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  1. Bill W
    • Classic Author
    • 76 Stories
    • 16 Reviews
    • 3,884,485 Words

    BW’s stories present adolescent to college age young men dealing with issues and situations that confront the gay community. These stories often contain explicit sexual scenes, but the content of the various selections is about far more than the isolated sexual escapades. I hope you sit back and enjoy the fictional tales being offered here.
  2. btaoc1963
    • Author
    • 1 Stories
    • 2 Reviews
    • 929,546 Words

    To date, I have one completed series, entitled The Order. It is an Adult Gay Contemporary Fantasy story, comprised of 30 Chapters, which are basically 'installments' or 'mini-stories' tied together by an overarching epic plot. The story can be intense and humorous both, and hopefully bring laughter and tears when read. It is a work of fiction, and the characters are larger than life, but at the same time, I try to make them grounded and relatable in many ways. The Order is long, with an intricate storyline that evolves along the way. The story was self-published on Amazon for a time as a series of six Ebooks entitled, Vitruvian Man, Heritage, Nephilim Rising, Revelation, Sacrifice, and Redemption.
  3. C James
    • Signature Author
    • 16 Stories
    • 16 Reviews
    • 2,062,017 Words

    Featuring a collection of C James' stories, including everything from action/adventure with a nuclear twist, to a tale of death on the senate floor (written in 2nd person) to a slightly tongue-in-cheek horror story, surfing, romance, sci-fi, etc. C James enjoys writing in many different styles, so each story is different in its own way. C James' stories are also known for their extensive background research, including some scenes that are set in foreign locations and researched via the author's love of travel, including recent visits to many of the featured overseas locations.
  4. CarlHoliday
    • Signature Author
    • 40 Stories
    • 4 Reviews
    • 1,302,017 Words

    CarlHoliday's stories fall primarily into two classes: sci-fi stories of a distant future where humanity is still plagued with violent warfare and religious bigotry; and, modern stories about characters facing and overcoming significant psychological challenges. Adversity, physical or mental, is a common theme through most of the stories. There is also a endearing quality to a lot of the stories as you see young gay men grow through the troubles they endure. Characters die here.
  5. CassieQ
    • Signature Author
    • 35 Stories
    • 19 Reviews
    • 657,017 Words

    CassieQ likes to write about the strange, the unusual and the very very sexy. Her stories are a mix of paranormal, fantasy and romance, often told through the perspective of young adults or teenagers. From the multiple realities in her Not the Sun Trilogy, to the complicated drama of Unrequited and the supernatural twist of Warm and Restless, readers never find themselves bored.
  6. Cia
    • Site Administrator
    • 66 Stories
    • 25 Reviews
    • 1,997,169 Words

    Cia's writing involves stories with budding relationships. She doesn't allow herself to be boxed into one genre, instead her stories can be spread out through multiple categories, including: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Modern, and even mixes of those and more. The common thread that binds them all is the realization that you never know what is going to happen next.
  7. Cole Matthews
    • Signature Author
    • 37 Stories
    • 11 Reviews
    • 825,472 Words

    A former bartender and restaurant cook, Cole is now a paralegal for a nationwide law firm. He loves writing mysteries, love stories, and tales about gay men and their view of the world. Currently, he's working on a novel/mystery which is called So Weeps the Willow, a story in three parts. He's also going to Florida to do research for his next novel, set in the Sunshine State. He collects antique cookbooks, gardens and loves travel and biking.
  8. ColumbusGuy
    • Author
    • 8 Stories
    • 1 Reviews
    • 491,316 Words

    Wrote bad science-fiction in high school, sent some out but got it all back. In college I learned I had a talent for writing historical fiction, but didn't do anything with that until the internet put me in contact with others of like mind. This led to nearly two decades of writing interactive stories set in Ancient Rome, then I discovered gay fiction online and decided to try my hand at it.
    My main story is based on my high school years, and I'm also back doing sci-fi!
  9. Comicality
    • Signature Author
    • 183 Stories
    • 58 Reviews
    • 6,409,387 Words

    Comicality's Shack Out Back The Shack Out Back tells stories of teen romance, angst, confusion, and the occasional heartbreak. Tales of love that you will hopefully enjoy and take to heart. Over 180 different stories and series are waiting for you! Stop on in!
  10. crucifixcrusader
    • Author
    • 2 Stories
    • 0 Reviews
    • 15,499 Words

    CrucifixCrusader or CC more often then not, typically writes about the strange and unique characters his brain cooks up. With a heavy emphasis on fantasy elements and the lunatic fringe, his stories focus on characters fighting through the crucibles of hardship and life. His stories, dark or grim as they may or may not be, seek to change the characters in ways not often seen, whether it be their greatest triumph and rise to glory, or their ultimate downfall and descent into damnation. CC writes to us from the sprawling hills of Northern Kentucky.
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