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Gay Authors News blog focuses on items of interest for our entire site with an emphasis on stories.

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Weekly Wrap Up (Jul 25 - Jul 31)

Nope, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, you've got me to finish out the week, and the month. I'm not as good as Steve with the intro's, so let's just get right into it. We only had a couple of blogs this week, so since this will be a quick wrap up, I'll just do a quick reminder to start it out. If you're interested in writing for the next anthology, you have 3 months left to get your story written and to the proof team. The deadline for the fall anthology is October 31st and you have

Renee Stevens

Renee Stevens in Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Jul. 18 - Jul. 24)

Hello Everyone   We missed a weekly update last week as we felt it was best to honour Wayne through the weekend.  We also had a really, Really, REALLY Big Announcement this week   Monday things got back to normal with Cia presenting our Classic Author of the month (psst, you didn't hear it here  but Monday is @shadowgod's birthday. He is affectionately known as Steve1): That meant on Wednesday, Cia was back with the Classic Author Excerpt: Thursday was that big announc

Weekly Wrap Up (Jul. 4 - Jul. 10)

Well it is 1:15 AM in my neck of the woods. Why you ask, am I up so late? Well yesterday was the kick off of the Calgary Stampede  This really the first big event to be held in Canada. Yesterday numbers were small, but today seemed like normal Saturday. I volunteer at the grounds so I felt good enough to try and do it again this year. If it helps the charities that have basically been shut down the past 16 months, than it is the least I can do   Now, who cares about the Stampede? I do!!! Bu

Weekly Wrap Up (Jun. 27 - Jul. 3)

Howdy Ho! So this week has been very unusual for me  All week we here in western Canada have been hit by what the Western US has had as well. We've been in a heat dome Normally our average temp is 22 C (71.6F) and all week we were above the mid 30's (95F)  I was melting!!! Things could have been worse, one small village in British Columbia broke Canadian records by reaching 49.6 C (121.28). Then a  nearby fire happened and now over 80% of the entire town is gone  Downtown, houses, mostly ev

Weekly Wrap Up (Jun 20 - Jun 26)

Wow, it's been a while since I've done one of these, let's see if I remember how!  I'm going to get right to it before little fingers come help me (he's supposed to be sleeping, but that doesn't always happen). So let's get right into it! Before Cia could kick off the Classic Author Week, Myr jumped in on Sunday with a couple of blogs about updates to the site. Then for Monday and Wednesday, Cia brought us the Classic Author Features! Going back a day, on Tuesday I (Renee) share

Weekly Wrap Up (Jun. 13 - Jun. 19)

I'm on holidays this week   It's pouring rain outside   I guess I can tolerate it as long as it ends on Sunday, I am going camping to the mountains during the week. Nothing like enjoying a hot day by a mountain lake and jump into it to cool down. Are you crazy   That water is COLD!!! My boys will be hidden upside of me for at least a week! Well I hope you have a great week as well. We had a bit quieter week here at the GA Blog. Shall we take a look back just in case you missed any

Weekly Wrap Up (Jun. 06 - Jun. 12)

Did you hear the news?  😮 😮  The 2021 Anthologies have started to be published   A special thank you to all of our authors and volunteers that make these events possible. Make sure to check out his weeks stories and read, like, review and comment    Now those started on Friday and hopefully you've had the chance to read, but there was a lot of other stuffs on the site this week  Shall we look at them all?  Monday Cia presented us with a brand new Can't Stop Reading featured s

Weekly Wrap Up (May 30 - Jun. 5)

Sorry everyone, I totally forgot and there will be no wrap up this week   Well, that was what I thought to write when I woke up in my nice warm bed after 3 days of record setting heat and today being cold, windy, multiple thunderstorms and even a tornado just south of the city. I was woken for no particular reason from my slumber and realized crap, I haven't done the wrap up  So I thought of grabbing the iPad and typing the above and falling back to sleep. But nooooooo, I

Weekly Wrap Up (May 23 - May 29)

Well hello happy campers . I know it is the Memorial Day long weekend in the US of A, and the Late Bank Holiday long weekend in the UK. Also if you live in Australia's Capital Territory, it is the Reconciliation Day long weekend for them. So did any of you get out camping? Do they call it camping in the UK and Australia? I know here we have trailers or recreational vehicles and tents to go camping, but don't you all call them caravans?  Oh wait, if you are out camping, you won't be here to

Weekly Wrap Up (May 16 - May 22)

Bettlejuice, Bettlejuice, Beetlejuic................... Whoops, just about said it 3 times  So this is the Victoria Day long weekend up here in Canadia and in my little neck of the woods, although we consider this is as the official kick off to summer, we are getting rain and snow  So how about my fellow Canucks? How are you making out? And to our 'merican neighbours to the south, any big plans for your upcoming Memorial Day long weekend next week? I know I have to check every year with a f

Weekly Wrap Up (May 9 - May 15)

Well how the heck are you?   First things first, thank you to Cia for stepping in last moment for me last week when I was suddenly hit with a wave of nausea again. Unfortunately still side effects of a new medicine. I know when I reached out to her, she and her hubby had just settled down to watching Justin Bieber's, Never Say Never . Okay, maybe the last part isn't the whole truth . I really can't believe how a week can make a difference. Last Sunday, I think we had a high of 2 (37F)

Weekly Wrap Up (May 2nd-May 8th)

Surprise! No, we didn't go back in time, and it's not an April Fool's week joke. But I am bringing you this week's Wrap Up, so buckle your seat belts... it may be a bumpy ride! It's been a while since I did a Wrap Up, so I hope I don't forget anything.  What's the bumpiest ride or scariest ride you've ever been on? For me, it was an old wooden rollercoaster. I thought my brains would rattle out! 🥴Oh, and FYI it's the final few weeks before the anthology submission. 🕚 Get that writing done

Weekly Wrap Up (Apr. 26 - May 1)

Well did you tune into Justin Timberlake and NSYNC yesterday and today as they sang their song, Its Going To Be May. Honestly, listen to it   So that brings up some other May holidays May the Fourth (be with you). Cinco de Mayo Revenge of the Fifth (Sith)  Okay, before you all have me committed , shall we wrap up the last week of April?  It was a short week again, but Cia was here on Monday with bells on to bring us the April CSR Discussion Day: The

Weekly Wrap Up (Apr. 18 - Apr. 24)

Greetings all from a cold, wet, ugly, grey corner of Canada   I know the saying is spring showers bring May flowers, but this every 3rd day of snowfall is not making me happy. On top of that I'm sick . So this will be my shortest intro in a long time. On Monday, Cia brought us the new Classic Author Feature: On Wednesday, she was back once again, but this time with the Classic Author Excerpt: Thursday, Renee dropped by to get everyone ramped up and hopefully get some more g

Weekly Wrap Up (Apr. 11 - Apr. 17)

Hello everyone, sounds like I finally got the recognition I deserved . You all can now call me the Grand Poo-bah  (check out the Words Of The Day). Actually I laughed when I saw that. For years and years I worked for the Calgary Flames as a rink rat, but I was isolated at the other end of the rink from the other 3 guys I worked with. They monthly had one of the three be the Grand Poo-bah. But looks like I get the name in the end . Speaking of being called names . I thought I would check in

Weekly Wrap Up (Apr. 4 - Apr. 10)

Now anyone that follows me, yeah, all ten of you , heard that my computer decided that the warranty is up, and it gave me 5 years of loyal service that it was ready to hit the recycling bin  Went out and got a new one, paid the warranty (is it worth it? ), and the $150 to transfer my data from the old hard drive to the new one. I asked, is that possible if the old one is dead? Oh yeah, no problem. Fast forward 24 hours, yeah, your hard drive is not in good condition and we can't transfer the dat

Weekly Wrap Up (Mar. 28 - Apr. 3)

Wow! Spring has sprung here and I'm sure our Australian cousins are settling in for a long, hard, cold winter  Other than maybe up in the mountains, does it even get below 0 C? What about New Zealand, @Stellar. Do you get a cold snowy winter, even on the southern tip of the south island with their spectacular mountains? I guess it was spring break here at GA, which means this will be the quickest wrap up I've done in a long time. So shall we see what went on here? Monday, Cia hopped in

Weekly Wrap Up (Mar. 21 - Mar. 27)

Taxes, taxes, taxes, oh my   I do believe my friends to the south have to have their taxes in by April 15th this year, and we up here in the Great White North have to have them in by April 30March 31. Thanks @Mikiesboyfor correcting this. No relief with Covid. I wonder what it would be like to have no taxes whatsoever like some countries in the world. No federal, no provincial/state, no sales tax, etc. I do have to admit that when I do mine and my dad's taxes every year it isn't that big of

Weekly Wrap Up (Mar. 14 - Mar. 20)

Well happy first day of Spring. Not too often I will share a joke, but @AC Benus' status update had me laughing  . It is kind of related to Easter, well loosely to Easter  It has a rabbit in it  And a priest and minister , Curious yet? https://gayauthors.org/profile/18130-ac-benus/?status=143484&type=status Go over and enjoy   So what happened this week at the GA News Blog you ask! Well I will tell you! Free of charge, no subscription fee, no monthly payments. Free, free, free

Weekly Wrap Up (Mar. 7 - Mar. 13)

First off, a PSA on behalf of the World Time Federation (WTF)  If you live in any of the regions that observes Daylight Savings, it kicked in last night. So if you are late to everything today, don't say I didn't warn ya Well, I'm shocked, shocked I say. I looked out my window today and there was a tiny little white bunny rabbit frolicking around the courtyard. I honestly believe it was the Easter Bunny's scout checking out places for when the big guy (or gal) comes in a few weeks to leave

Weekly Wrap Up (Feb. 28 - Mar. 6)

We seem to be well on our way to April. Has spring sprung in your neck of the woods? Are the bees buzzing, the birds chirping, and the flowers growing up? Well I want everyone to take note that we are only about 5 weeks from April 1st. So to get everyone  having some fun this year, as last year I think most of us were shell shocked, let's plan a really good April Fools Joke for this year. If you have a good idea share it with everyone so if anyone is drawing blank, they can maybe borrow the idea

Weekly Wrap Up (Feb. 21 - Feb. 27)

So the last week of February already! Monday we are into March and I think some people are looking forward to an early spring! Me, an early spring is the last week of April . Well lets hope that maybe, just maybe, we can have a good spring and jump into a summer of hope  I'm holding out for it. This week was yet another busy one. Do you realize we now have 6 days a week of GA blogs, on top of the daily Word of the Day . There is so much to take in I'm glad we have a team of staff and very d


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Feb. 14 - Feb. 20)

How was your Valentines Day?  I'll be honest, I didn't even know it really happened  The advertising and hoopla seemed to be almost non existent this year, well to me it was. I did hear one couple I know went out for dinner yet still had over a two hour wait! Oh well, for those dead set Valentiners if you missed it I'm sure it will be back next year bigger and better. I know that all over the world there is different and crippling weather all the time. I would be remiss if I do not mention


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Feb. 7 - Feb. 13)

Well it's forty below And I don't give a *bleep* Got a heater in my truck And I'm off to the rodeo Now if you don't know this song, you can Youtube it or Google it, but don't have the sound up if little ears might be around   It seems I'm stuck in a perpetual groundhog day were everyday since Monday we have been in a extreme winter warning (sustained temperatures of -40)  Luckily by Monday we will creep closer to 0 or 32 depending on your temperature scale you are using. The thing i


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Jan. 31 - Feb. 7)

Well...  What a day today has been. I couldn't avoid a lot of stuff anymore so I had to go out in the freezing weather and get a bunch of stuffs done. Left the house at 8:00 and didn't get home to 3:30 😮 This is the weekend, aren't we supposed to relax and sleep in and take it easy?  So I'm curious, as after working 26 years in stores in retail, I know I didn't like when I heard people who talked about their Monday to Friday jobs. Where some of us in retail worked any day of the week.


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

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