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Story Series

Series Must Contain 2 Stories to be viewed in the Browse by Series list
  1. Hero Wanted

  2. High School Sports Series

  3. Him In the Dust Series

  4. Homestead Pride

  5. Hot and cold

  6. Hot Fuss

  7. Hubris

    Side-pieces to the Nemesis books, about minor and supporting characters.

  8. Hybrid Journey

    Three stories. Multiple shifters. Each having a part in discovering, searching for, and trying to find a cure for their pups who have been cruelly altered.

    Follow their journey as they discover love, friendship and inner strength along the way.

  9. I & C

  10. Ice Fairy

  11. In The Shadows

    A series of paranormal-romance novels. Vincent Bolton, a mage with a rare set of abilities, finds out that Mason Wilson, an Alpha wolf shapeshifter, is destined to be together. While the pair learn more about one another, Vincent continues to grow his magical prowess, make new friends, and tracks down the maleficent mage that murdered his parents seventeen years ago.

  12. Indian Ocean

    This series of two books is about an Australian Naval Officer who while on leave to recover from injuries sustained while serving overseas, suddenly gets thrown into another conflict situation.

  13. Ink Boys

  14. It Was A...

  15. Jacob Sagas

  16. Jake's Hand

  17. Jim and Chad

  18. Jonne: Family and Friends

    These Valdemar fanfiction stories are centered around Guardsman Jonne and set in the time of Herald-Mage Vanyel.

  19. KADA

  20. Kenrick

    Struan Kenrick is an Army soldier, bi, single and loves travelling, which is where trouble finds him and his younger brother Sawney when on holidays.

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