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    Do Over

    Do Over asks the question, what can you change if you mind is sent back in time? It started as an accident, but each entry in the series tries to fix what became broken by messing with time.

  1. Doorways

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    Dreams of Humanity

    Epic science-fiction adventure and romp through the stars. Politics, space battles, religion, and cloning. Hang on tight, there is always some surprise around the next corner.

  2. Dundee

  3. E-P-I-C

  4. Earning Danny

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    Earth Day Stories

    Owen Liston, an environmental attorney, has been making up stories for his young daughter since she was born. He recently allowed me to record a few and publish them for everyone’s enjoyment.

    Starring Liebe, a young girl living in the Florida Keys with her fathers, these stories are meant to be read to or by children. The environmental themed tales, published yearly on Earth Day, are meant to educate and mobilize the next generation of Planet Earth stewards.

  5. Eldorado Shorts

    An attempt to write short stories centered around students, teacher and parents in a fictional high school in Eldorado. USA.

  6. Elementals

  7. Emi's NaPoWriMo

  8. Encounters

  9. Escaria

  10. Eternity

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  12. Fallen

  13. Fangdango

  14. Fire and Shadows

    A world of magic and wonder. Beings of legend with a slight twist. Join Levi and those he meets along the way through the dangers of those who seek to destroy and the regular life of growing and learning in life and in love.

  15. Fire Prompts

    The unlikely friendship between a firefighter and a fire extinguisher which has some unexpected abilities and quirks.

  16. Firestorm

    This is about a teen boy who moves away from home in the country, after being publicly outed.

  17. For Everything Series

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