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11 hours ago, Albert1434 said:

Australia hit by its biggest earthquake in years

That's why millions of Australians were shocked on Wednesday morning local time when a 5.8-magnitute earthquake hit in Victoria.

a group of people standing outside of a building: A building crumbled in Melbourne after a 5.8-magnitude earthquake 130 miles north east of the city. Asanka Ratnayake/Getty

Caught on the morning news…

Good news is that it has mostly caused minor damage, cracked walls and alike.

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Ughhh, it's 75/24° and very humid. Tropical air and moisture going to collide with a cold front bringing cooler, drier seasonal weather. Expecting heavy downpours, 2-4 inches, later this morning and afternoon, should clear by evening. Meanwhile Thistle isn't best pleased because on Monday I pulled the AC unit out of the window and stashed it away until next year and it's uncomfortably warm in the house. Normally I wait until the cooler weather arrives in early October but with surgery next week it was do it now or wait until November. I've also been busy doing autumn housecleaning to have it out of the way just have to do the bedroom and bath mum uses and the kitchen. Those are all small spaces and should be done today.

I've had my presurgical bloodwork and all was well. Had the CT scan yesterday, doc should have results this morning. Expecting a presurgical review call from the hospital this afternoon. I have an early morning appt for a Covid test on Sunday.

Guess I best get busy.

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15 minutes ago, Bucket1 said:

What a disappointment I had…

After coming home from a nice meal, I checked the mailbox and found a parcel. My excitement died when I saw it was from the Health Dept.

Bowel Cancer screening test kit :(

You've received a poop box :lol: 

Fingers crossed for good results !

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1 hour ago, Albert1434 said:

Aloha Clo hope doing good:hug::kiss:

Bonjour Albert and the rest of the gang.

I'm good though I'm trying not to overthink and stress about aaaaalll the work I'll have to do this semester: group works, papers, presentations, dissertations, summaries and readings all in addition to final exams in December... 

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