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Gay Authors News blog focuses on items of interest for our entire site with an emphasis on stories.

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Weekly Wrap Up (Nov. 14 - Nov. 20)

Do any of my American friends like smoked turkey for Thanksgiving? I have it on pretty good authority that it might not be the most healthy food...for you   I've been waiting a week to get that one out  I know! You can't stop laughing at it, just like me  ! Anywho... Canada had our holiday over a month ago and My American Cousins are about to celebrate theirs over the whole next week  It seems that in some jobs, but not in all, this holiday becomes a 5 day weekend ! 


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Nov. 7 - Nov. 13)

Is it this upcoming week or is it the week after that our American cousins have their Thanksgiving ? Well I looked at my 'merican calendar and see it is the week after, so I will stop talking about that this week or I will have nothing to talk about next week  You all should be so lucky! We'll skip over and talk about the next holiday, Christmas . Have you thought about my pressies yet? I have one picked out for everyone of you, lol. But really, with all the news about ports being jammed an


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Oct. 31 - Nov. 6)

Those of you that still have or always have had daylight savings time, today is the day that it is okay to be late to work  So if you showed up for your 9:00 AM shift at 9:15 but forgot to set your clocks back, you are 45 minutes early  Let's just ignore the fact that most people use their phone for their alarm and phones automatically update on their own . So Thursday was the first of many big weeks here at GA! Did you get excited about the start of releasing of the Fall 2021  Anthologies


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Oct. 24 - Oct. 30)

Boo Did I scare you  ? If not, send me a PM and I'll send you a picture of me getting out of bed first thing in the morning. I will also include a number to call for free counselling . So I would be remiss if I did not mention that if you are reading this Saturday night or Sunday, you still have time to get an Anthology in. Just click on the bright orange banner or links on the Forums page for more information   Now before we get this wrap up done as some of us prepare to get


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Oct 17 - Oct 23)

Morning, y'all!  Sorry about the delay, Wildone is away and I completely lost track of the days!  The promoted author updates were pulled late, so if your story is not listed, please comment with a link to your story!!  Since we're already late, let's get right to it! 2021 Anthology #2 deadline is only a week away!  Get your stories in ASAP! Cia was here on Monday and Wednesday with this month's Classic Author feature! Tuesday, Valkyrie visited: Thursday, Cia was back!

Weekly Wrap Up (Oct. 10 - Oct. 16)

Welcome to your weekly update brought to you by yours truly!  Big reminder to all our site authors, you only have until October 31st to get your Anthology into the Review Team. If this is new to you, see the anthology info below for more details.   Monday readers got a glimpse into The Thousandth Regiment by AC Benus with a review by Parker Owens on the humanization of war and the power of poetry. Please check it out!    Want to brush up on your Word-smithing? Learn what the


Cia in Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Oct. 3 - Oct. 9)

Bulletin Bulletin Bulletin Bulletin Bulletin Bulletin Bulletin Bulletin Bulletin   Just in case it has slipped your mind, you only have until October 31st to get your Anthology into the Review Team. Make sure you see the blurb below for more details.   Well, we are having our municipal election on the 18th of this month in my little city and ever other town, hamlet, village, etc. in the province. Provincially we have been given a few shall we say 'political referend

Weekly Wrap Up (Sept. 26 - Oct. 2)

Well a big hug and thank you to Cia last week for doing the wrap up Before I forget, you have just under a month now to get your Anthologies in!!  Last week I was personally out of town, sitting lakeside in a cabin, in the mountains, hiding out on my birthday  Needless to say I never got any of your pressies for that day from all of you . I'm just blaming it on the mailman and have moved on   So is everybody getting ready for Thanksgiving?  Oh wait, the 'mericans in the room have

Weekly Wrap Up (Sept. 19 - Sept. 25th)

It's not me, I'm in disguise! 🥸 🤡 😜 In the absence of your usual wrapper, you get me... sorry, I'm simply not nearly as entertaining. Well, unless you watch me stumble around the classroom trying to to kill myself on all the student's things strewn about. That's hilarious. 😒 Last weekend Wildone said he was older than dirt and this week I'm a clown in disguise. I certainly entertain the students enough. Fortunately, we have one more day of weekend to enjoy. Why don't we take a look at what was s


Cia in Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Sept. 12 - Sept. 18)

Good Morning, day, evening, night or everything in between. We are a bit late today for the simple fact that I do not know what day it is anymore  I mean, I don't usually work on Saturdays and Sundays, but for some reason I didn't recognize yesterday was Saturday. I do think I know the reason why  In four days I will be older than dirt  I'm so old that I think I forgot to tell everyone ahead of time where to send my birthday presents. Oh wait, I guess I did . Let's jump right into things no


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Sept. 5 - Sept. 11)

I'm giddy   My football team has been having a really, really bad year this year. If you are thinking of the CFL, then you got the right league. If you don't know what the CFL is, then there is no hope for you as a true football fan  But, I imagine the majority of you are saying something like why the hell does he talk about sports here! Not a question, but a statement . So they kind of lost on Labour Day against their arch rivals and the rematch was tonight. Needless to say the won, bringi


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Aug.29 - Sept. 4)

Well this week wrapped up nicely   Before I get into the usual, I do need to talk to you all about a serious issue that has been brought to my attention this week. Usually you are given much more notice than 20 days, but with everything going on as well as where the wrap up falls this month, I'm late letting you know   You only have 20 or maybe only 19 days left to get my birthday presents!  As usual, I have to ask that you keep them under $5000.00 USD  They can be sent to me at Wildon


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Aug. 22 - Aug. 28)

So it is nearly midnight in my time zone and I'm hungry  The thing is I'm trying to lose weight and carbs are my enemy. Don't ask me what a calorie is, but I can tell you about carbs since you should be counting them with certain types of diabetes. But the thing is, what snacking food is there that has little to no carbs? Most snack food are full of the nasty little things  Popcorn, chips, crackers, cookies, even a lot of drinks have a lot of carbs. No suggestions of coffee or tea black please! 

Weekly Wrap Up (Aug 15 - Aug 21)

Howdy all!  Steve asked me to take over this week. I'm still a little rusty at doing the weekly wrap up, but let's see what we had going on this past week. Not going to do a huge intro though, because it's been a big week here with my little man joining many others in starting school this week (yes, he's already 3 years old and starting preschool!).  And of course, after finally getting to be around other kids, my little man has caught a cold and wants snuggles with his mama. So let's take a loo

Weekly Wrap Up (Aug. 8 - Apr. 14)

Hey all, have you ever used the expression I'll be back in jiffy, or hold on for a jiffy? If you have, you are a bold faced liar . How dare you . So I was going through a page of absolutely useless trivia and some are interesting. It turns out that a jiffy is an actual measurement of time, based on the amount of time it takes light to travel one centimeter in a vacuum  That is a trillioneth of a second!! This was defined by Gilbert Newton Lewis in the 18/19th century. Now why am I telling you th

Weekly Wrap Up (Aug. 1 - Aug. 7)

Good Day everyone! Thank you to Renee for helping me out last Sunday as I had some personal issues to deal with. Much appreciated   I'm short on time again, so excuse the lack of a preamble as I will get right to the wrap up. Monday, we had the CSR Feature for the month by our newest Signature Author. Give it a go, I'm in the process of doing so myself   Wednesday was the return of our long time favourite feature here at GA! Aaron had an all new AAA: Thursday, Renee wa

Weekly Wrap Up (Jul 25 - Jul 31)

Nope, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, you've got me to finish out the week, and the month. I'm not as good as Steve with the intro's, so let's just get right into it. We only had a couple of blogs this week, so since this will be a quick wrap up, I'll just do a quick reminder to start it out. If you're interested in writing for the next anthology, you have 3 months left to get your story written and to the proof team. The deadline for the fall anthology is October 31st and you have

Weekly Wrap Up (Jul. 18 - Jul. 24)

Hello Everyone   We missed a weekly update last week as we felt it was best to honour Wayne through the weekend.  We also had a really, Really, REALLY Big Announcement this week   Monday things got back to normal with Cia presenting our Classic Author of the month (psst, you didn't hear it here  but Monday is @shadowgod's birthday. He is affectionately known as Steve1): That meant on Wednesday, Cia was back with the Classic Author Excerpt: Thursday was that big announc

Weekly Wrap Up (Jul. 4 - Jul. 10)

Well it is 1:15 AM in my neck of the woods. Why you ask, am I up so late? Well yesterday was the kick off of the Calgary Stampede  This really the first big event to be held in Canada. Yesterday numbers were small, but today seemed like normal Saturday. I volunteer at the grounds so I felt good enough to try and do it again this year. If it helps the charities that have basically been shut down the past 16 months, than it is the least I can do   Now, who cares about the Stampede? I do!!! Bu

Weekly Wrap Up (Jun. 27 - Jul. 3)

Howdy Ho! So this week has been very unusual for me  All week we here in western Canada have been hit by what the Western US has had as well. We've been in a heat dome Normally our average temp is 22 C (71.6F) and all week we were above the mid 30's (95F)  I was melting!!! Things could have been worse, one small village in British Columbia broke Canadian records by reaching 49.6 C (121.28). Then a  nearby fire happened and now over 80% of the entire town is gone  Downtown, houses, mostly ev

Weekly Wrap Up (Jun 20 - Jun 26)

Wow, it's been a while since I've done one of these, let's see if I remember how!  I'm going to get right to it before little fingers come help me (he's supposed to be sleeping, but that doesn't always happen). So let's get right into it! Before Cia could kick off the Classic Author Week, Myr jumped in on Sunday with a couple of blogs about updates to the site. Then for Monday and Wednesday, Cia brought us the Classic Author Features! Going back a day, on Tuesday I (Renee) share

Weekly Wrap Up (Jun. 13 - Jun. 19)

I'm on holidays this week   It's pouring rain outside   I guess I can tolerate it as long as it ends on Sunday, I am going camping to the mountains during the week. Nothing like enjoying a hot day by a mountain lake and jump into it to cool down. Are you crazy   That water is COLD!!! My boys will be hidden upside of me for at least a week! Well I hope you have a great week as well. We had a bit quieter week here at the GA Blog. Shall we take a look back just in case you missed any

Weekly Wrap Up (Jun. 06 - Jun. 12)

Did you hear the news?  😮 😮  The 2021 Anthologies have started to be published   A special thank you to all of our authors and volunteers that make these events possible. Make sure to check out his weeks stories and read, like, review and comment    Now those started on Friday and hopefully you've had the chance to read, but there was a lot of other stuffs on the site this week  Shall we look at them all?  Monday Cia presented us with a brand new Can't Stop Reading featured s

Weekly Wrap Up (May 30 - Jun. 5)

Sorry everyone, I totally forgot and there will be no wrap up this week   Well, that was what I thought to write when I woke up in my nice warm bed after 3 days of record setting heat and today being cold, windy, multiple thunderstorms and even a tornado just south of the city. I was woken for no particular reason from my slumber and realized crap, I haven't done the wrap up  So I thought of grabbing the iPad and typing the above and falling back to sleep. But nooooooo, I

Weekly Wrap Up (May 23 - May 29)

Well hello happy campers . I know it is the Memorial Day long weekend in the US of A, and the Late Bank Holiday long weekend in the UK. Also if you live in Australia's Capital Territory, it is the Reconciliation Day long weekend for them. So did any of you get out camping? Do they call it camping in the UK and Australia? I know here we have trailers or recreational vehicles and tents to go camping, but don't you all call them caravans?  Oh wait, if you are out camping, you won't be here to
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