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Can you name the paintings to each country?

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An ingenious mapmaker has posted a map of Europe, featuring well known paintings as the graphic for each territory.HCWSqHuQ64tZy0ZE_CcGlgaCkB2D_Vy7eb02YuV3_7c.jpg?w=774&s=36812cb949df7a5f503a836d50d7a2a8

Can you name the paintings belonging to the European countries?


Maybe it's more a game for fellow European GA-members. But I know, at least the countries are no problem for @Drew Espinosa


Original page, where you can make the picture larger. But be warned, on that page all the paintings are listed below.



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UK,Belgium & Italy yes ,

UK - I'll just put initials in - T F T,1839  by Turner 

Belgium - S of M by RM

Italy, obvious

also the Scandinavian one - by E M, went missing a few years ago

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Spain and France. :wub: My two favorite paintings.



Spain: La Guernica by Picasso

France: Impression, soleil levant by Monet


I'll leave the rest for others to solve, I don't want to hog this game like I did Dodger's. :P 

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Greece - Venus de Milo

Norway - The scream by Munch

Netherlands - The girl with a perl earning

Serbia - Ranjeni Crnogorac by Paja Jovanocić

Ukraine - A letter of Zapošnih(?) Cossacks to Sultan Mehmed (something like that, I'm not sure how you say it in English) by Ilia Repin

Montenegro - Bogorodica tho Im not sure which one, could be Presveta Bogorodica Trojerućica (Which is not in Montenegro) or Bogorodica Filemosa (s probably the one) or maybe even some other one that looks similar

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