body shudder. He pumped his grip slowly, holding the stiff shaft. The wolf refused to stray his gaze from Vincent’s. Moving his hand up and down, he could feel the waves of pleasure going through his mate’s veins.

Mason couldn’t hold himself any longer. He needed to taste more of his man. Running his tongue across his lips to moisten them, the wolf moved his face closer to Vincent’s manhood. He positioned his tongue at the base and ran upward to the crown, taking a single swipe.

Vincent’s mouth widened in awe. His muscles and bones turned to liquid as his boyfriend began taking single licks. Gods, stop teasing! It’s too good! “M-Mace. So good.” He lightly pushed his hips upward, signaling that he wanted more. The irises of the Alpha flashed brighter as he got the hint.

Oh, you want more? I’ll show you more... Mason took one final lick, and paused, looking deep into the hungry eyes of Vincent. Giving him a wily grin, he took every inch of his mate in one fell swoop. The wolf's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he savored the taste. He pulled back up ever so slowly, sending waves of warm pleasure through Mason's new plaything.

Vincent laid motionless in pure bliss as he felt Mason slide back down. Gods, he's good! So warm, so tight. Don't think I can last much longer. He clenched his pillow as he fought to keep his body from wiggling free from his captor. Taking short, uncontrolled breaths, Vincent whispered garbled words of rapture. "Mace. Oh, Mace! I'm getting close."

The words made Mason let every ounce of lust out. He sped up his motions, fueled by the desire to obtain his prize. Give it to me!

"Oh Gods, Mace! I'm com...I'm coming!" Vincent couldn't hold on any longer. He felt his body beginning to pulsate from the tips of his toes. Mason reacted to Vincent, and dived down to the hilt. The rush of warmth pushed the mage over the edge and he let out a pleasure-induced moan.

Vincent filled Mason’s mouth. The wolf growled in satisfaction as he hungrily took every drop. So sweet, ever so salty. Want more. I want more of him. The shaft in his mouth began to shrivel, but the tight stiffness in his pants raged on, demanding attention. Mason slipped Vincent out of his mouth. “That was hot, Vinnie! I loved sucking you off.”

The smaller man got his breathing under control, but was still enjoying the orgasmic afterglow. “That...that was amazing, Mace.” Satisfied with his compliment, Mason laid down on the bed, face-up and next to his mate. Vincent turned his head to meet his boyfriend’s gaze, leaned in and landed a kiss on the lips. But Mason didn’t want to end with just a kiss.

He pulled himself closer, pressing himself into his mate’s thigh. Vincent took a sharp breath, feeling something large poking him. Oh...Oh my Gods. He’s really big! Not freaky big, but...big. Turning his body to face Mason’s, Vincent stared into the golden eyes of his Alpha hunk. “My turn, big guy.” He reached and began fondling Mason’s large manhood through the man’s sweatpants.

A soft and content growl came from the bigger man’s throat. “Mmm. You like that?” Vincent nodded as he stroked the veiled shaft. “You want to see it?” The wolf smelled the lust coming from his mate’s body. Oh, yeah. He wants to see. After getting a sheepish nod, Mason slid his hand and thumbed the waistband of his sweats. He pulled downward, letting his hard-on loose.

Vincent stared in awe. It’s so big! Veiny, thick, uncut, long. And keeps it nice and trimmed. He wanted to please his man, just as Mason did for him. The mage looked back and forth between the tool, and his boyfriend’s golden lust-filled stare. “Go on, Vin. I know you want to.” Mason licked his bottom lip. “Suck on me.”

Swallowing hard, Vincent grasped the shaft once more and started stroking. He looked up to see Mason’s facial expressions. I want to make sure I’m doing a good job for him. Deep chest movements and hard nasal exhalations told Vincent that he was.

He lifted himself and swung his leg to straddle Mason’s knees, placing his head right above his new obsession. He took one last look in Mason's eyes and moved in closer. Vincent grasped the hilt of the shaft and circled his tongue around, rimming the head. Covering the head with his mouth, he took a quick and short drop, getting a feel for the rock hard girth.

Mason let his little mate perform. Damn, he's a tease. But it's too good! With each bob, he could see Vincent going down further and further. The Alpha noticed that a wall was met for Vincent. "Take your time. Yeah, that's it, pup."

Vincent leaned his head back slightly to peer up to his man's stare, soaking in those amber irises. He likes what I'm doing!

Time to show off a bit. The mage focused on his fingertips and put the thinnest coat of ice on his index and middle digits. He reached up and gingerly trailed them up and across Mason's abs, never letting his mouth stray.

Shocked at the play, Mason's abs tingled from the chilling touch and let a manly moan fill the air. "Gods!" He's using magic! Fuck, that's hot! "Touch me more." Vincent hummed on his cock, reaching farther up to his nipple. He looked down to his mate. "Any more tricks up your sleeve, Vinnie? I want it all!"

The mage gave an affirming hum as he popped his mouth off Mason. Vincent ran the lines of his lips with his icy fingers, placing the thinnest lines of frost upon them. Let's see you handle this, big boy! He went back down and got back to work.

Mason gripped the sheets as he felt indescribable pleasure. So fucking good! His lips are cold, but his throat is burning hot! Gods, keep going Vinnie. Can't last much longer! He looked down to stare at him, but a wave of lust hit his heart as he saw Vincent with bright lavender eyes.

The wolf scanned the room and caught it. In the corner of the ceiling, he saw the moving pink cloud, and Mason's eyes widened. He's using a sight ward. To watch us from a different angle. That's so fucking kinky!

"Lean up, Mace." Mason did so, putting his attention back to the mage. Vincent moved his hand and reached to touch Mason's forehead. When the index finger landed, a bright light covered Mason's vision. After a brief second, Mason dropped his jaw.


He wasn't looking at Vincent's extended arm any more. Mason's view switched to what Vincent was seeing in his sight ward. Him. Me. Us. Laying on the bed. Vincent turned his head to face the ward and smiled deviously before returning to work. Mason could feel the sensation of his mate's mouth, but was in awe when he saw his own body. My...my eyes. They're lavender, just like his!

Vincent waved his hand out and twirled his fingers, causing the view to aim next to his face as he bobbed up and down on Mason. It was a little disorienting for Mason to figure out what direction to turn his head, but quickly relinquished ambition and laid his head down on the pillow to enjoy the scene.

"Vin. This is amazing. You feel so good, and it's hot to see you like this." Vincent hummed as he kept his eyes open, relishing the view himself. "Won't last much longer. Keep going. Suck my cock!"

The mage took the ice on his fingers away and cupped the man's large balls while speeding up on the shaft. He wanted it. He wanted Mason in his mouth. Just feels too right. Mason began growing larger. Here he comes!

"Vin-Vinnie. Oh, Gods I'm gonna blow!" Mason breathed hard as he ran his hand through Vincent's hair. When his body began convulsing, he gripped the hair and let out a loud grunt.

Vincent swallowed as fast as Mason filled his mouth. He was amazed at the amount that came from the sexy hunk. When it stopped spurting, Vincent kept the shaft in his mouth for a few seconds, savoring his work. He pulled off Mason's manhood and curled up next to the shirtless man.

Mason wrapped his arm around his mate's body. "Vinnie. That was, without a doubt, the best I've ever had! You're amazing, you know that?"

A giggle escaped the tired man. "I try. You're pretty amazing yourself." Yawning, Vincent laid his head down on a pillow.

Mason kissed his mate on the side of his head. "Sleep. I can tell you're exhausted." Him using magic during sex must've costed him. Shortly after a couple mumbles, a tender snore filled the air. The wolf leaned back in his bed and grabbed his phone.

9:27p.m. Two missed calls from Mom. She probably heard from Dad or Dave I was in a wreck and started freaking out. Better call her. Like a shadow, Mason sneakily got up and left the bedroom without making a sound. He selected his mom's contact in his phone and made his way outside to sit on his porch.

"Hey, Mom! Was ju-" Mason wanted to catch up with his mom,but was quickly cut off by a shrill voice.

"Do you have any idea how worried I was? I mean, honestly! I had to hear from your father that you were in an accident. Then I hear from Dave that it was caused by mercenaries, and how you were shot at!"

Mason let his mother ramble on. I really should have seen this coming. "Mom. Mom! I'm fine. You know I can take care of myself. This isn't the first time I've dealt with something this crazy." He regretted the second those words left his lips.

"What do you mean, not the first time?! I swear, you are just like your father!"

Out of wanting to calm his mother down, he let out a chuckle. "I'm fine, Mom. Honest. Believe me, the truck is in worse shape."

His laughter always brought his Mom back down to Earth. "Hmph! Well, as long as you are okay, that's all that I can ask for."

Mason was satisfied that there wouldn't be any more outbursts. "Sorry I didn't call back, just had to make several phone calls. Dad said you had a question for me.”

The wolf could barely hear his mother's long fingernails clicking on a hard surface. "Why, yes, my son. I have a very important question.

“When were you going to tell me that Vincent Bolton is your destined mate?”

Copyright © 2020 astone2292; All Rights Reserved.
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Woah. Mace is in big doo doos. Big Mama doo doos. LOL! He may be Alpha but his Mama is about to give him what for. She is fingernail clacking. Someone gonna get it. Someone gonna get it good :)

Again there is going to be a supposed issue with being destined Mates? I don't get it? I don't mean from a story point of view, cause I've read a few stories where it apparently was an issue. I just don't understand why some 'characters' see it as a negative.

Thanks very much for the long chapter too :)


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Wow what an intense chapter, I am glad that they are fine, it would seem that they will become a formidable team, 

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All I can say is MORE!!!  I look forward to every chapter!  Each one is better than the one before.  Simply an amazing story and storyteller!!!

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As Patch1 said MORE. I started at 5:00 pm and now at 7:00 pm I am waiting for the next. Love the way you are leading into the romance / mating (?) and the possible and more likely the quest for Stefan, who I think knows that Vinnie is searching as per chaptere 1.   Great read and well written.

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“When were you going to tell me that Vincent Bolton is your destined mate?”

Well, how does mom know Vincent's last name? Does she recognize the name? It sounds like it! Curious mind wants to know, so now going to the next chapter to find out!

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No need to worry about the other driver needing insurance, he doesn't. I'm not sure which one was scarier, Mason or Vincent.

Sounds like Dave let the pup out of the bag to Mason's mom about Vincent. It'll be meeting the parents time soon.

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4 minutes ago, drpaladin said:

No need to worry about the other driver needing insurance, he doesn't. I'm not sure which one was scarier, Mason or Vincent.

Sounds like Dave let the pup out of the bag to Mason's mom about Vincent. It'll be meeting the parents time soon.

There's something about new readers making comments. I just want to giggle so hard! C'mon...give Mason's mom some credit. She can figure things out herself...

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