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Anton Yelchin, 27, Dead In Freak Accident


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I've had a crush on him for years :(


RIP Anton Yelchin


I remember the first movie I saw of Anton, he was talented even back then:


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Yeah, I had a crush on him from when he did Alpha Dog back when he was a kid. Man, this sucks. I honestly thought he was set to become one of the leading character actors of his generation.

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I heard this on the news earlier and was deeply saddened.  I loved his portrayal of Chekov in the new Star Trek franchise and was looking forward to seeing more of him.  RIP, Anton.  

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Like everyone has said, this is really awful! 

Anton was the perfect Chekov, and his acting skill as good as it got. It's already been said, but even that short scene of him charging to the transporter room to take the controls to save Kirk and Sulu as they dropped out of the sky, was unforgettable.
So I'm sad for such a loss, and more so for his family for what must feel like such a tragic waste of a truly remarkable guy.
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