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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Love in the Shadows - 21. Chapter 21: Binding Bite

A week has passed in Owensville. Mason kept his personal council on high alert, but after enough insisting from Vincent, he had them lower their attentiveness. The mage knew this was a ploy in Stefan’s plot. He always likes to toy with time. Make it seem like he’s about to pull a trigger, but goes back to his devices. I just got used to it, and I can only hope Mace can as well.

The New York trio left just a few short days ago after extending their stay. Vincent was somber to see them go, but Tierney assured him of their plans in September and early next year. After seeing them off at the airport, Mason gave each of them a reminder to come by any time and a handshake. Vincent couldn’t settle on a handshake and gave each one of them a hug before they departed.

The mage had been kept very busy. Working his three days with Dave, then heading to Elaine’s for intense frost training. His weapons were now as sturdy as iron, and became proficient in his staff usage. Adding to his arsenal, Vincent learned to craft a shield in varying sizes. This will come in handy should I have to deal with projectiles.

Vincent had to get used to having Caleb at his side at all times of the day. Other than being at work or with Mason in the bedroom, the lion never left the mage by himself. Caleb began excelling in his efforts to defend himself against Elaine during their training. Even against the frost master going all out, Caleb often found himself able to disarm Elaine on several occasions.

“Excellent, Caleb! You are performing much better, in both your human and lion forms!” Elaine was proud of her students and their success. They are improving. I wouldn’t test them against another mage like Stefan, but they will be ready within the next few weeks.

Mason sat under the porch awning with Lei, both sipping on glasses of bourbon. Receiving a message from his phone, Mason opened his texts. It’s from Tierney! ‘Made it safe. Thank you for your hospitality. Informed EC of my departure. They are searching for a replacement, should have one in a week for me to start integrating. May be coming to Owensville a few weeks before the year ends.’

Smiling, Mason replied. ‘Great to hear. You are welcome to move as early as you please. Best of luck, Ty.’

“Who are you messaging over there? With a smile like that, I’d say it was Vincent, but he’s a little preoccupied.” Lei looked over as he took another sip from his glass.

“Tierney. He submitted his retirement message to the EC, and, if everything goes to plan, he will be moving in before the year ends. Maybe before Christmas.” The wolf watched his father become gleeful, knowing that his best friend would be a permanent resident sooner than later. Both Alphas returned their attention to their mates.

“Your mate is beyond skilled. And this is just him using one of his affinities. I’d be mindful in a spar with him if he were to use his full capabilities.”

Mason agreed, but he felt that his wolf had bided it's time long enough. Yeah...I need to get a good stretch in. Been a while since I have seen some action. He waited until his Mom gave the two a small break before popping a question her way. Fifteen minutes went by before she allowed her two students a break, and went to get a pitcher of water with glasses.

When Elaine came back out, Mason stood and followed. “Son, what are you doing?”

“Forgive me, Mom. But my wolf has a request for Vincent.”

Setting down the pitcher and glasses, Elaine put her hands on her hips and huffed. “Not at my house, young man!”

Lei snickered as Mason waved his hands in defense. “No! No, not that! I have my own house for that. No, my wolf wants...he wants to spar with Vincent.”

Elaine raised her head in interest. “Now that would be interesting. Just frost magic, or all out.”

His amber irises flashed. “All out. I need some personal experience in combat against a shadow mage.”

“If you wish. Although, do be mindful when I say this, my son. You might be outclassed.”

The words fueled the Alpha’s desire to win a challenge against the formidable adversary in his mate. Not if I can help it! “Vincent, when you get done with your break, we have a new exercise for you.” Watching the young mage drink his water and nod, Mason sat and meditated, focusing on his plan of attack. I can’t just go in head first, but he will be anticipating for me to find a way around his staff. He doesn’t have a lot of shadows to play with, but I know he could use mine to hide in. And from what Caleb told of his first encounter with Vincent, he can just use the shadows to get behind me immediately. I have to be ready to jump away at a moment’s notice.

Circulating his thoughts of attack, Mason opened his eyes and found that Vincent was getting a few stretches in. He’s almost ready. The wolf stood and gazed at his mate’s body. He shook his head, as to remove any dirty thoughts before the spar.

“Okay, Miss Elaine! I’m ready to keep going. What’s the next exercise?”

Elaine smiled and crossed her arms. “Time for some sparring.”

“Alright. Against Caleb, or you?”

“Neither. You...have a challenger.” Vincent looked between Lei and Mason. Lei shrugged his shoulders and took another drink. His other option began cracking his knuckles and began bouncing like a boxer. M...Mace wants to spar? I mean...okay! Gives me the inside on how to fight an Alpha, if there’s much of a difference.

“You ready, pup? I want you to use everything in your arsenal. My wolf has been begging to spar with you for a while now. How serious do you want me to be in this fight?”

Oh, he’s toying? Bud...you have no room to toy. “Full power, big guy. Just shy of actually doing damage. Think you can handle that? Because you just asked for me to use everything.” Vincent winked at his man and held up his bracelet.

Mason’s heart began dropping to his stomach. I forgot all about that damned bracelet! He’s got five beads loaded in that thing! He could go for a while. Just gotta pace myself. “No problem. Hope you can handle my stamina.”

Leaving a sliver of his eyes open, Vincent gave a playful stare at Mason. “Oh, you know I can do that.” Vincent knelt down and quickly summoned his trusty staff.

He made a few adjustments to his staff since the last time I saw it! The ball now has bumpy ridges. That’ll break bones a little better than the smooth ball he had before. And now there’s a small chain with another handle dangling at the other end! What in the Hell is that? Mason was sure he would find out in a few minutes. “Come on, then...little man! Afraid of a big, bad wolf?” He saw the slightest twinge of his mate’s eyebrow. Ha! Got 'em!

Vincent readied his staff and slowly advanced toward the wolf. Definitely not afraid of you, big guy. And never will be. The mage took note that his mate was acting fairly cocky by dancing around and playfully giving some boxing jabs. He’s toying. Just need to get a little closer...another foot...and...now!

The mage manifested his anger, causing his shadow to create a small circle of darkness around his body. Mason slowed down on his antics and began paying attention. Okay...that's circle thing he did during his dance Before his eyes, Vincent slipped into his own shadows. Fuck!

In the shadows, Vincent took hold of his chained handle and began swinging the staff like a flail. Picking up speed, he paid attention to Mason’s movements and stepping forward if the wolf took a step back. On his last rotation of the heavy staff, Vincent popped back into the normal world and grunted. His staff-flail circled around and was aimed at Mason’s left arm. He’s a shifter, he can take some damage and heal by shifting.

Mason’s eyes directed at Vincent when he reappeared, but saw that the staff was coming in hot. No time to catch it. Gonna take the blow! He lifted his arm and leaned forward. The ball of the staff just narrowly missed Mason’s ribs, and the rod landed on the wolf’s body. There! Mason dropped his arm down, pinning the staff. The wolf winced at the pain in his side, but he gripped the staff and began pulling in his mate. “C’mere, pup!”

Vincent’s feet were being dragged closer to his challenger. Didn’t really figure he would actually catch the damn thing! But this could work out. He pretended to struggle as the wolf got within arm’s reach. "Here, Vinnie! Come to Papa!" As his eye twitched in irritation, Vincent saw his next move. He glanced up to meet his man’s brown eyes and dropped down.

Dropping his playful demeanor, Mason watched as Vincent let go of his staff and dove between the Alpha’s legs. Wait, what the? He looked down and watched his mate slip into the shadows once more. But the hairs on the wolf’s neck stood tall as he felt something was wrong.

Vincent quickly reappeared, touched the back of Mason’s neck, and snapped his fingers on his other hand, summoning a cloud ward. He threw the cloud straight into the woods, making Mason’s eyesight dart between each tree at a frightening pace. The mage stepped back and walked over to where he started the sparring session. Mason gave his side a quick jab to dissipate his vision and watched his mate walk away. “Vinnie? You good?”

Turning so Mason could see his frustration, Vincent gave his mate a scowl. “Not if you aren’t going to take me seriously! I’d rather spar with someone who will. I may be a short, child-looking man, but that’s why I tend to win my fights: I get underestimated.”

Mason stood up straight and let the words sink to his soul. Jeez, what the Hell am I doing? Prancing around like he’s just some toy? No, he’s my mate. A fierce warrior and a powerful mage. I tell him to go all out, and I’m just...playing. “Vincent. I’m truly sorry. Allow me another chance? I won’t treat you like a child. I will fight you as if I were-”

“No, Mace. Unless you show me with your actions, I won’t spar against your words. So let me poke your wolf’s ego with a stick. I’m holding back! I’m holding back so much in this spar!” Mason broadened his shoulders against the strong words. But the wolf felt there were harsher words to come as Vincent squinted his eyes. “But I’m holding back because you are the Alpha, and I don’t need someone thinking that they could challenge you. If I wanted to, I could truly embarrass you.”

Oh...that fuckin' does it! The Alpha’s amber irises shined bright as Mason took a widened stance. “Come at me if you intend to use those words.”

Vincent let his lavender eyes glow as he showed his mate he meant what he said. “Will do!” He flicked his wrists, creating a dagger in each hand, and took a running start at Mason. Sprinting full speed, Vincent looped his right index finger into the throwing loop and flung it at his mate.

Mason side-stepped the projectile and stood his ground. He may be my mate, but I’ll be damned if I’ll be disrespected like that! Anticipating his mate’s next move, Mason kept his gaze on the moving man.

Sucking in as much air as he could, Vincent got a little closer before blowing packed snow at high speeds towards Mason. He kept a little air in his lungs as he stopped on his right foot and dashed to the left. Mason held his arm up to block the snow, but saw his mate’s movement change. Just an annoyance. Diversion tactics just to-

A small searing pain erupted from his left arm, allowing a small flow of blood to drip from his bicep. What the Hell? Something just sliced my arm! Looking at the mage, he saw the puffed cheeks and him making a spitting motion, causing Mason to realize what kind of attack it was. Another cut opened his right bicep and the wolf made the decision to move. He waded through the pile of snow at his feet and started running on the grass. I’m faster than him, and that’s guaranteed. But I will not run! I will make him submit!

Mason quickly slipped his shoes off. This confused Vincent as he circled back around, prepared to send another icy star towards the wolf. What is he doing? He kept circling Mason as he watched intently on the wolf’s next move.

Dropping down to his hands and feet, Mason began shifting. Oh, you’re in for it now, Vinnie! I’ve been wanting to show you this for quite a while. Fur grew from his skin, and as his muscles began growing, his clothes started to tear and rip. Ripping his clothes off, he stood on both feet and completed his hybrid shift.

Vincent stopped moving and stood to marvel at his mate’s transformation. Mason’s head was mostly in the shape of his silver wolf, but could tell from the neck movements that he could control his body more like a human could. Silver fur ran across the entire body as Mason stood on both legs. And his feet! They're..paws! Elongated paws, with talons! Same with his arms, too! The muscles on Mason’s body were corded, and Vincent would be remiss to say he didn’t notice. He looks like he could throw a car!

“Vincent!” The mage’s mind shook as he heard Mason’s gravely-deep voice. Blinking rapidly, he latched his eyesight back on the new bipedal wolf. There’s so much power in his voice! Damn. He could just talk and I’d be helpless Gotta keep moving! Vincent continued his circling of the wolf to find an opening.

But Mason never let his sight leave his mate. Yes...run… “Run, my mate! But you will never get away! I will always find you!” But enough playing around. Time for him to understand my power! His eyes latched on to the moving target. Bending his legs, he pushed out and began sprinting towards the mage.

Holy shit! He’s fast! Too fast! Vincent wanted to stop his heart from dropping to his stomach. He aimed his palm behind him and created a thick sheet of ice on the grass. Hope he slips so I can get a second to breathe and think! As he continued to run, he heard his ice shatter from behind him under the wolf’s weight. Damn, damn, damn! I need a damned minute! Vincent forced himself to take a nosedive to the ground, turned to his back, and waved his arms over himself, creating a thick hemisphere of ice that encased his body. He could see through the blurry frosted ice that Mason was right above him. Okay...think! The ice can break, I can take his shadow, and reapply my clairvoyance. That would give me enough time to lock his legs in place with thick ice. Looking at his bracelet, he saw that he still had two beads of stored magic left. Didn’t want to use all of it on a sparring session, but-

A loud bang shook Vincent back to reality as he saw Mason began hammering his palms on the ice. After the third palm strike, a crack came through the top layer. Not much time left. I need to get out of this! He took a few more seconds to breathe in deeply and calm his nerves. More pounding came from the ice, and Vincent prepared for his attack. The sun is away from me, so his shadow will be behind him. I just need a little distraction. With the crack in the ice getting bigger, the mage pushed his arms out toward the ice bubble.

Mason saw his mate’s arm movement and jumped backwards several feet. You aren’t pulling your shadow trick again, little one! As the ice bubble shattered outward, Vincent rushed back up to his feet, summoning an staff with his ascent. He held the staff with his right hand on the bottom hilt and left in the middle, pointing straight at the beast. At least he learned to stay away from me. Bad thing is that the sun is on my back. I need to be facing the sun to be closer to his shadow. The mage began to side-step to the left, but Mason anticipated the intention.

“You are not going to be facing the sun, my mate.” Mason stepped forward, causing Vincent to retreat backwards. “We are at a stalemate, at least until you run out of magic. I have plenty of energy left to continue this fight for hours. Admit defeat, Vinnie.”

Well, he’s right about the stalemate part. But I can’t let him have such an easy victory! Vincent grabbed hold of his chained hilt and began flailing the staff around above his head. Just need a bit more momentum bef-

The wolf was beginning to tire of his mate’s playing. I know he is trying, but he has doubted my power. I can’t let him forget who I am. Sorry, Vinnie. Mason focused on the staff over Vincent’s head and latched onto it in mid-air with one hand. He saw how his mate was shocked at the dexterity that the action took, but Mason gripped the staff with both hands. With some effort and focus on his strength, Mason snapped the ice staff in half.

That...that ice was as strong as iron! Is this the raw power of an Alpha wolf? And I actually thought I had the ability to take him on. Not only now...but back when Mason first stalked me at Greenthumb all those weeks ago? Gods, I’m such a fool! I’m no match for him. Vincent fell to his knees and stared at the ground, letting his emotions get the best of him.

Mason’s human mind had seen enough. No! Enough! My mate needs me! Shifting back to his human form, Mason knelt beside his mate. “Vinnie! Are you...are you okay? I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“You didn’t upset me, big guy. I upset myself.”

“Oh, you’re gonna need to explain that to me. You just took on an Alpha wolf shifter all by yourself! And you lasted a Hell of a lot longer than most of my opponents. You should be proud of how you did! I mean...you actually wounded me. I had no defense for that one!” Mason wrapped his arms around the smaller man and held him tight, sending all the love he could through his bond. “You are strong, Vincent. Don’t let that escape your mind. You have something that a lot of people can’t handle in a fight. I just so happen to be a little more battle experienced. And that is something we are trying to help you with. Do you understand?”

Vincent nodded and felt the warmth flow into his heart. He reciprocated by sending back some love into their bond. “I understand. I guess I just had high hopes. But I guess I need more training.”

Elaine walked over with a large robe and handed it to Mason. “Yes. Yes, you do. You did phenomenal, Vincent. Was this your first time fighting a hybrid wolf shifter?”

“It was my first time seeing such a thing.”

“You won’t see many out in the world, but I will let you know that you have the opportunity to see two more within your circle of friends. The hybrid state is an exclusive power for Alpha shifters. Not many beings can take on a hybrid shifter by themselves and win their fight. I agree with Mason when he says you should be proud, Vincent. For your first time sparring against him, you held your own.”

Mason nuzzled his mate and licked the hickey on Vincent’s neck. “And now my wolf just wants you even more for allowing him to face you.” He craned his head to look at Vincent, causing his mate to stare with those hazel eyes. “That just makes me love you even more.”

Vincent finally let his head down to lay in Mason’s arms, giving in to the overwhelming amount of positive energy flowing through their bond. “I love you, too, big guy. Not gonna lie, when you were just standing there after you shifted-”

“I know, baby, I smelt it on you.” The Alpha cut off his mate before he said something indecent in front of Elaine.

Elaine smiled as she got the subtle clue from Vincent’s sentence. “I think that concludes training for the day. Mace, you should take your mate home to rest. You need rest too after your hybrid shift. Make sure you eat plenty.”

Yeah, I haven’t shifted in my hybrid in so long! Almost forgot how draining it can be. “Want to make that alfredo again? That stuff was fire!”

A giggle came from Vincent. “I can do that. Oh, Miss Elaine. You won’t believe this, but I got him to eat fresh spinach and mushrooms!”

“Oh, really now? I’m proud of both of you! I tried for eighteen years to get him to eat some sort of vegetable, but somehow, he listens to you when you tell him they taste great.”

Mason let a light blush onto his cheeks as he explained himself. “Well that’s because this little snot told me the mushrooms were sausage.” In a form of revenge, Mason grabbed his mate’s hips and started moving his fingers rapidly. Vincent barreled over laughing as he was tickled into submission.

“Okay! Okay! I give! I give!!!”

“Uh-uh! Say that you’re mine!” Mason persisted in the pleasurable torture of his man.

“I’m yours! I’m yours! Now, stop! I can’t breathe!” When Mason let go his hold go, Vincent began taking deep breaths to fill his lungs back up with oxygen. “You’re an ass, you know that?”

“Yeah, yeah. Can’t help it, I wanted to hear your laugh. It’s intoxicating. But Mom is right. We need to get you a shower and I need some serious food. You might need to make a triple batch!”

Elaine watched as her two boys got up and waved good-bye. They are so happy together! Even after they had that little spat during their spar, it just washes right over their heads. The frost master headed for the house to begin dinner for her and her mate.


“Oh, Gods! I needed that shower!”

Mason took the towel and began drying off his mate slowly, appreciating every inch of the smaller body. He kept an eye on his mate throughout the shower and noticed that he was deep in thought. “Everything going okay in your head, pup? You know I can always tell when something is on your mind, right?”

Vincent looked up to his man’s brown eyes. “Yeah. I’m good. Just...thinking.”

“Well, lay it on me.”

The wolf watched as Vincent tried to formulate his thoughts into words. “I know you said that you would like to be more prepared for it. But...I’m ready.”

Ready? Ready fo...OH! “Vinnie? Are you sure? We can wait as long as you want.”

Vincent shook his head. “When I saw your...hybrid wolf, it...it did something to me. I got to see you at your strongest. And I found it really...hot.” The wolf’s irises flashed golden hearing that his mate found his wolf sexy. “But yeah. I’m ready, Mace. I...I want you to bite me. I want to complete our bond.”

Bouncing with joy, Mason grabbed his mate and kissed him hard on the lips. He broke it shortly afterward, leaned back, and howled from the deepest pits of his lungs. “Vinnie, you just made my wolf and I so happy! I want to mate with you, so badly! But we need food. I’m going to need a lot, especially if I’m going to do another hybrid shift today.”

Wait...another? “Uh, Mace? What do you mean by another hybrid shift?”

“Well...so, when an Alpha has the intention of completing his bond with a mate...his or her animal takes over the mind and forces a hybrid shift during sex.”

So...the big, giant, furry man-wolf is going to be...fucking me. Uhhhh-huh. “Vin? Vinnie, you okay?” I think so. “Earth to Vin?” Vincent looked up to his man and smiled. “You spaced out there for a minute. You still want to go through with this today?”

Taking a minute to think over his decision, Vincent nodded. “Yes. I’m sure. Just being here with you these past few weeks have made me so happy. And I can’t even think of where I would be without you.” Vincent wrapped his arms around Mason’s waist as he continued. “I want to be with you for the rest of my life. And if that means I need to be bitten by a giant and furry version of you, then that’s what I’ll do.”

Mason dug his eyes into his mate’s. Gods, he means it! He really wants to connect his soul with mine. My heart and every blood cell in my veins are pumping with anticipation! "You are amazing. Truly amazing. I tell you that I will be taking you with me at my strongest, and you barely bat an eye. Sometimes I forget how humanity can easily adapt with change."

"I mean, I'm just going with the flow. Ever since I met you for who you are, I knew that everything will be alright, if not better." Vincent gave a pat to Mason's abs and found his sweatpants on the edge of the bed. He put them on and looked back at his man. "Let's get cooking! We need to eat. I'll make a double batch since you need to eat more than usual."

"Sounds good to me. What can I do to help?" The two strolled into the kitchen as Vincent opened the pantry door.

"Well, you can get the noodles started. I'm going to get the sausage cooking and toss in the sauce, mushrooms, and spinach leaves."

The two got to work. Mason quickly got his part done and started watching his mate. Seeing his man hovering over the cooking meat, the mage instructed the wolf to toss some garlic toast in the oven. While the big man grabbed his next assignment, Vincent added the sauce and covered it to simmer. He then dove to the fridge for the container of romaine lettuce and other veggies. Mason gave a displeased noise and stuck out his tongue, but Vincent assured him that the salad was just for the mage.

As soon as the pasta and toast were finished, Mason could wait no longer. He grabbed a large ceramic bowl and easily took half of the noodles and sauce with multiple pieces of toast. Vincent giggled as Mason took an impatient bite as he made his way to the small dining table. He really must be starving! It's taken me a long while to get used to him eating so much food. The mage grabbed a plate and laid out his dinner with a small bowl for his tossed salad.

Vincent got his fill from the first plate, but Mason kept going back up for more, misjudging his appetite each time. Before long, every scrap of food was gone from the stove, and the wolf began raiding the pantry for a few more prepackaged snacks. "Do you need me to cook more?"

Looking at his mate, Mason pondered after gnawing on a granola bar. "I think I should be fine after these three bars. I'll need something for later, but I can worry about that after we get you taken care of. I'll need to call Dad and Doc Shaney to come over." Vincent nodded and started cleaning up the kitchen while Mason took out his phone.

He dug into his contacts and called his Dad.

"Hey, son! Just finished dinner. What did ya need?"

"Hey, Dad. Need a favor."

"Need the truck again?"

"No. I need you to come by. Vincent and I are going to come by. Vincent wants to complete our bond."

Mason could almost feel the excitement in his Dad's tone. "Oh, shit! I'll be on my way!" Lei's volume went lower. "Honey! Mason and Vincent are going to complete their bond!" The cheeks on Mason's face grew bright red as his Dad announced him getting it on with Vincent. "I'll be there in a few minutes. You called Doc yet?"

"About to. Try not to bring an audience. I don't want Vincent to back out."

"No promises!" The end call tone rang in Mason's ear. He's such a dad! Going back into his contacts, he dialed for Shaney's personal cell phone number.

"Alpha Wilson. What can I do for you?"

"Doc. Can I ask for a house call? I'm going to bond with my mate, and I need someone to tend to him when it's done."

"Of course! I'm honored to be asked. Do you have someone lined up to hold you off while I handle your mate?"

"My father is on his way. You have nothing to fear."

A light laugh came from the doctor. "Yeah, they always say that. I usually end up with a few scratches and bruises anyway. I'll be by in half an hour."

"Thank you, doctor. I'll see you shortly." Hanging up, Mason placed his phone on the counter and look at his mate. "Everyone will be here within half an hour. I know I asked a million times, but you still good with all of this?" He pulled out a stool from under the island and sat down.

"Mhmm! I've made up my mind. Anything I should know about it before everyone gets here?" Vincent walked over and sat on his mate's lap.

Mason tried his best to keep his wolf satiated as he nuzzled Vincent's neck. "Just what I already told you about it. We're going to have hot sex, I'm gonna turn furry, bite and come inside you, then Doc's going to take care of you while Dad holds me back."

Looking up at the big man's face, Vincent furrowed his brow. "So, my body's gonna get...bloody?"

"Yeah. Doc brings his big first aid kit to these kinds of things. He'll make sure you get taken care of."

"And then your Dad...he's gonna see us?"

Shaking his head, Mason held his mate tighter. "He shouldn't. Those two will burst in when we complete our bond. Dad is just going to get me away from you so Doc can tend to your wound. We might mess the house up a bit in the process, but being bonded with you will be worth it. Besides, shifters tend to overlook nudity, remember. As bad as this is going to sound to you, I've seen my parents way too often when we all shifted for runs."

That makes sense. Eventually, they're going to see me, so I should just get over it. Not to mention, I'll have a nasty wound on my neck that takes priority. I won't be concerned with covering myself up at that point. "I gotcha. It's gonna be a shit-show, isn't it?"

"It will afterward, but us being together will be something we remember for the rest of our lives. I will warn you, though. My hybrid wolf may want more of a...primal experience with you. I wouldn't have hope for a nice lovemaking session when I shift."

Vincent giggled and snuggled his head against Mason's shoulder. "So plenty of skin slapping and handprints on my ass?"

A snicker came from Mason. "Think...rough and sweaty." All this talk is getting me hot and bothered. At this rate, Dad and Doc might be late. “Sorry, pup. I need to get calmed down before I take you in this kitchen.” The wolf noticed his mate looking up at him and smelt his lustful emotions emanating from his body. “Stop! No funny ideas, little one. We need to curb our enthusiasm until Doc and Dad show up.” He heard a vehicle pulling into the driveway and ushered his mate up off his lap. “Speaking of which, I think that’s Dad.”

Vincent sat in Mason’s seat as he stared at the perfectly curved behind of his mate. Just as he began gazing, Mason turned around to flash his golden irises and gave his ass a nice pat. Oh...now he’s just messing with me! He knows I can’t help but ogle it! Mason opened the door and let Lei inside. “Damn! Who’s been cooking? That smells fantastic!”

“Sorry, Dad. There’s no leftovers, but that’s Vinnie’s alfredo.”

Lei leaned to see inside the kitchen and yelled for Vincent’s attention. “Next time, save some for me, son!” The mage let a chuckle out as he processed being called son by his father-in-bond. That might take some getting used to, but it made me feel pretty warm inside. “Will do, Lei! Didn’t Miss Elaine just make dinner?”

Lei and Mason stepped into the kitchen with Mason taking another stool while Lei leaned against the counter. “Yep. But she cooked rice, and that always makes me hungrier for some reason.”

“I can make a sandwich, if you’d like?”

“That would be great, Vincent. Thank you.” Vincent got up and opened the fridge for the deli meat and cheese.

“Do you like lettuce and tomato, or did Mace get the anti-rabbit food mantra from you?”

The middle-aged Alpha gave a lively laugh. “I’ll just have the tomato, and mustard, if you have it.” Vincent nodded and began preparing a shifter-sized sandwich. “So, Vincent! Are you excited about becoming a shifter after all this time?”

The mage nodded as he pulled two slices of a wide-pan loaf of wheat bread from the plastic sleeve. “Yeah! I’m ready for the final step in our bond. Part of me really wants to be able to go on runs with Mace and the others. I’m just curious to see what my wolf would look like.”

“Well, your wolf would reflect upon your personality and the shifter that turned you, so expect there to be some silver color to your fur. I also imagine your affinities will play a part in it as well. Elaine’s wolf has a midnight blue specks, as well as some of my charcoal gray fur along her neck from when we mated.”

That’s right! I haven’t seen either Elaine’s or Lei’s wolves yet. Hope I get to see them soon. “That’s good to know. I can at least picture an idea of what it may look like. Here you go, Lei.” Vincent put the thick sandwich on a plate and handed it to his father-in-bond. “Need a drink?”

“Much appreciated, and I’ll just take some iced water.” Quickly grabbing a glass and some ice from the freezer, Vincent poured some water from the filter-pitcher in the fridge. Handing it to the larger wolf, he received a head nod of appreciation. “Mmm...what is in this sandwich?”

“Cajun chicken and muenster cheese.”

“This is at Greenthumb as well? Yeah, I’m shopping there from now on! This stuff is delicious.”

Mason checked his phone’s clock to see how much longer the doctor would be. He should be here in twenty minutes. Gods, I’d give anything to have Vinnie in my bed right now! “Patience, son.” Glancing up to see his father grinning while holding the sandwich. “You get one shot to make your bonding absolutely perfect. Relish these moments. This will be the last day your mate will be human.” Always there with wise advice. He will be a treasured old man one day, spouting wisdom beyond anyone’s imagination.

“Thanks, Dad.” Mason grabbed Vincent’s hand and pulled him into his lap. “It never crossed my mind that this would be the last time I get to see you like this. You’ll start growing facial hair, you won’t need your glasses any more, and your scent will be different after we’ve mated.”

“Wait, I’m going to smell different?”

Nodding, the wolf pressed his nose against the back of Vincent’s neck and inhaled deeply. “Yep. You smell like creek-bed lilies now, but after we complete the bond, your scent will blend with mine.”

Curiosity filled his mind as Vincent leaned back and sniffed Mason. “I can smell your body wash, but I got nothing. What are you supposed to smell like?”

Lei chuckled and set his sandwich down. “When Mace’s scent isn’t covered up by colognes and whatnot, his natural scent resembles a pine forest. After your mating, both of your scents will blend, but remain slightly different. Think of it as a 75/25 percent blend for each of you.”

Vincent nodded as he understood what Lei said. Okay, so I’ll have a little bit of pine to my scent then. And Mason will smell like...lilies? I think I can get used to that. But I guess I’ll really notice it when I become a shifter and can smell stronger. An idea popped into his head and turned to give Mason a question. “Hey, big guy? Would it be smart to have Caleb here, too? Not saying that Lei would need help restraining you, but could he have use for dealing with other human-shifter matings for the future?”

A collective nod came from both Alphas. “Brilliant speculation, son. I agree with his idea, Mace.” Lei took another bite from the sandwich, almost finishing it off. Mason grabbed his phone from the counter and shot Caleb a quick message. ‘Head over to the house. Bout to complete bond with Vinnie. You could use the experience of holding back the shifter in a human turning.’

‘Yes, Alpha. OMW.’ Good idea, Vinnie! Our new Enforcer needs all sorts of experience for his position. Ideally, I would be the one handling it, but if I’m ever away, he can fill in. “Caleb is on the way. He should be here before Shaney arrives. You are slowly becoming more and more of a Mated Alpha, Vinnie.”

Smiling from the compliment, Vincent rested his head against the nearby shoulder once more. The mage let Mason and Lei chat about a variety of topics while they waited for the doctor and Enforcer to show up. A knock came from the door ten minutes later. When Vincent answered the door, he let Caleb into the house. Shortly after, another knock came and Vincent formally met Doc Shaney for the first time.

Doctor ‘Doc’ Benjamin Shaney was the local veterinarian for the county. He completed medical school for both humans and a variety of animals, but as a shifter, he found there was much business in the Owensville area. Ben’s stature isn’t anything to write home about, as he stands at five foot, ten inches tall and owns his slender figure. At any time of day, regardless of what he would be doing, his hair always made him seem like he just rolled out of bed. Despite his lack of interest in his appearance, the shifter is the most dedicated health care professional the county has.

Ben saw that his Alpha’s mate answered the door and bared his neck. “Evening, Mated Alpha. I’m Doc Shaney, and it’s a pleasure to finally meet you! I know we met briefly at the meeting, but it was only for a moment.”

Vincent held out his hand and was quickly met with a shake. “Please, come in. And call me Vincent. I’m not one for fancy titles.”

“Of, course. Thank you, Vincent.” The doctor meekly stepped into the home and set his shoulder bag-sized first aid kit down on the floor near the couch. “Oh, my. What was cooked, if I may ask? It smells heavenly!”

“That’s what I said!” Lei came from around the corner and was greeted by the doctor with another neck baring. “Doc, always good to see you! Glad you could make it. You ready for your first Alpha bonding?”

“I suppose I must be, otherwise I wouldn’t have been called. Got my bag at the ready, and I’ll follow your lead, Alpha Wilson. This was your house at one time, right?”

Lei nodded and gave his old living room a good look over. “Yes, but my mate and I moved further outside of town, and handed the house down to Mace. He’s really made it his own, and with Vincent here, I believe it will serve them as a fine home.”

Vincent smiled at his father-in-bond, but was surprised when Mason wrapped his arms around his waist. He really needs to quit sneaking up on me! “Hey, big guy! What’s-”

A low growl vibrated near the mage’s ear. “Need you. Now.” The deep voice from his mate caused Vincent’s bones to melt. Yes, sir! The wolf took his hand and practically dragged the smaller man into the bedroom and slammed the door. As Vincent was forcibly escorted in the bedroom, he heard Lei’s muffled laughter, but was quickly distracted by Mason’s bright golden irises. “Strip me, pup.” Gods, he’s using that voice of his! Vincent obeyed his Alpha and slipped the t-shirt off of the muscled man. “Slower. I want to enjoy watching you.” Slowing his pace, he knelt down to lower the waistband of Mason’s sweatpants, feeling his neck hairs stand at attention. Looking up, he shivered as the Alpha’s eyes never left him.

With the waistband dropped to Mason’s feet, Vincent teased by staring down the golden eyes as he fingered his man’s boxers. The wolf’s manhood tented the undergarments and Vincent lightly brushed his hand across it, earning a deep moan that echoed throughout the room. “Touch me. Touch my body. Feel your Alpha, Vinnie!” Roaming his hands up the chiseled abdominal muscles, the mage brought his fingers down and took the boxers down to Mason’s ankles. Shaking off his clothes off his legs, Mason stood like a proud statue before his mate.

Taking a step forward, Mason shifted a hand into a clawed paw. He took a talon to the underside of Vincent’s shirt and began tearing the cloth upward, exposing his mate’s tender skin. Yes! It’s perfect. And it’s all mine! When the shirt was cut all the way to the neckline, Vincent shouldered the shirt off. “Pants...off…”

“Yes, Alpha.” Another low growl emanated in the room.

“Say it again.”

Vincent whimpered at the deep voice being used on him. “Yes, Alpha.” At the same pace he had been using, the human draped his shorts and boxer briefs off his hips, kicking them off his feet. Both men stared at each other in their glory and at erect attention. Licking his lips, Vincent knelt down gingerly and took Mason into his mouth. He began worshiping his man as the men locked eyes. The mage couldn’t keep his gaze off of Mason’s bright stare. A large hand ran through his long hair and was gripped as Mason took control of the movement. Oh, Gods...he’s using me! This is so freakin’ hot!

“That’s it. Take this cock! I’m going to make you mine tonight, my mate. I will take you and make you mine for the whole world to see.” He left Vincent’s mouth much to the disappointment of the smaller man. “Get on the bed." Watching his mate crawl backwards on the bed while facing him made the wolf want to pounce. No...it must be perfect.

Mason grabbed Vincent's legs and pulled them towards the end of the bed, placing them over his shoulders as he knelt down. There was no teasing. No licking. He engulfed Vincent down the hilt and stared at his writhing mate. As he heard Vincent's moans and whimpers, the wolf quickened his pace. He wanted Vincent's seed. "Mace...Oh, Gods! I want it! Give me all you got!"

Gladly! Mason took Vincent out of his mouth and inserted his middle finger in, soaking it. He pressed it against Vincent's hole and loosened his mate as he took the erect manhood once more. The moans and words of begging got louder as Mason felt his mate getting closer to a climax. "I'm...I'm gonna...Mace!" Mason's irises burned bright as he took every spurt his mate gave. So good! But we aren't done, pup. I'm going to make you mine tonight. Forever…

Mason walked over to the nightstand and grabbed the bottle of lubricant, letting his mate bask in the orgasmic afterglow. The wolf climbed over the smaller man and spread Vincent's legs with his knees. Running his hand over the torso below him, the wolf inside of him began knocking on the door of his mind. It's coming! My wolf wants out! Pushing his wolf down was becoming more and more difficult.

"Mace...I want you...I need you!" Growling once more, Mason shot his head down to stare at his mate. Fuck! He isn't helping with this! Leaning down, he latched on to Vincent's mouth and forced his tongue to explore. Mason felt his mate's hands roaming over his back and neck, causing a low growl to vibrate between their lips. Forcing himself back before he went too far over the line, he grabbed the bottle and applied a generous amount on his throbbing manhood. Mason pushed Vincent's knees back to mattress. Love how flexible he is.

"Can't wait any longer...need you. My wolf is...pushing me. Gods!" Mason pressed his dick against his target. "Push out, Vinnie. I love you. So much."

"Love you too, big guy. Gods, you're so big!" Vincent relaxed his mind, letting his man enter him. It still burns a little, but after several sessions, I'm getting used to him being inside. Keeping up his breathing, Vincent felt Mason slide gently in, inch by inch. When Mason's hips touched his, Vincent's head fell back in ecstacy. "It's so good, Mace! Move...I need you to fuck me."

Mason's eyes lit up brighter than they ever had before. He tried to move his hips slowly, but the succumbed to his wolf's desires to skip the love making. It's all about the bond. Need to let him know that I am Alpha! A continuous rumble vibrated in Mason's chest as his hips sped up, causing the skin between the two men to slap.

Oh, Gods...I can't stop! I'm shifting! Mason felt his eyes turn amber as his leg bones began to snap and fur erupted across his skin. He fumbled on his pacing while he continued his change.

Vincent watched in amazement. My Gods...I feel like I should be scared, but...I find this so freakin' hot! He's gotten taller and more chiseled. His eyes widened as he noticed a certain appendage getting bigger as well. The hybrid wolf finished its shift and glared down on the human below.

Mason paused and let his wolf gather its thoughts. Mine. Mine! Make him mine! He snorted air from his nostrils and resumed pumping his hips. Good. So good! Need more! Need it faster!

Vincent couldn't help but moan loudly. Gods, he got bigger! And he's going faster! It hurts a little, but...oh fuck, it's too good! The mage was getting closer to his second orgasm and he didn't want the night to end. But we need to finish the bond. Letting out another deep moan as the large wolfman kept pistoning his hips, Vincent leaned his head to the left, baring the right side of his neck. "Do it, Mason! I want it! I want to be yours!"

The wolf's eyes dilated and fixated its attention on the red hickey. My mark! Must make it permanent! Mason dove in and began sniffing the mark with his muzzle. He licked it to draw his mate closer to his orgasm. "Gods, Mace! I'm gonna...gon...Mace!" As he pleasured his mate with tongue and manhood, Mason caught the scent of Vincent's fresh spunk and felt his own climax coming. This is it! Need to time it right.

Putting his muzzle right against the mark's intended location, Mason breathed heavily against Vincent's neck. He felt his orgasm was on the brink of release. Now! Bite now! In a final effort to comfort his mate, he manifested emotions of love and pushed it through his bond. His orgasm burst and traveled deep inside his mate. And Mason's jaws clamped down.

Vincent let out an initial scream of pain and shock, but felt quickly soothed. R-right. Elaine said the lycanthropy would numb the wound. The mage looked to his right through his peripheral. His teeth are still in. I can't see the wound, but I feel him...I feel him inside of me. His love, both inside me and through the bond. It...feels like someone opened a hatch and let a flood in! He felt the warmth of a fluid dripping down his chest and arm. My...blood. I feel like I should get it cleaned up...but I can't move.

Mason kept his teeth sinked in his mate. He savored the taste of blood, and was lulled by the steady heartbeat. I...I did it. He's mine! Mine forever. The wolf gently unlatched his jaw off the small man and saw the beautiful damage. It's such a big mark! And it's on my Vinnie. Looking down to his mate, he saw those hazel eyes he fell in love with. They look a little faded, but sincere as ever.

Feeling beyond satisfied with his work, Mason slid his manhood out from Vincent, leaned back, and howled so deeply. The walls and windows began to shake and rattle as the Alpha announced to the world that had claimed his mate.

Copyright © 2020 astone2292; All Rights Reserved.
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The bonding was hot, passionate, but loving. Now how hard will it be separate an Alpha from his freshly bonded mate? I guess I'm about to see.

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'That stuff was fire.' – Did you mean that stuff was fine? Alfredo is not spicy enough to be referred to as fire. I believe your spell-check fucked you up again. Suggestion: after a spell-check always read your work again to see if spell check has screwed up your meaning. I  know that as an author, and therefore a creative person, you get so damn tired of going over your work time after time, but when software screws you up, it becomes a requirement. But believe me, what disgusts an author even more is to constantly recheck punctuation. That is just frustration!

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48 minutes ago, Will Hawkins said:

'That stuff was fire.' – Did you mean that stuff was fine? Alfredo is not spicy enough to be referred to as fire. I believe your spell-check fucked you up again. Suggestion: after a spell-check always read your work again to see if spell check has screwed up your meaning. I  know that as an author, and therefore a creative person, you get so damn tired of going over your work time after time, but when software screws you up, it becomes a requirement. But believe me, what disgusts an author even more is to constantly recheck punctuation. That is just frustration!

It was meant to be fire. The word is used by people when describing something as "amazing." It's a fad-like term. 

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I too believe it is a difficult task to write a chapter like this that has to balance the love with a powerful and often violent sexual bonding.  You struck a perfect balance as Mason both claimed his mate and showered him with his love.  Thank you for the memorable chapter and the hard work you did to create it.

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8 hours ago, raven1 said:

I too believe it is a difficult task to write a chapter like this that has to balance the love with a powerful and often violent sexual bonding.  You struck a perfect balance as Mason both claimed his mate and showered him with his love.  Thank you for the memorable chapter and the hard work you did to create it.

Thank you so much for the compliment! It was rough, but I'm happy with the result. 

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Absolutely fantastic! Can’t wait to read the aftermath of all the events in this chapter but especially what the bond brings.

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