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  1. Carthera Takeover Tales

  2. Carthera Tales

  3. Changes

    Sometimes changes are chosen, and sometimes they are thrust upon you. These stories are about married couple, Don and Louis. Follow them through their life and times, through the events that change their lives forever.

  4. Charlie Boone

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    Chelsea Tales

    Stories set in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, starring Tony martinelli and Colt Mann.

  5. Christmas at Famous-Barr

  6. Chronicles from the Orchard

    The journey of a team of childhood friends as they grow, through laughter and tears, into a loving and steadfast family.

  7. Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP)

  8. Cinema Stories

    Short stories set in the UK cinema business, back in the pre-digital days when there were still projectionists running film.

  9. Circle of Life

  10. Clockwise

    We witness important events that happen to a certain time in Romeo's and Julian's life as we move on clockwise.

  11. Comforting Touch

    Ben is a visually impaired gay demisexual, who is feeling emotionally empty, in December. Jason is a homeless gay pre-med student, who was disowned by his parents several months ago and has been hit hard by life. A chance encounter between them may offer both of them fulfillment.

  12. Confounded

  13. Crossing the Moon

    A shifter series about werewolves and other species seeking their mates.

  14. Deep Space

    When the countries on Earth are divided in so many ways, a huge private corporation plans and builds a deep space exploration vessel, to go way beyond the boundaries of our own solar system, with no certain outcome of if they would be returning or not...

  15. Devon

    Devon is an Architect student, who is suddenly thrown into the public eye after his stolen plans appear as part of a building development.

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    Do Over

    Do Over asks the question, what can you change if you mind is sent back in time? It started as an accident, but each entry in the series tries to fix what became broken by messing with time.

  16. Doorways

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    Dreams of Humanity

    Epic science-fiction adventure and romp through the stars. Politics, space battles, religion, and cloning. Hang on tight, there is always some surprise around the next corner.

  17. Dundee

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