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Love in the Shadows - 30. Chapter 30: Barriers Broken

Arriving at Mason’s home, Vincent eagerly waited for his mate to let down the tailgate. His paws tapped in place as he wished to run after feeling the wind blasted him the entire ride. As Mason opened the driver-side door, he couldn’t help but laugh intensely at his mate. “Be patient, Vinnie! I’m coming!” The large man walked to the back of the truck and let the gate down, causing Vincent to prepare a running leap. Landing on the gravel driveway, the wolf broke out into a full sprint, circling the black truck. “Vinnie! Come here, my mate!”

At the call, Vincent pivoted his turn and darted to the large man. Mate! Mate, I have fun! He rubbed his body against Mason’s leg and swiped his tongue on the dangling fingers. Great time! Good day! Best day! Mason knelt down and ruffled the speckled fur of his mate. “I can tell, pup! Gods, I still can’t believe how beautiful you are! The blue and gray covering your fur is just mesmerizing.”

Hearing the car doors shut behind the couple, they both turned to find Cyrus and Kaplan walking over, with Dave’s truck pulling into the driveway. “Oh now, Mason. See what you’ve done? Now your mate is hyper!” With a giggle, Cyrus wandered up to the wolf and gave another chin rub, receiving a tongue swipe in return. “But that is just fine. As I said, it is your Turning Day. We shall watch over you as you frolic and learn how to be the best wolf you can be.” With a soft woof, Vincent took to Cyrus’ suggestion and ran around to the backyard.

The white wolf cantered into the backyard and playfully worked on halted pivots. Yes, get good at turning!

Yeah, that’s really good! Deer won’t stand a chance against us.

Hmm. Need food in while. Maybe hour?

Hey, you’re in charge of the show tonight. But I heard Cyrus is ordering pizza if you want that.

Might take. But deer good. As Vincent took a moment to sit and feel the gentle breeze flow through his fur, he could hear footsteps coming closer. Turning, he saw Dave walking. The Beta grew a smile as he got to see Vincent’s wolf in a closer detail. “Hey, Vin. Well, look at you...all furry.” He’s such an impressive wolf! Can’t believe just two short months ago, he walked into my store, asking for a job. Now he’s the Mated Alpha to the pack! How funny is that shit?

Vincent circled around the Beta and sat on his hind next to the man. Huh. Beta smell different.

Yeah, ever since he quit smoking, you can smell his musk easier. Smells like...pepper?

Pepper, yes. Black pepper. Smoke still there. Think that permanent. His attention was disturbed as Dave took a crosslegged seat next to the wolf. “You know, Vin. These past few months have been real fun with you around, ya know that? Before, it was just Mace and I tackling tiny pack issues and cleaning up the territory. Aside from the whole Stefan thing, I can start to breathe easier with you around.”

Dave felt the wolf rub its head against his shoulder, letting him know of the friendship they share. “Yeah. I was even happy when Caleb got promoted to Enforcer. Not having to try to be at Mace’s side at every waking moment really caused my stress levels to go away. Guess what I’m trying to say is that...I’m real glad you’re here, man.” He earned another head push from the wolf. The Beta watched as his co-worker stretched out his long tongue and made some smacking noises with his muzzle. “Thirsty? I’ll go get you a big bowl of water.”

Vincent watched as his friend got up and made his way to the door. I want see mate. The wolf followed the Beta to the door in hopes that he would be let in. Turning around quickly, Dave chuckled and held his hand out. “Sorry, man. But if you could see yourself, I don’t think you would let yourself in. Some of your fur is caked in mud from the run in the woods. I can spray you down with the hose and turn on the space heater out here, if ya want?”

Water sound bad. But need clean.

Ah, it won’t be that bad! And the heater will warm us up.

Guess so. Okay. With a nod, Vincent agreed and watched as Dave continued inside to get a water dish. Returning, Mason joined his Beta and mate to get the space heater started. As Dave set the giant bowl down, the wolf wandered over and was presented with a new challenge. How...how do drink? No lips, can not suck or gulp like human.

Animals lap up water with their tongue. Kinda focus on shaping it with a small dip so water can pool as you lick the water.

Human good at wolf things! Heeding his human mind’s knowledge, Vincent began lapping the water, quickly getting a handle on creating a shovel-like tool with his tongue. The water was cool as it flowed into his mouth and down his throat. From the corner of his vision, he saw Mason uncoiling the water hose and moving to a more centered area of the yard. “Whenever you’re ready, pup.”

Vincent took a little bit more water from the bowl and trotted over to his mate. So...water come from thing?

Yeah, it’s probably going to be pretty cold, but we need to get clean.

Okay. Looking at his mate, Vincent snorted, signalling that he was ready to be sprayed. Pulling on the hose nozzle trigger, Mason pointed it at the ground and felt the chilled water. Chuckling at the thought of how cold the water would be on his mate, he aimed and squeezed softly as to not use the full pressure of the water. Dave walked up and offered to spray while Mason scrubbed the dirt away. The water hit the white wolf and a high pitched yelp escaped Vincent’s lungs. Cold!

I told you. Just let Mace get the dirt off and we can sit near the heater.

Still cold! Don’t like! His human mind could tell what the wolf was about to do and found it imperative to stop his counterpart.

No! Don’t do it! Don’t shake! You’ll get Mace and Dave wet.

Bah! But...it’s cold! And wet!

Yeah! That’s what happens when we take a bath. Mason’s warm hands reached the fur of the wolf and started to wipe away the bigger spots of dirt. “I can tell you’re getting cold, pup, but it’s almost done. Dave, come get the other side.” The Beta walked to the other side and grimaced as the wolf whimpered. “Almost there, pup...aaaand….done!”

Good! Vincent bolted away from the shifters and shook his fur, flinging water droplets all over the yard. Once he was content with the amount of water off his coat, he dashed in front of the porch space heater and paced around it. Feeling the warmth effervescently flowing from the machine, Vincent sat on his bum and let the heater do its job. “Now there’s my clean mate! Let me go grab a towel and I’ll help ya dry off, baby.” Mason swiftly went inside and grabbed a towel from the laundry room. Coming back out, the Alpha rubbed the towel on his mate using both hands, rotating them in circles. Using both the towel and the heater, Vincent felt like he was in heaven.

It didn’t take long for the wolf to be dry as he kept rotating his position with the heater. Kaplan had poked his head out of the door to let everyone know the pizza had arrived. The idea that food was here, piqued the wolf's attention. Little hungry. Could eat. Judging from his mate's sudden interest, Mason smiled. "Want some, Vinnie? You're dry enough. Let's head in. Just try to keep the food in your mouth. Haven't seen a wolf eat pizza before, so this might be funny."

Having been made fun of, Vincent let out the lowest growl he could muster and trekked his way in as Mason opened the door. As Cyrus was arranging the pizza boxes on the counter, he grinned at the white wolf. "Ah, looks like someone got a bath! Vincent, your fur is all puffed out! A genuine furball, if I may?" Vincent got excited by being called a furball and circled himself, trying to get a glance at his own body. Oh, he’s adorable! So innocent, so naive! I remember my bear being this gullible!

Not funny!

Oh, my panda! You must admit, you were just the same when you were first birthed into this world.

Yes. But I grow now.

Yes, yes you are. Let’s just admire our new friend and his childlike wonder. Kaplan found the plates from the cabinet and began distributing them, allowing the Alphas to eat first as per standard. Mason loaded up a plate with enough slices for both him and his mate, making sure to grab a few slices of meat lover’s as a treat for Vincent. “Kap, mind handing me another plate for Vinnie?” Grabbing another ceramic plate from the Beta, the Alpha placed four slices on it and set it down to the floor. “There ya go, baby. Try to keep it on the plate if you can.”

Vincent snorted and debated on how to attack his food. He settled on using his tongue as a scoop to pull in the corner of the slice into his mouth. Nibbling on the food, the wolf was immensely satisfied with the saucy and meat-covered pizza. Good! What this food?

Pizza! It came popularized by the Italians, but America just took it and blew up the industry. You can put almost anything on as toppings. This one is a meat lover’s, so it has bacon, sausage, pepperoni, and ham. I prefer a supreme, which has sausage and pepperoni, but also a bunch of veggies.

Blegh. Meat good for me.

Ha...figures. As Vincent gnawed on his food, Mason couldn’t help but stare at his mate. The shifters all enjoyed their meal in friendly conversations, filling the kitchen with laughter. Half an hour goes by and both Alphas began yawning. “Think it might be time for bed! You two still good to stay up with Vincent?”

With Mason looking at both of the Betas, Kaplan and Dave nodded and reaffirmed their dedication to the mission. “Yep!” Dave moved his hands to the back of his head as he leaned in the chair. “I might make a pot of coffee, though. You want some, Kap?”

“Yes, please! I’m gonna need it.” Kaplan got up and found the coffee grinds in the pantry and started a pot. As Cyrus wandered through the hallway, Mason began following, but turned around to give his mate some loving before he got ready for bed.

“Try to get some sleep yourself, pup. I know you’re probably wired, but it would be good to just lay down for a while.” Mason pressed his nose against his mate’s. “I love you, Vinnie. I am so happy that you’ve completed your turning safe and sound. We will have so many fun times in life as we run and hunt. My heart can’t wait until then.” Vincent felt the love pour through his bond and into the heart. With a swipe of his tongue, Vincent let Mason know that his feelings were the same and pushed some love right back at his hunk. “Love you, pup. Try not to be too crazy.” With a final head rub behind the ears, Mason walked away and ventured to the bedroom. Gazing at his mate’s behind, Vincent let his tongue roll out and panted.

Dave shook his head at his co-worker’s behavior. “So, what’s on the agenda, Vin? Want to head back outside?” With a snort, Vincent agreed to let the Betas and their opposable thumbs lead the way back outside. Once outside, the wolf felt the need to run around some more. But his human mind had a more fun idea.

Hey, bud. Mind trying out something for me?

What want do?

I want to teach you how to use magic. The wolf visibly let his eyes widen.

Magic? I do magic?

I think so. We are the same person in the same body, so I figure you would have access to my powers as well.

Yes! Want do magic! What do first?

Well, I’m not sure how my clairvoyancy or frost magic would work with you, since I’ve always used my hands with those affinities. But I imagine you could use shadow magic fairly well!

I run...in shadows? Like you?

Yeah. So it works off emotion, primarily anger and rage. You have to picture something that always keeps you irritated at most. The more angry you are, the more magic you use, making you go faster.

So...green foods?

Ha! I mean, if that irritates you, let’s go for it. Allowing the imagery of leafy vegetables to fill his mind, the wolf found himself irked by the dietary options. Good! Now you need to be standing in some sort of shadows. Nature’s darkness works, so it’s super convenient at night. Then let your emotions take a dip-like motion. But you might want to tell Dave what we’re doing so he doesn’t freak out.

Idea good! The wolf turned to face the Beta and let out a couple woofs out. Dave! Do magic with human. Go in shadow, be back. Nodding, Dave sat up to keep his eyes focused on the wolf’s activities.

The wolf reignited his mild hatred for crunchy lettuce and let his heart take a proverbial mental drop. As he performed the action, his discolored vision turned gray. You did it, bud! You’re in the shadows!

Yes! I do magic! What magic do?

Well, depending on the amount of anger you’re creating, you can move in the shadows faster than your normal legs would take you. But you gotta be careful. Anything you see that touches light acts as a wall. So that porch light shining on that patch of grass? Vincent’s wolf noticed the lighter shade of gray his human was referencing. You won’t be able to go there, and you’ll get smacked by an invisible wall.

Understand. Any more magic do?

Well, there is, but I’d like for you to get used to just using shadow walking first. Then I can show you how to make armor and weapons.

Weapons! Like claws?

Yeah, but you could make chains, or daggers, or...well...anything you want.

Like! I like! I walk, then make weapon! Vincent padded forward while focusing on his irritation, he saw his movement was moving faster than he normally would walking normally. Useful!

Yep! Now intensify your anger and walk again. The wolf struggled to picture anything that would make his anger stronger. Umm...think of a forest made of spinach.

Sounds stupid.

Okay, then. How about Stefan? The human part of his mind nearly had to cower in fear from the unrelenting anger the wolf carried for the Italian mage. Easy, bud! With that anger, you’ll make it across the country in no time!

Still seething in anger, the wolf was able to focus on walking and noticed the incredible speed that he could use. Fast! Go across country? You serious?

Yeah! With my speed, I measured it to take about twenty or so seconds to cross each state. But with you being faster on four legs, I’d say that time would be cut in half.

Interest! I like! Can go fast! Amazed at his newfound power, Vincent’s wolf brought himself back out of the shadows. When Dave and Kaplan saw the white wolf reappear in a small cloud of black smoke, they felt relieved.

Vincent kept conversing between his two minds as the human portion began teaching the controls for his affinities to his wolf. Although the frost affinity was more designed for human hands, the four legged beast possessed a creative mind. Have idea.

Well, let’s hear it.

Fur long. Can frost hair. Make pointy. Sharp. Makes good defense.

Oh! Like a porcupine?


Alright. Let’s show you how frost magic works.

The Betas had a thrilling time watching Vincent use his magic in his wolven form. “Isn’t this a sight, Kap? I’ve never seen a mage shifter use their magic while as their wolf.” Dave sipped on his mug of coffee, noticing that he needed to get a refill soon.

“Me either. It’s pretty cool! I’ve only seen Vincent use his shadow magic a few times, but to see a wolf use it...I thought I’d never see the day.” Kap took a drink from his own mug and kept his eyes on the new wolf. He didn’t want to miss a thing!

Taking a glance at his fellow Beta, Dave took notice that something seemed different about Kaplan. He seems...happier. Huh. Didn’t notice until now that when I saw him last time, he was a little down all the time. “So, Kap. What’s new with you? You seem more chipper than the last time you came to Owensville.” Smirking at the slightly older Beta, Dave thought he had the answer pinned down. “Get yourself a girl?”

Kaplan blushed immediately and slurped some more of his coffee. “Oh, I...uhhh. I suppose you can say that.”

“Happy for ya! What’s her name?”

Oh no. Does...does Cyrus want to keep our relationship to be kept hushed for now? Thoughts from the earlier conversation between the Alpha came ringing through his head. Right. He isn’t one to hide his intentions, and if I want something...I find a way to get it. Cyrus is prideful of who he is. But, I don’t know if I’m ready to be like that. “Kap? You good, man?” Snapping out of his miniature thought bubble, Kaplan realized that Dave was still waiting for an answer.

“I...uh, well. It’s not a girl.”

Dave’s eyes reeled at the news. “Really? Good for you, Kap! Didn’t expect you to swing that way, but more power to you. So, what’s his name, then?”

Rubbing the back of his head, Kaplan quickly debated whether or not to unveil his new interest in the Alpha bear. “Kap, if it’s still a secret for you, you don’t have to tell me. I was just curious.”

“No.” Confusion leapt in Dave’s mind as his counterpart held a more dedicated face. “I just don’t know if it’s considered confidential or not, but...I trust you, Dave.” The skinnier shifter brushed his black hair out of his face and took a big deep breath. “It’s not serious just yet, but...I’m dating Cyrus.”

Dave’s eyes bugged out of his head and almost dropped his mug. “Cy...Cyrus? You’re kidding, right? Kap, that’s awesome!” He watched as the Beta appeared surprised. “Did you think that would be bad or something? He seems like a really nice guy and I can tell his bear is strong. Nice catch, man!”

“So...you don’t think...it’s inappropriate?”

A light puff of air blew out of Dave’s lips. “And does that bother either you or Cyrus?” Kaplan shook his head. “Then what’s the problem? I already talked with Mace about me seeing this human girl at the local coffee shop, and he didn’t have a care in the world. If you like someone, and they like you back, then...well, go get ‘em!”

Letting the words set in, along with bringing back Cyrus’ wisdom, Kaplan smiled and let out a chuckle. “You’re right, Dave. It’s just a new experience for me.”

“Wait, is this your first relationship?” Getting a nod from the Beta, Dave let the new fact set in. “So, your first real relationship...is with an Alpha panda who will be taking over NYSP? I’d call that a score, Kap.”

Kaplan didn’t see Cyrus as a score, but he appreciated the positive meaning behind the terminology. “Thanks, Dave. I just hope I will be able to meet Cyrus’ schedule. His panda takes relationships slow, even though he threw a curveball at both of us. Cyrus said it could take weeks before his bear would allow me to hold his hand, but he did it earlier today. I don’t even know how long it would take before I could even think about kissing him.”

“Damn, weeks? Oh, Hell nah. That’s some patience you have there. I couldn’t go that long without some contact.”

“Well...I’ve gone this long, so weeks and months seem next to nothing.”

...What? Is...is Kaplan a… “Kap...if you don’t me prying...are you…”

The black haired wolf gave a chuckle. “Yeah. I still got my virginity. Never found anyone that would put up with me. Always got turned down by chicks who thought I was too skinny, or even a couple guys who thought I was just some nerd. But...I’m just having a hard time believing Cyrus would even be interested in a guy like me.”

Sipping from his mug, Dave couldn’t help but let a laugh through his throat. “You sound like someone we both know.” His eyes darted to the wolf, who was bouncing back and forth between the shadows and their line of sight. “Vincent felt the same when Mace found out the little guy was his destined. He would constantly talk about how Mace could get anyone he wanted. But over time, Vincent accepted the love given to him, and here he is now. It may take you more time than it did Vincent, but just know that if you and Cyrus want to be together, then let it happen. You’re a kick-ass lawyer and Beta to the strongest pack in our country.” Lifting his cup to his lips, Dave gave one more note of advice. “Don’t cut yourself short, kid.”

Soaking in the words, Kaplan took a sip of coffee as well. “Thanks again, Dave. You’re an alright guy. Hope you and the human chick go well.”

“Yeah, she’s a ball of energy, though. And she’s real kind. I think she got stuck in that customer service voice she uses at her work.” Both men laughed and returned their focus on the white wolf in the yard. They watched intently as Vincent stood still.

Vincent’s eyes began glowing blue as he focused his frost magic. Good! Now funnel that magic into the pores of your skin and through your fur. Make sure you use a little bit of force with it so you make the ice pointy, and not just frosty snow.

Got it. Following the instructions given by his counterpart, the wolf’s eyes pulsated in light. Feeling the power course through his fur, Vincent tensed and let the magic loose. Hundreds of thin blue icicles covered every speckled hair on the wolf’s body, and stood at near full attention. Kap coughed and spit up the coffee in his mouth. “Wha...Dave, you seeing this?”

Yep. I’m seeing this. Our little friend just turned into a sub-zero pincushion! I admit, great defensive idea. Dave set his sights on the wolf’s legs, and got discouraged by the fact the icicles were draped down to the paw. Would make running impossible. He just turned himself into a sitting target for projectiles. “Hey, Vin! Maybe try taking off the ice on your legs. It would let you be more mobile.”

Vincent evaluated his transformation and agreed. Need run. Can’t just sit. The wolf retracted the frost magic from his legs and undercarriage. Testing a few steps, he still felt some of the ice pricking his skin. After several steps and more icicles being taken away, Vincent was satisfied with the area of his body covered. The entirety of his back was covered, as well as the top line of his tail, outer shoulder blades, and the top of his head.

As he stood with the ice covering him, Vincent knew he looked fearsome. I feel strong.

Yeah, I feel that too, bud! I gotta see what we look like.

How do?

Use a sight ward. To make one, just feel frilly and elegant, then make a mental snap or push of the energy. Normally, you can move the ward easier with a hand or fingers, but you can move it mentally. It just won't move as fast.

Then I see? How work?

For basic learning, you can just stand there. Your ward will be like moving your vision around without your body. Your sight will be totally taken over by the ward. I can teach you later on how to split your vision.

A low growl came from the wolf's muzzle. I don't want feel...silly. I am Alpha, don't want feel silly.

Alright then. Can I try?

Don't know. Moon up on turn day. But you try. Vincent's wolf closed his eyes as he did his usual mental swap thoughts. But a wall was blocking his mind's path. Wall up! Never see before.

Hmm...I see it too, but let's see if I can push on it. Pressing himself against the wall, Vincent's human mind felt a strong resistance. Oh, come on! Just wanna look how cool we look! As he pressed harder, a low warmth began sinking in his thoughts. What the…

He gave another small push and the warmth rushed over him like a tidal wave! Hey, what-

Both parts of the mage's mind felt a strain on themselves. The strain turned into pain as the warmth became hotter. Their mind started to swelter and exhaustion set in. Dave and Kaplan knew something was happening as the ice fell from the white wolf. Concern rang alarms in their head as the wolf dropped harshly to a lying position. "Vincent!"

As the two Betas ran to their friend, the mental pain in the mage's mind intensified. Gods! Fuck, what is this?

Don't...know. Feel bad. But...feel strong. Confused. The two minds began wading farther apart in the liquid heat. No! Human!

I'm good! Just gotta get closer! I'll be damned if I lose you! Swimming towards one another, they found the wall once again, but it felt more permeable than before the torrential pain swept them away. Both minds pushed on the wall in efforts to latch onto their fellow conscious.

The wall stretched as the minds got closer to one another. C'mon, bud! One more push! Both Vincents let out a yell as they gave one more push. In their final efforts, the wall shattered and a new, more forceful wave of agonizing pain washed over them.

Dave and Kaplan watched as the body lay nearly lifeless, but took a stance as the wolf jerked in motion and howled in suffering. "Dave, what's going on?"

Wish I knew, kid! "Don't know! Go wake up the Alphas!" The smaller Beta nodded and ran to carry out his mission. Turning back to the white wolf, he knelt and did his best to comfort his friend. "Talk to me, Vin! Give me something here!"

Hearing the shifter near, Vincent let out a low howl in agony. Hurt! Hurt like shift! A new wave of concern washed over Dave. "Oh, fuck!" He turned to the house and yelled loud enough to get his Alpha's attention from the house. "Mason! Get your ass out here! We're about to be in some deep shit!"

As Kaplan rushed in the house, he heard Dave's cry for help. Deep shit? What in the Hell is going on! He was met by both Cyrus and Mason rushing from the hallway. "Kaplan, what's going on?"

Shaking in uncertainty, he blabbed to the Alpha duo. "Vincent's in pain again! He was practicing magic and just dropped! He was breathing, but then he started twitching and howling."

Cyrus's face lost some color as he made an assumption. "Mason, we need to get out there. I'll stay human, but I need you in your hybrid. Now!" The panda brushed past the small Beta and rushed out with Mason in tow. The Alpha wolf was slightly panicked as he had no idea what Cryus was thinking of.

"Cyrus, what's going-"

"Now! If you value all the lives here, you need to shift!" The bear held no reservation for friendship or kindness. The wolf understood that he needed to let Cyrus take the lead on this scenario. But what is going on?

Stepping on the porch, they saw Dave near Vincent as the wolf howled in pain once more. Cyrus let his emerald eyes burn. "Beta Triggs! Get away from him! You and Kaplan get to the porch and stay out of the way!"

As Dave followed the Alpha's order, Mason grew irritated as his Beta was bossed around. "Alpha Vonder. What is the meaning of this?"

"Mason! Shift now...or I will. And my bear may not hold back against your mate."

Lightning struck as realization set in. Mason stared at his suffering mate. It's...it's too early for him to go through this!

Listen to bear! Let me out! For our mate! Stripping of his clothes, Mason shifted to his hybrid wolf, towering over eight feet tall. He eagerly waited to see the outcome of his mate's pain.

Vincent's minds couldn't handle the pain! They felt the appearance of the two Alphas nearby. Help...mate! "Vincent, listen to me!" He heard the deep voice of Cyrus, but it sounded serious, unlike his usual jolly tone. "Your minds broke the barrier. You're now forced into this with no option of reversing. Your minds must come together, and you do not wish to know the outcome if you fail. Now push!"

Listening to his friend's urgent advice, both minds became more dedicated to their mission. C'mon! Push, bud!

I try! The minds waded in the ocean of heated liquid and pushed themselves closer. With strong currents and unexpected waves slapping themselves, Vincent's human mind fell back further. No! Human! Keep push!

The words of encouragement ignited a fire and forced Vincent to keep moving forward. Damn, this stuff is getting rough! Just keep pushing. The minds waded through the water and struggled through their pain. Closer and closer, Vincent's human consciousness was within reach of his wolf's. In one final effort, the wolf’s consciousness lunged and latched on to his human. We did it, bud!

Yes! As their minds touched, they felt warmth, but it wasn’t of the painful sort as they waded in the strange liquid. Their minds felt as if they were melding together. What happen? Why this?

No idea. But if Cyrus said we needed to come together, then I’m going with the expert here. Besides, it beats getting washed aw-

A familiar pain took over their minds as both the human and wolf felt their body in excruciating agony. The white wolf jerked around on the earthy grass as it howled, begging for assistance from his friends and mate. Opening his frosty blue eyes, he saw Cyrus kneeling in front of him. Then Mason’s hybrid wolf. A front of calm set on Vincent’s mind as he saw the large wolf. The blue eyes latched onto the golden stare.

His bones snapped out of place. A guttural howl left Vincent’s open muzzle as the dreaded pain from his earlier shifting had returned. Ahhh!!! Are...are we shifting again?

Shift back to human?

Don't know, bud! Vincent felt his bones growing in size and his screams were turned into deep howls. His fur got slightly shorter as his body frame continued to change. Cyrus and Mason looked in horror as they further prepared themselves. The panda stood and turned to his future Beta. "Kaplan! What did you say Vincent doing before he fell?"

Kaplan furrowed his brow. "He was practicing his magic as a wolf."

The bear's heart fell to his stomach. Oh, Gods! That's...that's very bad news.

Shift, friend.

Yes, I'm afraid that's necessary. "Kaplan, Dave, whichever form you're strongest in, shift to it and prepare for a fight!" The Betas became concerned for the scenario, but followed the Alpha's order. Kaplan shredded his clothes and shifted while Dave stayed human, taking a fighting stance. Cyrus knew time was of the essence, so he kicked off his shoes.

No! No show!

Don't worry, my bear, I'll shift in my clothes. But I'm afraid we can't risk our humility right now. "All of you! Vincent may use his magic, so be prepared!" Beginning his shift, his muscles expanded, tearing his clothes. His black and white fur erupted from his body. Ripping the ribbons of clothing from his body, the large eight and a half foot tall panda hybrid stood on both legs. "Vincent, keep push! Need push!"

Yes! Push!

I'm on it, bud! The two minds held on to each other for dear life as they battled to torrential waves of pain. After another minute, the pain subsided, but the minds fell into a deep darkness at the back of their head. What...what happened? Are you in control?

No. You?

Uh-uh. Let's stick together on this and try to take control. The mind floated to the front of the head, but found they couldn't push any farther as they found themselves in darkness. Nothing could be seen or heard. Well this isn't good.


Uh-oh? I don't like that tone of yours, bud.

The two Alphas and Betas gazed as Vincent grew two times in size as he laid on the ground. Growls and whimpers exuded from the muzzle as it began to stand. Mason and Cyrus' worst assumptions had come to life. No...it's too early for this! This shouldn't have happened for several weeks!

Vincent rose, fumbling for balance, stood tall at seven and a half feet tall, nearly the size of both Cyrus and Mason. The new speckled hybrid wolf trembled and breathed raggedly, acting from total animal instinct. The fierce blue eyes darted from his large claws and paws, to the other two hybrids standing before him. And immediately saw them as a threat. It understood that he was in a fight or flight situation. He howled angrily at the two beasts.

And Vincent lunged at them.

Copyright © 2020 astone2292; All Rights Reserved.
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So Vincent experiment forced the hybrid transformation. I still don't understand the mind's thing, between human and wolf, does the hybrid also have a 3rd mind, or is just controlled by human and wolf? The mind's were seeing and hearing Mace and Cyrus, even if they are not controlling the body yet, so hopefully they will regain control before some serious damage happens. Just in time to show that Vincent is stronger then them 😏🤭

This is an intense cliffhanger, so hope you have the next chapter soon (now would be ideal 😜)

Thanks for this chapter, happy new year.

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What Patch 1 said — couldn’t agree more. You have made it all so relatable — believable not being quite the right word for me here. The characters, their emotions and responses make it all “relatable.”  I know it’s not real (me thinks), but boy oh boy do you put the reader right in there.

Not my style to go on and on.  So simply, thank you for such an engrossing and engaging story. 

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Like the very young, Vincent and his wolf tried to do things that they were not ready for; this is what happens when you try to rush blindly ahead.  I assume that being in the hybrid state means that neither the wolf or Vincent is in control at the moment.  

Yikes, we need another update immediately.  

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26 minutes ago, re2 said:

What Patch 1 said — couldn’t agree more. You have made it all so relatable — believable not being quite the right word for me here. The characters, their emotions and responses make it all “relatable.”  I know it’s not real (me thinks), but boy oh boy do you put the reader right in there.

Not my style to go on and on.  So simply, thank you for such an engrossing and engaging story. 

Always appreciate kind words! Happy to bring an entertaining read for ya! I tried to keep the characters simple, but give them their distinct personalities that everyone can understand. 

6 minutes ago, centexhairysub said:

Like the very young, Vincent and his wolf tried to do things that they were not ready for; this is what happens when you try to rush blindly ahead.  I assume that being in the hybrid state means that neither the wolf or Vincent is in control at the moment.  

Yikes, we need another update immediately.  

You're right to assume! Nailed it on the head, sir! Update coming within the week!

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Wow another awesome chapter, I never expected that to happen, but knowing Vincent he seems to push the boundaries, going all hybrid was intense and very scary, I hope that his humanity gains control very fast , I need a drink this  has my heart racing. I loved this chapter I cannot wait for the next update, also happy new year to everyone, 

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Apologies for my repetitiveness, but I really really like VinW. He is so damn cute. I love the way he expresses himself.

What makes you angry? Green foods!?!? As a vegan, that was hilarious. Like I said, damn cute.

I too love Cyrus' tatts. They sound pretty hawt. But I like Caleb. He's nice, he's Were, he's a Lion, he's an Enforcer and he's a Family Man.

On 1/3/2021 at 7:19 AM, astone2292 said:

The abominable Hybrid SnowWolf Alpha Mage Mate!!!

This is so true and so awesome. Perfect :)

As for the Hybrid Turn. So we have 2x Alpha Hybrids, a Wolf and a Human ready to deal with VinH AND they are still slightly worried!?!? Buckle Up B*#@%#$! Obviously, as long as no-one gets hurt, this gone be goooooooddd...

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5 hours ago, Buz said:

 Buckle Up B*#@%#$!

Buz...I just woke up and am getting ready for work. This just made my day.

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In the words of Scooby Do, Ruh rho. Dealing with an alpha hybrid on an instinctual rampage was not on anyone's to do list tonight.

Vinnie's on a seriously accelerated schedule of trying to bust all shifter records to hell.

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