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Story Series

Series Must Contain 2 Stories to be viewed in the Browse by Series list
  1. Betrayal

  2. Between the Tension

  3. Big Sky

  4. Billy Chase Chronicles

  5. Black Fox

  6. Black Sheep

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    Blue Collars

  7. Book of Heroes

  8. Boys' Trilogy

  9. BOYZZ

  10. Brandon Smiling: Blog Collection

    These are the electronic journals of Brandon Temple. In these volumes Brandon journals his thoughts, experiences, and feelings coming to terms with being a gay teenager who is deeply in love with another boy named Billy Chase.

  11. Bridgemont

  12. Brittle as a Bird

  13. Brothers

  14. BSUL Novellas

  15. Bye, Brother

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    C. J.

    CJ’s fifteen when his step-father banishes him from his home for being gay. When he moves to Washington to live with his father, he begins a journey of discovery. The series follows him through high school and college as he accumulates friends, and learns what it’s like to be a young, wealthy, gay man living in an urban environment.

  16. Camp Echo

    Aeriol and Max share an apartment, a relationship, and their friends. Jules always seems to be there. Mayaan, Nadia and her brother Alex interweave into the complex matrix. Geoffrey is Max’s confidant, but he's not always there. Sex, drugs, and spirituality float around in the cauldron that is the life of these twenty somethings. People flow in and out of their lives, but no one is left untouched. They all need to discover who they are, the 'good' have their defects, and the 'not so good' have their merits. Life is complicated... Camp Echo is not a place, it's a state of mind!

  17. Camp Refuge

    This series begins with Guarded. Though, not absolutely required for Camp Refuge and what follows, it is good background to have. The tone of Camp Refuge is very different from Guarded, but they are connected, regardless.

  18. Carter Saga

    A young immigrant to Canada discovers that love can be found in the most unlikely places

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