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Story Series

Series Must Contain 2 Stories to be viewed in the Browse by Series list
  1. For The Alpha

  2. Fort Weyr - Eighth Pass

    This is a prequel to Gone Away, Gone Ahead. During the Eighth Pass of the Red Star, two Weyrbred boys Impress dragons. The story follows D'gar and S'brin through trials and tribulations as they learn how to be dragonriders in a perilous time. Friends are made and lost and their love gives them confidence that they will survive to see clear skies again. But Thread doesn't care for human hearts. Thread just kills.

  3. Four Perspectives

    One story told from four perspectives.

  4. Frontier

    The Sailing Adventures of the sailing yacht Frontier.

  5. GA Prompt Stories

  6. GA Prompts

  7. Galactic Conspiracies

  8. Generations

  9. George W

    Stories that result from Comicfan's Prompt 892

  10. Giants

  11. Gilbert and Sullivan go to Washington

  12. Gone From Daylight

  13. Gone From Daylight Spin-offs

  14. Guardian Force

  15. Harry Potter and the Tri-Fold Prophecy

  16. Harry Potter Destiny

    Harry Potter Destiny is a duology that focuses on alternative sixth and seventh years for Harry Potter. It picks up right after the fifth book and spins its own conclusion to the Harry Potter epic, with Harry pairing up with Draco. Political maneuvering abounds.

  17. Hero Wanted

  18. High School Sports Series

  19. Him In the Dust Series

  20. Homestead Pride

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