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Story Series

Series Must Contain 2 Stories to be viewed in the Browse by Series list
  1. Bather Boys

  2. Belize

  3. Benji's World

    Beginning with Backwoods Christmas, this is a series of short stories describing backwoods-boy Benji's experiences with his friends over the course of several months.

  4. Betrayal

  5. Between the Tension

  6. Big Sky

  7. Billy Chase Chronicles

  8. Black Fox

  9. Black Sheep

  10. Blind Sensations

  11. Blood, Tears, and Farewells

  12. Board Members

  13. Book of Heroes

  14. Boys' Trilogy

  15. BOYZZ

  16. Brandon Smiling: Blog Collection

    These are the electronic journals of Brandon Temple. In these volumes Brandon journals his thoughts, experiences, and feelings coming to terms with being a gay teenager who is deeply in love with another boy named Billy Chase.

  17. Bridgemont

  18. Brittle as a Bird

  19. Brothers

  20. BSUL Novellas

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