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White Christmas in Dallas/Fort Worth

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Vancouver is having its usual green Christmas.  :2thumbs:  With rain, of course.


Mind you, there's tons of snow on the nearby mountains, where it's supposed to be!  :thumbup:  Everyone's happy.  Well, not exactly.  Rescue teams have had to fetch two out-of-bounds snowboarders over the last few days.

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We've got just touches of snow on the ground here...enough that you know it's there, but there is plenty of grass showing through. I call it a "minty" Christmas - but compared to last year, our first non-white Christmas in years, I'll take it. :P

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Snow and minus 20 C the past 3 days (-35C which is nearly -40F with the wind chill). It was nice, but cold. tons of snow the last 3 days as well in Calgary.   :)

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It snowed on Christmas Eve in New York, then nothing on Christmas Day, then came down hard the day after Christmas. Our trip home from New York, which usually takes about 4 hours, took more then 7 because the traffic was so heavy and the interstates were in such bad shape. We got about 6" at my house, and the ski resorts up north got more then a foot! :D 

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I was due to make my return trip back to the Philly area today (Saturday) but I'm waiting another day. I don't feel like following the current front back. It's an 11 hour drive any way from Indiana.

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