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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Love in the Shadows - 14. Chapter 14: Magical Meeting

Mason stared at his mate’s changed appearance. Those eyes...are definitely something else! He noticed that Vincent raised an eyebrow. “I’m staring, aren’t I?” His question was responded with a nod and a smile. “Sorry, about that, Vinnie. I guess I just wasn’t ready to see you like this. It’s really different. Also, you not talking is something that I’ll get used to today.”

Yeah, I figured today was gonna be a weird one for him. I haven’t looked in a mirror yet, but I imagine I’m something else! And I hope he likes getting lots of texts from me. Vincent pulled out his phone and texted Mason. ‘It’s just for today big guy. You got this.’

“Sorry. I left my phone upstairs. I’ll get it in a bit. But I bet you are so excited for tonight. I can’t wait to see what you have planned for the pack. Speaking of which, we have everything set up just like you asked.” The mage put a smile on his face and lightly clapped. Excellent! I really wanted that. Now I don’t have to worry about holding back with my clairvoyancy magic.

“Are you hungry, Vinnie? I can make some breakfast real fast.” Vincent frowned. He doesn’t have the best memory, does he? He wrote in ice on the grass. ‘Cooked all food yesterday.’

Oh. Right. We forgot to go grocery shopping yesterday. "That's okay. I can grab a few things from town real fast. Another smile came from his frosty mate and Mason got up to go, but leaned in to give Vincent a kiss first. Landing the peck, Mason should have seen it coming, but was nevertheless surprised when his mate's skin was ice cold. Yeah, the meeting needs to hurry up and get here. Can't wait to have my normal Vinnie back.


After cooking breakfast for the household, a knock at the door sounded through the living room. Dirk, still sleepy from being woken up by the smell of food answered the door to see Dave at the door. The bear welcomed the Beta and all of the shifters met up together in the backyard. Tierney and Mason were talking and turned their attention to the two Alpha councils.

Tierney spoke first. "Alright, guys. Mason and I thought it would be crucial for you to pair off with your position counterparts and share information on how to better yourselves in your roles."

The Betas and Enforcers nodded and broke off into teams to discuss different topics. Hours passed by in the matter of minutes to the shifters. Dave and Kaplan shared information on pack structural integrity and handling business in the absence of the Alpha.

Dirk taught Caleb the meaning of being an Enforcer. The bear talked on how to read a room layout, anticipate body language and movement of individuals, and to truly trust the animal instinct. Caleb took detailed mental notes on everything the experienced shifter told him. It's so much more than being a bodyguard and fighting. I'm also the General to creating combat strategies for missions and hunts. This role is a key position for pack survival. How they have gone over two years without an Enforcer is nuts!

Tierney and Mason discussed pack mentality and overall skills to lead. The Alphas were amazed to learn the dynamic differences between their pack sizes. They also spoke of delegation of tasks between roles in the pack and utilizing the key strengths of every member at their disposal. Mason drew from the New York Alpha's natural ability to lead and made plans to implement several ideas that Tierney's pack has in place. Weekly personal council meetings, lower tier structural order for hunters and trackers, and being more involved in the higher lycan government. Gods, there are many concepts I need to get on board with!

Vincent watched from his tree as the shifters talked for hours. The magic in me is starting to affect me more and more. I can feel myself starting to shiver, even though I'm pretty warm. Still haven't taken the time to look in a mirror, but I bet I'm in for a shock. Speaking of mirrors, might as well get up. Need to use the restroom. The mage stood up from his spot and started walking across the lawn. When he was a couple yards, he saw Caleb and Dirk shiver and look towards him. Must be emitting some colder temperatures around me.

Dirk's eyes widened as he looked at the human. "Young one! You okay?" Vincent nodded and continued. The bear looked at Mason. "Is your mate okay, seriously? He looks like a dead man walking."

"Yes. It's part of his ceremony tonight. He has to finish storing his personal magic inside of him. I admit, it doesn't make him look healthy, but if he says he's alright, I trust him."

Tierney chuckled as Vincent passed by. "Be thankful, Vincent. When I stored my magic, flames were scorching my every footstep. Caused a bit of damage to our woods outside our meeting area." Vincent chuckled and made his way inside. Looking at his watch, Tierney turned to Mason. "I suppose you and your council needs to be getting ready for your meeting?"

Mason nodded. "It's almost sundown. Dave, you mind taking Vincent to the campgrounds while I get there a little early?" His Beta confirmed the ride situation and they waited for Vincent to come back out.

After Vincent finished his business, he finally had the chance to look at himself in his magical glory. Holy shit! Now I know why everyone was looking at me funny. I really do look like death! The mage touched his face, outlining the lavender outline around his discolored eyes. It appears painted on, but it's just my skintone! Palming his hair, frost fell like heavy dandruff into the sink, quickly defrosting and wetting the countertop.

The mage kept the cloak on during his meditation since it created a larger shadow. He swiped his fingers downward to remove it but in the process, Vincent noticed another side effect of storing his energy. I...have a large shadow...at my feet. The light shouldn't be making that big or dark of shadow. Leaving the bathroom, he noticed the shadow maintained a dark and perfect circle around him. Well...that's handy. A shadow that follows me wherever I go. That could be useful for tonight.

Vincent came out of the bathroom and returned to the backyard and found all of the shifters. But he couldn't find his mate. Looking at his phone, he took a wild guess and thought Mason would have gone to the campgrounds for the meeting. It's getting close. I have everything planned out, and I'm ready to give it my all!

Dave stepped up to the mage after shivering for a moment. "Gods, Vincent, you make it feel like a freezer around you! Mason went ahead to get stuff set up at the meeting. I'll be taking you there shortly, but I have to go over some formalities with you when you finish your dance." Vincent nodded and allowed his boss to speak. "When you're done with your dance, you will need to turn to Mason when he's on the stage, kneel on both knees with your head bowed, and say the following statement. Alpha Wilson, I request sanctuary within your pack. You got that?"

A smile came to Vincent's face and he gave a thumbs up. Seems simple enough. I may be halfway out of my mind when I finish, but it'll get done. Vincent realized he needed to change clothes and bolted back inside to his backpack. He fished out his black dress pants and baby blue dress shirt. And I can make a shadow tie to go with it! Quickly dressing, he went back outside and ran into Tierney.

"Young Vincent. Are you excited to be entered into your mate's pack?" The mage smiled as hard as he could. He clapped his palms and a sheet of ice was conjured as he moved his hands apart. Running his finger across the tablet, he turned it to show Tierney. 'Hell yes!' Earning a hearty laugh from the Alpha, Vincent erased the tablet by leaving his hand across it. "I remember my period of silence all those years ago. Communication was really difficult. I couldn't write because my pens would burn up, and I couldn't exactly burn words into objects."

I swear, if this Alpha is trying to make me laugh… Vincent held in his giggles and wrote on his ice slab. 'Are you three coming?' Showing it to Tierney made the wolf smile. "We wouldn't miss it for the world. Watching your dance will be the sight of the century. A three-affinitied mage. You are one of the rarest of mages in the world, and anyone in attendance will be blessed by the Gods to be there."

Ty, you're going to make me cry! Before Vincent got the chance to, he thought of one important matter he forgot to handle. He quickly scribbled onto his slab and showed Tierney. 'Would you do my mage's introduction?' The wolf's eyes widened and gazed at the little human before him. "Vincent. I'm honored to be asked to give such an important speech. Let me call Mason and straighten out the plans." Vincent nodded and let the two Alphas have their phone call.

Dirk walked up to the mage and dipped his head. "Vincent. Your...you look like a fearsome warrior. If I would have known you were capable of emitting this much power, I would have never challenged you. I feel like I need to admit this to you, but not because you are unable to properly respond. I've never been fond of humans. My bear and I believe you are an inferior species. But after being defeated by you in a challenge, and seeing you emanating with magical ability, you have changed my perspective. It may take more time for my bear, but I believe I can begin viewing humans as equals."

Vincent stood in emotional movement. Dirk. Wow, bud! I'm so proud of you! He couldn't help himself. The mage bolted forward and gave the big bear a hug. "Wooo! Gods, Vincent! You're freezing cold!" Dirk quickly placed an arm on the human's back before scooting backward to warm himself up. A light giggle came from the mage as he wrote 'Sorry!' on the tablet. "It's alright, little one. Maybe you can do that again when you're not a popsicle."

Dave walked up to the pair. "Sorry to interrupt, but it's about time to head to the meeting. Vincent, you ready?" Giving another thumbs up, Vincent was ready. Nerves began swimming in his veins, but confidence took back over. "Alright. Tierney? You guy's following me?"

"We'll be right behind you, bud. And Vincent, Mason said okay to me giving your introduction as a mage, but he demanded to speak afterward to introduce you to the pack as his mate." With another nod from the mage, the shifters got their keys and went for the vehicles.

Dave got into the driver side, turned on the truck, and immediately cranked up the heat. I'm not dealing with a human freezer in here! The passenger door opened, and the wolf felt a gust of frigid wind enter the cabin. “Gods, this is gonna be rough.”

Vincent furrowed his brow, but quickly came up with an idea. He brought his ice tablet back out and scribbled to talk to Dave. ‘Want me to ride your truck’s shadow?’ The wolf’s eyes widened from understanding the idea. “If you don’t mind, Vincent. That would be pretty great! Do I need to slow down for you to keep up?”

The mage flatlined his brow and shook his head. Dave, I told you I can be in a different state in the matter of seconds. Go as fast as you want. When the Silverado came to life, so did the rental car carrying the New Yorkers. Satisfied that everyone was ready, Vincent dipped himself into the truck’s shadow. It’s a good thing traversing in the shadows doesn’t take much energy. The truck began moving and Vincent began his jog. Hitting the main road, Vincent picked up his speed to match the truck.

When in the shadows, Vincent always felt very carefree. To him, it was his own little world to escape to. No one else was there to bother him, and he could still hear everything that was happening. He really enjoyed moving at fast speeds. As he traveled in the shadows, his body maintained gravity but could be as speedy as light itself. Using his anger as the gas pedal, he could control whether he was slow and steady, or quick like lightning.

As Dave turned into the campground road, Vincent noticed the sky darkening. By the time we get there, it will be pitch black out. Perfect! I just hope there is enough light for everyone to see what is going on. After a few turns, they arrived in the large gravel parking lot. There were dozens of cars already parked and Vincent could see many people already seated for the meeting. Wow! There’s already over fifty people here! The mage decided to stay in the shadows for the time being. I have no idea if I’m supposed to pop out here, or wait for my introductions from Tierney and Mace. The second he mentioned his mate in thought, he walked further in the parking lot and found Mason standing around the stage. Dave and the New York pack got out of their vehicles and made their way to the stage. The Beta wolf began looking around for something. He’s probably looking for me. Man, I wish we would have planned this part out.

Man, I feel like an idiot! Here I am, looking around for a guy who looks like an ice cube, and I can’t even find him! He whispered out ever so lightly. “Vin? Where the Hell are you?”

Vincent smiled and crawled under the Silverado to reappear. The second his vision went back to color, he could tell by the twitch in the ankle that Dave felt the cold air sweep under him. “Vin! What are you doing under there?” The mage spread out his arms, signalling that he has no idea what to do. “Are you going to hide in the shadows until it’s time for your dance?” Vincent quickly nodded and dipped back into the darkness. “Oh, umm. ‘Kay, I’ll go tell Mace, then.” The Beta turned to Tierney and his council. “If you all could follow me. We have guest seating set up for you.”

Tierney nodded. “Gotcha. This is very nice! The lakefront view is astounding, and this is all so well secluded.” The Alpha followed Dave down to the stage and met up with Mason. “Young Alpha, your meeting area is one to be relished and to be jealous of.”

Mason felt a twinge of pride from the compliment. “Thank you. This has been the area for many, many years. It went under a renovation about five years ago, but we are quite proud of it. Dave, where is Vincent?”

Lighting a cigarette, Dave smirked. “He’s hiding in the shadows until he’s introduced. Smart move on his part. Folks would be very curious about a popsicle with legs sitting down on a bench.”

The Alpha wanted to scowl at the comment, but cartoonish imagery filled Mason’s head and caused a hearty laugh. “Yeah, that will be for the best. It will probably give him a great entrance as well.” Mason noticed that Caleb hasn’t arrived yet, so he gave him a quick text. ‘Hey, when you all arrive, take a seat like normal. You’ll join my side after I initiate you.’ A few seconds later and a thumbs up emoji was sent as a response. “We have about twenty minutes before we get started. Ty. You and your council will be sitting in the front row to the left. I’ll introduce you, and have you come up later for your speech.”

“I can not wait, Mason. I haven’t been this excited for a meeting in years! I’m sure you are incredibly anxious as well, correct?”

“You have no idea. I’m bringing in a new Enforcer, I have the New York State Alpha as a guest, a mage’s dance, and I’ll be informing my pack about my mate. It has been a while since I’ve been this nervous.”

Tierney crossed his arms and chuckled. “You got this. This will be one of the most memorable nights of your life.” His eyes flashed red as he caught a familiar scent. Turning his attention to one of the newly arrived vehicles, he waited patiently. When his assumption was confirmed, he excused himself and slowly walked up the stairs back to the parking lot. “My, my. Miss Morrine. What a delight to see you again.”

Morrine smirked when she saw the New York Alpha. “Lookie here! Casanova! What’s new with you?”

“Just arrived myself. I’m unfamiliar with your pack’s customs. There is a run and hunt after the meeting, correct?”

“Yep. Got something in mind, handsome?”

Tierney’s eyes flashed once again as he engaged in her flirting game. “Always. I would like to ask for your company during the run. Or, would you prefer to hunt?”

Oh, he’s smooth. Suave smooth! “Hon, you know I like food. We’re hunting and it’s a date.” She blushed as Morrine stared at the big grin coming from the wolf. For a dog, he’s not too bad. I think his company will be fun. “I take it you’ll be in the guest row up front?”

“Yes. I’ll find you after the meeting. Oh...did you not bring a coat?” Tierney saw that Morrine was just wearing a short sleeve blouse. “Here. Take mine. You will need it.”

Morrine watched as the wolf took off his large suit jacket and moved behind her to slip it on. Oh, Casanova! You are too good! “Thanks, T. But what do I need this for?”

Tierney leaned in and whispered in her ear. “It’s a bit of a secret, but there’s a mage’s dance tonight.” He watched as the lady dropped her jaw. “And he is a frost mage, so it’s going to be a bit nippy out here.”

“My Gods! A dance! I haven’t seen one since I lived in Chi-town! And thanks for the coat, T. You’re alright, you know that?”

The Alpha lifted the lady’s hand and kissed the fore knuckle gently. “I do hope I’m trying hard enough.” The lady shifter let out a light purr, only to quickly blush hard. Tierney was quick to read her emotions. “I’m guessing it’s not often that you get swept off your feet? Well, I hate to inform you, but it’s going to happen a lot more from now on.”

Morrine squinted her eyes as she tried her best to release a quip. “To tell you the truth, Casanova, I don’t have a snappy comeback for ya. For some reason, you’re able to keep me disarmed. I can’t tell if that’s a good thing or not.”

“And to tell you the truth, Miss Morrine, I can’t keep my eyes off of you. So expect me to find you after the meeting.” He lifted her hand once again and left her with a kiss on the fingers.


Mason stood in front of the bonfire with Dave at his side. He always waited five or ten minutes after the meeting was supposed to begin. Parents trying to get their kids ready and unexpected traffic presented a few stragglers, and the Alpha wanted a full house for this particular evening. Scanning the crowd, he saw the pack members that warmed his heart the most. Mom and Dad, Caleb and Tasha must have found a babysitter since Lowe is not with them. I see Old Man Richards and Morrine. Ingle's here too. Good. I think I can get started then.

The Alpha stepped forward and flashed his golden irises. "Good evening, my brothers and sisters!" He let his voice boom throughout the amphitheater to ensure all heard his words. "Tonight, we are blessed to be together with our friends and family, along with guests from far lands, and a new face to our group."

He saw his audience's faces turn to the New York pack, but then scoured around, as if to search for the mentioned new body. "We have few matters to discuss tonight, but I believe this will be a night that no one will forget any time soon. Dave would like to address the first matter of business."

Dave flicked his nearly finished cigarette into the flames and stepped toward the crowd. He gave himself a second to let out a long and much needed breath. "As you know, our pack has been without a proper Enforcer for a couple years now. It has been a touchy subject for Mason and I. I know our pack has greatly missed Christopher, but after a long conversation with our Alpha and Alpha Leidolf, we believe it is finally time to welcome in a member to the Alpha's council.

"I've thought for a long time for the past several days. I've gotten to know the man who has been chosen to step up and take the place of my brother. And it is within my wolf's soul to believe that this man is more than ready. We have a common belief that we need to do what is best for our pack, and I believe that Chris would want me to be the one to introduce you to our new Pack Enforcer. So, my brothers and sisters, I want you to help me welcome Caleb Gage as the Alpha's Enforcer!"

Applause and howls filled the night's air as Caleb pecked Tasha on the lips and stood up to come to the stage. Reaching the platform, he bared his neck to Mason and shook Dave's hand, then turned to face the pack. "It is a true honor to have been chosen for such a position. It was merely a year ago when Alpha Wilson took my family into this pack, and I made the solemn vow to give my all to this group of shifters. I will make that vow once again, but this time, publicly, not silently. I know this role bears meaning to both members of the council, and I intend to honor my predecessor. Until my dying breath, I will protect this pack, and all who exists in it, present and future members."

More applause, whistles, and howls boomed towards the lion as he stared at the crowd of shifters. As the noise died down, Caleb turned to Mason and knelt to both knees. The Alpha stepped forward and shifted a hand into a wolf's claw. He lightly sliced into his other palm, letting his blood create a pool. Turning his shifted hand back to normal, he marked Caleb's face with his thumb. One straight line across the forehead, symbolizing the line to cross into the battlefield. Two horizontal lines under each eye to represent tirelessly watching over the pack. And a circle above the forehead line to keep the enemy on the mind.

With the marking done, Mason shifted his injured palm to a wolf's paw and back to heal his cut. "Rise." Caleb obeyed, and was met with his Alpha clasping his hands onto his shoulders and forcing him to turn to the crowd once more. "My pack! This is your Enforcer! Let us welcome him, as he will watch over us! Let us welcome him, as he will guide us into battle! Let us welcome him, as he will vanquish all who oppose us!"

Everyone in the amphitheater rose to applaud and howl as they cheered for their new council member. Caleb stood with pride, trying not to smile. Need to look somewhat imposing. With the crowd dying down, Caleb fell in ranks to the left of the Alpha.

Mason stepped forward again. "We are honored to have some special guests with us this evening. I'm certain a few of you have seen them in town the past couple of days and I would like to introduce them at this time. They have traveled a fair distance to visit this evening, so please help me welcome Alpha Tierney Scott and the council of the New York State Pack!"

Several gasps and whistles joined the claps as Tierney rose from his seat. He walked up to the platform and shook Mason's hand. Tierney turned and stood side by side to the local Alpha.

"This has been my second journey to this lovely town. I knew this place was magical the moment I stepped foot. The air is crisp, the breezes blow through my soul, and the woods are larger than the ones back home. I only wish this place was closer, because I would visit every weekend. My sincere congratulations go to Mr. Gage for his new role. I have had the pleasure of knowing you for two days, and I know your lion will hold the responsibility close to the heart.

"But I have been asked by two people now to come up and speak before you all. For those who do not know, we are all in for a spectacular evening. As Alpha Wilson mentioned at the start of the meeting, a new face wishes to join your pack. And I have been requested to introduce him." Whispers began spreading across the benches and Tierney let the gossip linger for a moment. "But, I cannot merely have this sole honor of describing this young man. I believe I need assistance from a particular lady from the pack. If she would have me, and if Leidolf would allow me to borrow his mate, Miss Elaine Wilson? Would you accompany me up here?"

Leidolf grinned as Elaine stood and gracefully walked to the platform. Tierney held his hand out for the frost mage to grab as she ascended the few stairs. She smiled as she looked out to her pack and whispered to the Alpha. "Tierney, it has been years since I stood on this stage! And I thank you for asking me to join you to introduce this young mage."

Whispering back, but softly so the crowd couldn't hear. "I couldn't have this any other way. And before we go into our introduction, Elaine. Mason wants us to keep the mage's relationship hushed. He will surprise the crowd with that, but we can say his name." Elaine nodded as she understood the plan. Turning back to the crowd, Tierney continued his speech. "The reason why I needed Elaine here is because both of us are clues, as to what we all are about to experience! I'm sure you all know Mrs. Wilson here is a frost mage, and I am a fire mage as well."

A couple pack members began howling as they got the clue, but Elaine took the reins from Tierney. "For the past month, I have gotten to know the man who has requested to join our pack. But I only learned earlier this week how gifted he truly is. This individual is, perhaps, the kindest soul I have met, and is a true scholar in a variety of topics. He has scoured the country in search of knowledge, but most importantly, a home.

“For those of you who are not versed in true mage customs, I will tell you that we are all in for a night that we will never forget! As a mage is welcomed into a group, whether it be a guild, cult, magical school, or even a pack, it is tradition for the mage to perform...a Mage’s Dance!” More people than before began cheering wildly as they realized that they were in for a fantastic night. “A Mage’s Dance is, quite simply, a magical performance to demonstrate the mage’s power in the most elegant and sophisticated fashion. This performance isn’t just raw magic being flung every which way, though! It is carefully drawn together and planned intelligently.”

Tierney nodded and gestured for him to take over, to which Elaine allowed him to. “It is customary for the mage to use all of his power, as to showcase their ability in an effort to sway or encourage his or her entrance into the group. This means using every affinity available at the mage’s disposal. Most mages, like Elaine and I, only have one affinity. It is rare, but possible, for mages to be granted a second affinity. But it is unheard of for a mage to be given three or more affinities.

“Until tonight. Tonight, we will be witnessing a dance performed by one of the most gifted mage’s I have ever seen in my life. I was told that a message was sent out earlier this week for everyone to bring a coat or warmer outerwear, and I see that warning was well heeded amongst the pack tonight. This was a request made by our performer, as, like Lady Elaine, is a frost mage!” Several howls and yells permeated the air, but were quickly hushed as Tierney held his hand out.

“Another request was made this evening. You may have noticed the collection of chairs placed off to the side of the stage here.” The Alpha waved his arm off to the right of the stage, where thirty foldable chairs stood. “A portion of the dance tonight is accompanied by a forewarning, as the mage is also adept in the clairvoyancy affinity. It is requested that those who brought their newborns, infants, and toddlers, as well as those pack members who are not fond of fast motion or, and I quote, ‘roller coaster rides,’ are heavily encouraged to move to the separate seating area.” Tierney and Elaine watched as a few mothers holding their youth, as well as a couple elderly folk made their way to the folding chairs.

Elaine stepped in front of Tierney. “The mage has made these requests for his performance, but, I feel it is my duty as a Mated Alpha to this pack to give a final request. Our performance tonight will not be an ordinary Mage’s Dance. Tonight, the performance will be given by a mage with three affinities!” She let the crowd simmer back down as she prepared to give her request.

“In the mage’s world, there are common affinities, rare affinities, and even some that are barely even documented. For those of you who are not aware of some of these, common ones include frost, fire, and electricity. Rarer affinities, such as clairvoyancy and telepathy, are not seen often, but have been documented across the centuries. Only a few powers have alluded the world’s written knowledge. And tonight, we will bear witness to one of those affinities.” Gasps and whispered words spread throughout the air.

Elaine held up a hand to quiet the pack. “Of the affinities, only one has been rumored to be destined for malignancy. The shadow affinity.” The pack grew quiet as the tale continued. “Speaking as a mage who has fought against this particular magic, it is quite fearsome to witness. But! I wanted to make this third request for the pack this evening. Having met this young man, getting to know him and his backstory, and seeing him in action, I only have one thought. That this mage, the one that will be performing his dance, has a heart made of pure gold. A heart filled with selflessness and creativity. A heart destined to destroy the rumors surrounding his powers, and to make the shadow affinity something to be honored and cherished!

“My request for you all this evening is to look at this man’s power, and to not shun him away. To not look at him with pity, but with pride! To appreciate his abilities for what they are...magical.” Elaine took a deep breath and blinked her eyes, holding back her tears.

A loud and resounding clap came from her side. She looked to see Tierney clapping his hands, and soon joined by Mason and their respective councils. Every member of the Owensville County Pack joined in as they rejoiced and acknowledged the Lady’s request with acceptance.

Tierney stepped forward once more. “I think Elaine’s request has been granted! So, without further introduction, I believe it is now time for the Mage’s Dance to proceed. My fellow shifters and members of the Owensville County Pack! It is my true honor to welcome...Mister Vincent Bolton!”

The pack cheered with claps, howls, whistles, and screams. After the crowd quieted down, whispered confusion filled the air. Tierney started to be concerned. Did he not hear me? He looked behind the crowd and smiled. Oh...he heard me.

A thin blue light shot up into the sky behind the crowd. As it slowed up high in the lower stratosphere, the little light exploded, creating a loud boom and broke apart into little blue stars in the sky. The crowd immediately turned to see the blue firework display, but were surprised when cold winds blew throughout the amphitheater. Coats were furiously thrown on bodies as the pack scanned the area of what could be causing the mysterious weather. Shocked yells and screams filled the air as a small icy cyclone began growing at the top of the amphitheater, just above the first row of benches.

The miniature cyclone lasted for several seconds until it immediately dissipated, and in its place stood a hooded figure in a black robe.

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I am behind and reading to catch up. I can't begin to tell you how much I am enjoying this story! I love Vincent and Mason! You have created these two amazing characters, and your supporting cast is interesting and well written too! I am excited for the Mage's Dance, and the best part is no waiting since I am behind! Thanks.

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Just now, JeffreyL said:

I am behind and reading to catch up. I can't begin to tell you how much I am enjoying this story! I love Vincent and Mason! You have created these two amazing characters, and your supporting cast is interesting and well written too! I am excited for the Mage's Dance, and the best part is no waiting since I am behind! Thanks.

I love fresh comments! So glad you're getting caught up! @JeffreyL You are in for some good chapters ahead!

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OMG... I think I’m crying... oh yes, I am! The introduction just made me tear up Huhu I think I need several minutes to collect myself now. 


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1 minute ago, gabz2000 said:

OMG... I think I’m crying... oh yes, I am! The introduction just made me tear up Huhu I think I need several minutes to collect myself now. 


<dark mental demon voice> No! Keep reading! 

Was about to comment on the last chapter and say whatchuu mean slow reader... so... "Whatchuu mean, slow reader???" Gurl, you zoomin'! You bout to hit my favorite chapter!!!

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WOW! I am speechless! What a entrance! 

I loved Ty and Elaine's speech introducing Vincent!

Going to the next chapter to read more on the meeting (dance)!

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Vinnie's entrance and reveal were magnificent and appropriately theatrical. The show is bound to be a blow out.

Edited by drpaladin
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13 minutes ago, drpaladin said:

Vinnie's entrance and reveal were magnifiers and appropriately theatrical. The show is bound to be a blow out.

...now I need to reread these chapters again. I got all hyped up!

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I know this was the point, but isn't Vin quite the little show off!

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AACCKK!  I've been waiting to get to this part, but now I have to go to work.  I guess I'll have to wait until tonight when I get home.

You have the ability to write with such joy and affection.  The love throughout, and especially in this chapter, is wonderful.

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6 hours ago, Quixo said:

AACCKK!  I've been waiting to get to this part, but now I have to go to work.  I guess I'll have to wait until tonight when I get home.

You have the ability to write with such joy and affection.  The love throughout, and especially in this chapter, is wonderful.

Now you have something to look forward to when you get off work :)

Love your comments, Quixo!

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The meeting starts out with a great feeling of pride and support for the pack's new Enforcer. The surprised pack gave an enthusiastic welcome to the New York Council whose surprised visit honoured the pack.  Lady Elaine and Ty's introductions of Vincent and his powers were extremely well received.  The stage was set for Vincent's dance.  What an amazing and dramatic start to Vincent's dance! 

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5 hours ago, raven1 said:

The meeting starts out with a great feeling of pride and support for the pack's new Enforcer. The surprised pack gave an enthusiastic welcome to the New York Council whose surprised visit honoured the pack.  Lady Elaine and Ty's introductions of Vincent and his powers were extremely well received.  The stage was set for Vincent's dance.  What an amazing and dramatic start to Vincent's dance! 

I still get excited when I reread this chapter. It's so much fun!!

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