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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Love in the Shadows - 15. Chapter 15: Wizardly Waltz

Previously on Love in the Shadows...

The pack cheered with claps, howls, whistles, and screams. After the crowd quieted down, whispered confusion filled the air. Tierney started to be concerned. Did he not hear me? He looked behind the crowd and smiled. Oh...he heard me.

A thin blue light shot up into the sky behind the crowd. As it slowed up high in the lower stratosphere, the little light exploded, creating a loud boom and broke apart into little blue stars in the sky. The crowd immediately turned to see the blue firework display, but were surprised when cold winds blew throughout the amphitheater. Coats were furiously thrown on bodies as the pack scanned the area of what could be causing the mysterious weather. Shocked yells and screams filled the air as a small icy cyclone began growing at the top of the amphitheater, just above the first row of benches.

The miniature cyclone lasted for several seconds until it immediately dissipated, and in its place stood a hooded figure in a black robe.


I feel their eyes on me. They’re almost like daggers pecking at the back of my neck! Just breathe, Vin. You can do this. Vincent snapped his fingers and created a large lavender cloud ward that surrounded his body, allowing him to keep his eyes closed. Taking his first step down, he heard a few whispers among the crowd but couldn't tell what was being said. He paced himself slowly, snapping his fingers with every step and created a large and lengthy ward that ran behind him down the middle of the staircase in its entirety.

He looked through his ward and saw that everyone on stage was moving off to their seats in the first row. Good, I'll be needing that space. The mage made it to the front steps of the platform and ascended to the middle of the stage, placing himself in front of the bonfire. He turned to face the crowd and dispersed his ward on his body, but kept the one along his path. Lifting his hand, he removed his hood, allowing everyone to see his frosty hair and pale skin, causing gasps and sighs of wonder.

Vincent flashed his eyes open, creating more noise throughout the arena. He brought his hands to his neck and swiftly brought them down, making his robe fall to his circular shadow. Overacting with his arms, he brought a box of darkness up to conceal himself and tore it back down to place a shadow tuxedo on himself. The change of costume pleased the crowd as they clapped, to which Vincent responded with a deep bow. He took in as much air as he could muster.

And leaned back up to blow thousands among thousands to little ice crystals throughout the amphitheater. They floated above the crowd, and as Vincent turned around slowly, the crystals filled the evening sky across the campground and the lake. Childlike wonder coursed through the pack's veins as some tried to grab the tiny stars, only to be met with damp hands as they melted.

The mage returned his attention to the crowd, put his right foot forward and spread his arms out, forming a cross with his stature, and flicked his fingers outward to the sides. His lavender cloud path washed into the crowd, flowing across the pack's feet. Vincent pulled his arms to his sides and lifted them, causing the massive cloud to rise and surround the crowd. Watching the eyes of the crowd turn to pink irises, Vincent smiled as he pulled his hands closer to one another, turning his giant ward into a singular cloud.

Twirling his fingers, he pulled the ward up to his face and winked towards the pink cloud, hearing the howls and sighs of amazement. He waved his hands in a circle, turning the ward's line of sight upward and launched the cloud into the sky, letting the pack watch as they soared through the crystal-filled night. Vincent conducted the ward to ride around in the air, taking them across the lake at an increasing pace. Yells and positively aimed obscenities coursed through the mage's eardrums as he lifted and lowered the ward, giving his audience a ride.

Glancing at his bracelet, Vincent saw he had used up two beads of magic, and he had not even touched his personal storage of energy. This is good! I thought the ward would give me problems, but my pacing is nearly perfect! He twirled his fingers and turned the ward around and shot it even higher. The crowd watched as their vision came back to give them an aerial view of the campground amphitheater.

Timing the ward's position just right, Vincent brought his lavender cloud into a nosedive, heading for the bonfire. The crowd began screaming, and the mage lifted it's path to course through his crystal mine field. More praise filled the outdoor stadium as the pack treasured their amusement ride.

Time to get off, folks. Bringing the cloud to hover back over the crowd's heads and facing the mage, Vincent snapped a single finger, and released his hold over the pack. The eyes of the shifters returned to normal, and a large standing ovation was given to the mage.

Bowing once again, Vincent hopped off of the platform and landed himself in the middle of the grassy plain between the stage and the audience. He knelt and focused on his circular shadow. Pumping his anger up, he caused the circle to expand greatly, encompassing the distance across the grass. The blue irises of the mage lit up as he grunted and pushed with his frost affinity.

The circle of shadow turned in to a smooth and flat ice sheet. Kneeling down, he pressed his hands against his shoes, forming them into ice skates. Vincent stood, and focused his magic into the skates, enabling better balance as he scooted his momentum forward, and circled the newly constructed ice rink. With clapping and cheering coming from the pack, the mage made his next move. He made one more spinning lap around, and stopped in front of his mate.

Mason sat with widened eyes and pure curiosity. His mate outstretched his hand with a bow as they gazed upon each other. My Gods. He wants me to skate him! The Alpha took the offered hand and stood. Vincent quickly knelt to put a pair of skates on Mason, rose, and leaned in. "Let the skates move your legs. Just hold my hands and I'll do all the moving, big guy."

Flashing his golden irises, Mason smiled. "It is so good to hear your voice." Mason and Vincent stepped onto the ice with gasps filling the quiet air. Vincent focused his magic into moving the skates along his intended path. Mason held his mate by one hand in Vincent's, and the other by the hip, with Vincent copying.

The two held one another as the skates brought them around the rink. Circling twice, Vincent brought Mason to the center, and spun them in speedy rotation. Several howls and rounds of applause as the mates closed the gap between them. Vincent pushed further with his magic, making the two twirl with intense speed.

Vincent slowed the pace until they came to a stop. Mason's eyes shined bright gold as he stared at his mate. His wolf couldn't resist it any longer, as Mason leaned down and their lips met. Deafening howls were aimed at the skating pair as they broke their kiss, feigning ignorance to the watching crowd.

"Got much longer for your performance?”

The mage grinned and looked at his bracelet. Two more beads, plus my stored magic. "Just enough for the finale. Gonna take you into the shadows real fast. Ready?" Mason nodded.

Vincent brought another cyclone of frost around them, and took his mate into the shadows. In the gray-scale world, they still heard the gasps as the pack watched their Alpha and entertainer disappear. The duo skated over to Mason's spot on the bench and reentered the arena. The wolf sat down and nodded to his mate, signaling to finish the dance.

The mage skated back to the center of his rink, and circled the middle. He faced his palms out and grunted as he began conjuring his final act. A ball of ice floated in the center as Vincent rotated around it. It began growing larger and larger in size until it was the size of a humongous beach ball. He skidded to a stop and turned to face the crowd. Catching his breath, he glanced at his bracelet to see all beads were black. I got this. I can finish it!

Pointing all ten fingers upward into a claw-like formation, he summoned a smaller ball of ice for each finger. They floated above his fingers, but he flicked one finger upward, skyrocketing a ball up high into the sky. With ripcord motion, he pulled down a hand, causing the ball to explode into a firework display, showering the crowd with hundreds more tiny crystals.

Vincent dipped into the shadows and heard the pack gasp once more as he began moving at a fast pace into the woods. He let another firework ball up to the sky to detonate and continued further, circling to reach the lake. Every second as he made a loop around the area, Vincent sent a ball skyward. He pulled his magic and created a firework display, setting them off one at a time to show the audience a cascading explosion show.

By his sixth ball, the mage began breathing heavily, exhausting his stores of magic at an alarming rate. No! I need to keep going! I need to set off the big one! He rushed to launch his remaining fireworks on the lake and into the other side of the wooded forest.

After detonating his smaller icy fireworks, he returned to the color-side of the world in front of the big bomb. He could tell by the color of his hands that he has exhausted all of his stored magic. Damn! I don't even have my tux on! But...Gods! Just one more big push!

Vincent laid his palms on the final firework, and mustered up the final droplets of his energy. Grunts turned to a guttural yell as he threw the ball into the sky. He watched as it flew higher with each passing second. Further. Further!

...Now! In a final scream, he brought both of his arms down, setting off his masterpiece. The ball broke off into dozens of smaller balls that spread out across the sky. A second later, those new fireworks detonated. One by one, the balls exploded, scattering hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of ice crystals, littering the night in a starry showcase. The pack remained silent in awe of the stellar power they have been shown.

The mage looked into the sky on the verge of slipping into unconsciousness. No...no! I need to...need to bow. Every muscle in his body burned as he staggered in the direction of the crowd. As the firework dissipated, every shifter turned their attention to the battered man that stood before them.

Quaking with every passing second, Vincent breathed in heavily to signal his finish. He stood as straight as he could, lifted his right arm directly up, and brought it down with a follow-through into a bow at the hip. The ragged breathing of the mage informed him that he could not remain in the bowing stance for long.

The sound barrier shattered as every person in the amphitheater stood from their seats and howled. Howled. Screamed. Yelled. Applauded. Every noise that they could make to show their appreciation for the performance they were gifted with was thrown at Vincent.

Leaning back, Vincent looked across the crowd at their wild enthusiasm. Oh Gods, they loved it! They...loved it! I did it. I really did it! Relishing in the sense of pride, Vincent's pain and exhaustion took a backseat as tears of joy fell down his face. He began sobbing into his sleeve, unable to handle the love and appreciation being given to him by the group of strangers.

But he knew he had one more step to take. After wiping his eyes with his sleeve, Vincent unknowingly hushed the crowd as he turned to face the Pack Alpha. He looked into the eyes of his mate, whose own were glistening in his own pride. He took one step and remembered his body's fragile state. Can't. Can't go any farther. Sorry, big guy. You might need to come to me.

Vincent collapsed to his knees into the now defrosted and soggy grass, caring not of how dirty his clothes would get. Loud gasps and voices of concern filled the pack, and Mason shot to his feet. He took two quickened steps to reach his mate.

"Alpha Wilson!" Mason halted as he heard the loud scream coming from in front of him. V...Vinnie! He's going through with it! Shivers went down Mason's spine as he straightened his posture. Come on, Vinnie! You can do this!

On his knees, he braced himself up by placing his forearms in the grass, bringing himself to a low begging position. Through his cracking and raspy voice, Vincent shouted as loud as he could through his struggled breathing. "Alpha Wilson! I...I seek refuge...within your pack! I don't...I don't have a true home! You have allowed me...to live in this town...and your territory…" A ragged cough came from Vincent's throat and the taste of copper filled his mouth. Keep going! Just keep fucking going!

"I have...performed my Mage's Dance before you and your pack! I...I request sanctuary!" Coughing once more, he watched as his blood dripped from his mouth.

Mason stood on weak knees, but swallowed anything that remained in his throat and stepped forward from the front row. I smell...his blood! Gods! Is he hurt? He must have overdid himself! He stood before the knelt man and got to his knees. Moving his hand under Vincent's chin, he nudged for his mate to look up. He twitched his ears as he heard whispers of members who were confused for their Alpha bending his knee to the outsider.

His eyes ran cold as he saw the blood drips flowing from Vincent’s chin. "Are you okay? You're injured."

Vincent nodded as his hazel eyes focused on the man before him. "Good...tired...hurting...keep going."

Mason frowned, but nodded. He shifted his fingernail into a claw and pierced his palm once more. Running his thumb into his own blood, he began marking his mate with the traditional signs. A vertical line along each cheek to watch over the pack. A circle in the middle of his forehead to symbolize his soul. A line in the middle of the circle to show the two halves of the soul. And filling in one side of the circle to show how his mate bears one of those halves in their bond.

Removing his injury by shifting his hand once more, Mason whispered to Vincent. "Can you stand?"

Continuing his deep breathing and riding through his pain, Vincent nodded. "I'll…need help up." The wolf lent his hands as he assisted Vincent up. He can barely stand on his own feet! Mom wasn't kidding when she said he would be exhausted. Gods, he's amazing just to be breathing right now! When comfortable that his mate could bear his own weight, he whispered once more. "I'm going to talk loudly. Want you to have that heads up." Vincent nodded and Mason turned him to face the pack, and moved himself behind his mate.

Audible gasps and whispers filled the night as the pack examined the markings on the mage's face. Mason let his irises burn amber orange as he shouted to his pack. "This...is my mate!" Louder gasps and words of praise were aimed at the couple. "This...is my one and only destined mate! This...is your Mated Alpha!" Mason stood as he allowed the shifters to get their positive emotions out of their systems.

"I have accepted Vincent Bolton into my pack. I ask you, my brothers and sisters, do you accept this man into your pack?"

Through his agonizing breathing, Vincent's eyes widened as simultaneous howls from the amphitheater broke another sound barrier, echoing throughout the lands and through his heart. "They accept you, Vinnie." Tears welled in Vincent's eyes as he heard Mason's voice from behind him. "Gonna shout one more time, pup."

"The pack has spoken through their animal spirits! I welcome Vincent Bolton as a true member of the Owensville County Pack! May he bring us bountiful joy to our friends and family! May he hunt alongside our brothers and sisters! And may he join us in a long and prosperous lifetime!" More howls and applause erupted throughout the air as Vincent let his tears fall in happiness.

I...I'm a member. I'm a member of Mace's pack! Gods...I know I haven't prayed. I know I haven't spoken in a long, long time. But thank you. Thank every one of you!

Vincent was brought out of his thoughts as Mason interlocked their fingers together. This is it. My mate. Mace…

"Hate to do this to you, but I need to finish the meeting. I want you to rest, and I'm calling for our pack doctor to come check you out. Can't be having my mate collapse or anything." Mason gave a grin to his mate and received a nod in response. The wolf turned his head to where Doc Shaney was seated and motioned with his head to come. Out of the corner of his eyes, Mason saw his Mom come rushing as well.

"Vincent! My Gods, you should know better than to overexert yourself using magic. We need to get you to lay down." She placed her index fingers on both sides of Vincent's head. "Yep, you're drained. I'm lending you some of my energy to calm your body." Elaine and Shaney each put an arm over their neck to help Vincent to a bench. They laid him down gently and Elaine’s index fingers began glowing white when she laid them on Vincent’s temple.

Vincent felt the icy fingertips touch his head, but blinked wildly as he felt his muscles soothe and cease their burning sensation. What did she just do? I still feel fairly weak, but my body isn't in any serious pain. He pushed himself up, realizing his body was still stiff. "Miss Elaine. What did you do to me?"

Elaine smiled and crossed her arms. "Something I may teach you someday. As much as I want to give you a nagging speech right now, I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing you pulled tonight. But now, your mate is going to finish the meeting." Both mages turned to watch Mason.

Thank the Gods, he's okay! The Alpha smiled and turned to face his pack. "I believe we can all agree that tonight will go down as one of the most memorable nights in our pack's history. Some final matters to speak of for this evening. Our next meeting will take place in two weeks, but we will be transitioning to a weekly pack meeting afterwards. This is to encourage a more fond sense of brotherhood and sisterhood among one another, and that we will be entering the hunting season. We know the humans will be on the move with their game hunting, which also upticks the shifter hunters’ activity.”

Mason’s ears twitched as he heard a pocket of whispers from the back corner of the pack, but persisted with his speech. “I’m also reminding everyone who has not gotten with myself or Dave in regards to the mass text service, please see us after the meeting. This service is being provided to help relay information across the pack. As we are testing this and we see a large amount of positive reviews from us as a group, we may implement this as a potential emergency broadcast system.

“That concludes this meeting. As always, everyone is welcome to run and hunt throughout the woods. For those wishing to join the pack hunt, in honor of his initiation as the new Enforcer, Caleb Gage will be leading. To our guests from the New York State Pack, you are always welcome to our territory to visit, and you are encouraged to join in tonight’s hunt. Does anyone have any closing remarks?”

He scanned his pack to see if anyone wished to have the floor. Just as he was about to officially close the meeting, he heard a light banging noise from the right side of the amphitheater. Darting his eyes, Mason felt pleased to see one of his favorite pack members standing with his cane.

“Kip Richards. You have the attention of the council and pack.”

Kip Richards, otherwise known as Old Man Richards throughout the pack, stood at a rather short five foot and nine inches tall as he leaned on his cane. He wasn’t an elderly man, but after providing decades of auto-mechanic service, time had taken its toll on his body. With salt and peppered hair and a disarming smile, Richards was a respected and valued member of the community.

Tapping his cane on the empty seat in front of him, Richards did his best to speak up. “I have just one matter that I wish to discuss. To the young man down there with the long hair and glasses.” Vincent turned and gave the man his undivided attention, but blinked several times to register that it was him who was being addressed. “Yes, you. I need to tell you something. Something very important.

“I have been a part of this pack since my birth. Over seventy years of being a member. In total, I have seen four spectacular Mage Dances in my days. Each one moved my heart, whether by fear or elegance. Yours...was the finest display of magical ability that my dusty eyes have ever witnessed! You carry the weight of your magic with finesse and a proper understanding of responsibility. Like Lady Elaine, I too have seen the shadow affinity. Not in a duel or scuffle, but as a passerby. The woman who wielded it presented her power with malice and injustice.

“But when I watched you, and the way you controlled your magic, I could tell from here that you possess a wholesome soul. Never have I seen a mage perform a dance and ask their significant other to join them. Treasure that part of yourself, young one. It will carry you far in life.”

Vincent wiped his eyes with his sleeve and nodded to the elder shifter. What a gentleman. He seems wise beyond his years, and I would love to have a lengthy conversation with him! The mage watched as Richards smiled at him, and gave a smile in return.

Mason gave a nod to Richards, but once again drew his eyes back to the group of younger shifters who were snickering after the speech. Teenagers. I understand their adolescence, but order must be maintained. The Alpha flashed his amber irises at the three kids. “If I am not mistaken, Kip Richards has the floor. You three do not. He has been a proud member of this pack for over seventy years. I suggest you respect him, and respect our meeting. If this continues, I’ll be more than happy to have a conversation with your parents about leniency within the pack.” The three young boys turned ghost white and bared their necks to the Alpha. Good! I’ll be damned if my meeting gets derailed by some teenieboppers.

“If that is all for the open floor, then I close this meeting. Happy hunting, everyone!” Mason stepped off the platform and made a beeline for his mate. He saw from the corner of his eye that several of the pack were making their way as well. Probably to meet their new Mated Alpha. When he walked up to Vincent and Elaine, he smiled, happy to see that he was breathing fine now. “Vinnie, that was beautiful! I was in shock when you appeared at the top of the staircase.” He knelt down and landed a kiss on his mate’s lips. “Are you okay? You didn’t look too hot when you finished your dance.”

Vincent nodded. “I’m still a little weak, but I’m not in any more pain thanks to Miss Elaine.” Seeing movement coming from behind Mason, Vincent leaned to the side and noticed that a line had formed. “Uh...Mace? What’s going on?” He pointed, causing Mason to turn and laugh.

“Well, you did just performed the most spectacular display of magic this pack has ever seen. And I announced you as my mate. I imagine that the pack wants to introduce themselves to you. Can you handle a few people?” Getting an affirmative from his mate, Mason sat down next to Vincent and held him in his arms as he motioned for the first person to come forward.

Vincent did his best to try to remember names and faces, but Mason assured him that there would be time to memorize. That’s good, because I’m halfway braindead here. My body still feels like pudding and it’s taking me a little longer to form my sentences. A small burst of energy and a smile came to Vincent as the next couple in line were familiar faces.

“Hey, hey! What a show, sweetheart!” Morrine walked forward and gingerly gave the mage the lightest hug in the world, then turned to playfully scowl at Mason. “Wilson! Why didn’t you tell me your man was a mage?” Sighing in recollected amazement, she gazed at Vincent once more. “My Gods, kid! I’ve seen one other Mage’s Dance, and you blew it out of the water! I’ll be thinking about this night for the rest of my days. Next time you’re in the shop, your next sandwich is on me.”

Vincent beamed from ear to ear. “Thank you, Miss Morrine.” The seated couple then turned their attention to the man that stood at Morrine’s side.

Tierney grinned and crossed his arms. “Young man. Do you know how I feel about being one-upped?” Mason and Vincent chortled as the mage accepted to sly compliment. “Your performance made my dance seem like I was a toddler playing with matches. It was breathtaking, to say the least.” The New York Alpha looked at Mason. “Mason, will you be joining the hunt this evening?”

Mason shook his head. “Tonight belongs to both Vincent and Caleb. My Enforcer will lead, and I just want to make sure my mate gets the treatment he deserves after his effort this evening.”

“Well said. I believe Morrine and I will be hunting this evening.”

Vincent realized with Morrine being here meant that she was a shifter. “Miss Morrine! When you finish with your hunt, I would love to see your wolf.”

Tierney and Mason’s face puffed as if they were about to lose their mind and watch a bloodbath. It was nice knowing you, Vinnie…

Morrine smiled, but noticed the two Alpha’s faces and gave them both a light head slap. “You two, I swear. He’s still human, so it's hard for him to tell the difference in shifters.” She turned to Vincent with her irritation left behind and placed sweetness at the helm. “Sweetheart, I’m not a wolf. And I would be happy to show you. As a matter of fact, I will be right back!” Morrine slipped Tierney’s jacket off and handed it back, then made her way to the nearby dense forest.

The shifters and the mage watched as their friend stayed in the woods for over a minute. Vincent sat in wonder of what was to happen. A snarly roar echoed nearby, causing several birds and bats to leave their branches. Holding onto his bench for dear life, thoughts rushed through Vincent’s mind. What in the Hell was that? That sounded like...like a...oh my Gods! He watched as something from the forest’s shadow lurched forward.

A large orange, black, and white-striped tiger prowled toward him. A tiger! My Gods, an actual tiger! The tiger bobbed its gaze between the three men as the female rubbed its body against Tierney as she walked past him. “Well, excuse me, Miss Morrine.” The Alpha watched as the tiger turned her head and quickly swiped her tongue across her mouth.

Returning her attention to the smaller human, Morrine dipped her head low as to show she was bowing to the new Mated Alpha. She stood back up straight and closed the gap, allowing the human to examine her animal form. Vincent sat in pure awe as he first took note of the intricate striping of the tiger’s furry face. There are so many smaller stripes and lines marking the face compared to other pictures I’ve seen. But that doesn’t even come close to what’s in front of me. This is beyond anything I could ever dream of! He laid his hand out, to which Morrine quickly swiped her face over it, asking to be pet. Running his hand across the fur of the animal, Vincent kept a silent gasp to himself.

It’s slightly thicker than Caleb’s coat, but much smoother and softer. “Miss Morrine, your tiger is stunning. Honestly, I’m still in shock that I’m so close to you like this. Never in my wildest dreams could I picture myself petting a tiger.” A light purr uttered from Morrine and she returned to Tierney’s side.

“Are you ready to go hunting, my tigress?” Morrine swiped a paw at the Alpha’s leg with a low grunt. “Easy now! I’m coming. Vincent, beautiful performance. I’ll see you two later tonight.” Tierney nodded to the two men and walked with the tigress back into the forest. Halfway there, Vincent and Mason heard a light roar from the tiger, and hearty laugh from the wolf as he removed his shirt.

Mason pulled his mate closer. “If those two become a thing, I’ll eat my shoe.”

Vincent couldn’t help but giggle. “I’ll hold that to ya, big guy. I think they would make a cute couple. If anyone is going to handle Morrine, it’s gotta be Ty.”

“Ain’t that the truth. But no one is cuter than you.” The Alpha stared deep into Vincent’s hazel eyes. “How about we get out of here? I’m guessing you are probably starving after using up all that energy.”

Starving. Famished. Ravenous. I could eat a shifter’s meal! “I would love some food. But don’t you need to stick around? Go on a run, or show me around a bit?”

A grin was plastered on the wolf’s face. “I’m sure you will meet more of the pack by the next meeting. And I’m the Alpha. I kinda get to do as I please.” He moved closer to Vincent’s face. “Like how I’m going to take you as soon as you are up to it. But for now, we need to get you some food, and plenty of bed rest.” Mason stood, but as Vincent began to stand, the wolf swooped down and lifted him, carrying him like a newborn babe. The Alpha turned and made his way up the staircase.

“You know you don’t have to carry me, right?” Vincent wrapped his arm around Mason’s neck for leverage.

“I know. But you deserve it. Because you, my mate, nearly exhausted yourself for the sake of entertaining my pack. For the next twenty-four hours, you are in for a pampered and luxurious life. Bed and breakfast, a candle-lit bubble bath with wine, and so...so much touching. I’ll be licking every skin cell on your body. You won’t be able to escape my sight.”

Shivers went down Vincent’s spine and blood caused his pants to tighten. “I think I could handle that. And I won’t leave your eyes, big guy. You gave me a home, remember?” The mage gazed into the bright golden eyes of the man carrying him. I have a home now. With him.

With the man I love. I love him.

Copyright © 2020 astone2292; All Rights Reserved.
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Awesome story can't wait to see more, do they finally bond, and does Vinny cross over,? can't wait to see what you have in store for them?

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Vincent's Mage's Dance was even better than I imagined it would be! Your fine writing skills were totally on display, and you did yourself proud!! Thank you.

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1 minute ago, gabz2000 said:

Oh wow. I’m out of words. Amazing.


Also... I cried again. 

I am both so sorry, and so happy I made you cry!!! :D

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For a moment it reminded of running with the pack by wolfM loved all the display you are able to capture all elements well it’s great for imagination thank you 

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6 minutes ago, Nana Atuwa said:

For a moment it reminded of running with the pack by wolfM loved all the display you are able to capture all elements well it’s great for imagination thank you 

I'm a big Running with the Pack fan! I still need to read the two sequels, but I've buried myself with my own work!

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5 minutes ago, astone2292 said:

I'm a big Running with the Pack fan! I still need to read the two sequels, but I've buried myself with my own work!

Me too read it like 5x the sequels are not as good as the first one ☝️ But it’s ok thanks 

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This chapter was long awaited and simply awesome. It showed off not only Vinnie's talent and skill, but his intellect and dedication. Hey come very far in improving his abilities in an amazingly short time. Most importantly, he has been universally accepted into the large family of the pack. For a boy who was orphaned at such a young age, this is probably most important. He has been rootless for many years and now he has a forever home.

Oh, and I love Morinne's tiger. It fits her brash personality.

Edited by drpaladin
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