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Salvation - 35. Chapter 34

In the morning, I heard the shower, I called room service for breakfast for two. Joey came out dressed, “Joey I called room service for breakfast. I’m going to take my shower, if it comes give this to the bellboy.”

I went and took my shower, got dressed and when I came out, breakfast was set up. I finished packing, “Do I add your new clothes to my suitcase or not?”

“If I want to come back, you promise to bring me back?”

“Yes, and I’ll repeat this promise in front of my crew.”

I phoned Judy that I was leaving and should be home this afternoon. I would be in tomorrow and would bring her up to date.

Breakfast was okay, eggs, bacon and toast. Coffee for me, hot chocolate for Joey, he had a mustache when he was finishing drinking his hot chocolate. “You need to brush your teeth and wash your mustache off.”

I could hear him giggle when he saw his mustache. We met everyone in the lobby. They guys were still eating, we joined them, I had just coffee, Joey had toast with jelly from the table and a glass of orange juice.

Don said we had an 11 am take off. “That’s okay, we can wait on the plane. Joey can watch cartoons and I can do some work or maybe I’ll get a newspaper and see what is happening.”

By the time the guys finished eating and I settled the check, it was 10. We only had to wait 45 minutes before take off, which wasn’t so bad. Joey watched cartoons, I had coffee and read the paper, nothing on the truck yet.

Jimmy turned off the movie, rolled up the screen and I knew we’d be taking off soon. “Be sure your seatbelt is secures. We might hit a bump in the road.”

He looked at me and laughed. But he did fasten his seat belt.

The take off was very routine for me but not Joey. This was the only second time he flew and this will be a much longer flight. Add to that he was going to a place where he had no idea what would happen.

Once we reached cruising altitude, Jimmy dropped the screen and resume the cartoon. He brought me a cup of coffee and a hot chocolate for Joey. I went back to reading my newspaper.

Joey nodded off, I put my arm around him and let him lean into me. Jimmy came with a cup of coffee for me, “He’s afraid”

“Yes, I think they were all afraid, when you think about it, the people they had met on the street were there to take advantage of them. Then along come someone making an offer which is unbelievable to them. Do they trust me or not, they have trusted in the past and have gotten hurt, so who should they trust now? I think when you’re on the bottom, you think it can’t get any worse, so maybe I’ll get a good meal out of it.”

“And now?”

“I have 32 boys, 33 with Joey. if he stays.”

“Would you send him back if he didn’t want to stay?”

“Yes, but it’d hurt me if I had to do that. He’d be on my mind all the time like my lost son.” Jimmy knew who I meant.

“Do you want something to eat or just more coffee?”

“Yes, could I have something to eat?”

“I didn’t know you were awake.”

“Yes, I heard what you said. Maybe I won’t want to go back.” I leaned over and kissed him on the head.

Jimmy did serve us a nice hot meal, chicken legs, crispy, baked potato and a small side salad. For dessert he had pie with ice cream.

Joey cleaned up his plate, Jimmy brought a plate with more chicken, he looked at Joey, he looked at me, I nodded yes, he nodded yes to Jimmy. Jimmy placed the remaining 2 chicken legs on his plate. He looked at me and smiled, he’ll fit right in with my boys.


Landing, there was Peter with the car. Jimmy took the suitcase to the limo, when the boys saw him coming, the back door opened and 5 boys rushed Jimmy. I laughed as they came and gave him a hug. I introduced Joey to them and then they literally took over. I thanked Jimmy, rode up front with Peter.

When we got home, the welcoming committee was there on the porch. Dave opened the back door, I opened my own door. Alex came and gave me a hug. “You missed me too?”

“Yes, they wouldn’t feed me like you do?”

“I bet.”

“Who’s the new boy?”

“His name is Joey, probably Joseph, saw him at the airport being hustled by three older boys. I think he ’s 10 going to be 11 soon.”

Walking into the house, I was swamped with the other boys. I finally just sat on the floor in the living room and let them all sit next to or near to me. Of course Charlie and Vasily were on my lap. I got a lot of love from my boys. I saw Joey standing at the edge of the group. I looked at Alex, all of sudden Joey was in the air and landed next to me.

“Boys, this is your new brother Joey. I want you to show him around. He needs lots of friends and I know you all will be his friend.” Charlie got up and went and sat on Joey’s lap.

“My name is Charley and that’s my best friend Vasily. You can be my best friend as well.”

I watched Joey’s expression, like is this place crazy and all of these boys, I think it was hard for Joey to comprehend everything. He probably thought this was a boys home like an orphanage or something.

Jon came in and asked if anyone wanted pie and ice cream. That emptied the room, led my Alex. “Steven, please show Joey around, explain how we do things and show him his room. I think we have one room empty now.”

“No, we have two rooms empty. More of the boys want bunk beds.”

“Joey, Steven was the first boy who came to live with me. If you have any questions, he will answer them for you, particularly if I’m not home. Now let’s go and get some ice cream and pie before Alex eats it all. .

Copyright © 2020 CLJobe; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

21 minutes ago, mikedup said:

Great chapter, Joey I am sure Will fit in just fine I really don't see him wanting to go back

He had some fears as any street boy might have. But. once he met the boys, I'm sure he was glad he went with Carleton

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3 hours ago, CLJobe said:

That is being street-wise. You sleep with one eye open. I'm not sure how old Alex is but he is definitely younger than Carleton. Yes Carleton is in his mid fifties. My guess Alex is between 25 and 30. Probably more closer to thirty 

When Carleton gets older Alex could step right in and not miss a beat. IMO Maria would be the hardest to replace 

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46 minutes ago, weinerdog said:

When Carleton gets older Alex could step right in and not miss a beat. IMO Maria would be the hardest to replace 

Yes, you are right. As the boys get older, they will be going on to colleges, who knows what they will become. We do know they are placed around the world. more or less carrying on what Carleton started.. 

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Pie and Ice-Cream. Haven't had that for so long. Being from the Pacific - Samoan Pineapple Pie. I've seen different versions, but I know which one I like. Yum! With plain vanilla ice cream please.

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21 minutes ago, Buz said:

Pie and Ice-Cream. Haven't had that for so long. Being from the Pacific - Samoan Pineapple Pie. I've seen different versions, but I know which one I like. Yum! With plain vanilla ice cream please.

I'm with you on the vanilla ice cream. You'll have to send me some of that Samoan Pineapple pie

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