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I've been putting a massive amount of time and effort into getting my big project, "Imagine Magazine", back together and back online. It's been a steep learning curve for me, hehehe! But I'm getting it together as quickly as possible. 2018 Is a rebirth for the whole concept, so issues #36 up through #39 is where we are.


I asked a bunch of you of our female writers here on GA to weigh in on the strange bias against them in writing in this genre. You guys gave me a LOT of great stuff to work with! And while I couldn't get everything into one article (Lord knows I tried), I made sure that the conversation was added to this newest issue. It was just posted an hour or two ago if you want to check it out. And please let me know if you feel that you were misquoted or that anything you said was taken out of context. K?


I hope I did right by you all! And ladies? Thanks for the insight! Keep doing what you do! We love you for it!


Here's the article...




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Hmmm...I'll have to connect with the webmaster to see if I can fix the issue. Some people can see the issue just fine, but some can't. I'm not exactly sure why. I need a 'techie' for this. Hehehe, that is SO not my talent. But I'll try to have it fixed by the end of the day is possible.


This is our first time out with the new server, so things might be a little glitchy. Let me know if you guys have any more problems. And thanks!

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I've just read the article and think you've done a great job there. The only other comment I can make is that I've read a lot of Gay Fiction, M/M, and not known until after reading it that it had been written by a woman. It's ranked among some of the best I've read, so I agree that the sex of the author doesn't matter, it's only if they write it well that matters. Kudos to the female authors that write stories like it, they can teach some of us how to improve our own work just as we can all learn from each other.

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