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  1. Shadow of my Father 4. Jacob Sagas

    By JacobMillerTex, in Fiction. 01/28/2013 (Updated: 08/15/2013)

    A young teen trying to find himself in the shadow of his very popular father. A man who reached the highest rank in the military, ran for the highest position in Texas, governor and eventually the highest office of the land. As this teen's father grows more popular and higher in position, he has to figure out what he is going to do about his secret he has been keeping from his family. It is a roller coaster ride from beginning to end of love, hate, anger and back stabbing.

  2. Changing Lanes 2. Let the Music Play

    By C James, in Fiction. 02/24/2014 (Updated: 03/21/2014)

    A sequel to 'Let the Music Play', Changing Lanes focuses on Eric, and deals with some portentous personal issues facing the group, with a lot of fun along the way.

  3. Let the Music Play 1. Let the Music Play

    By C James, in Fiction. 01/27/2014 (Updated: 02/21/2014)

    Brandon's dreams had been crushed far too often for him to ever believe, especially in himself. Follow along as he experiences some massive changes in his life, along with a few bumps in the road, and a few high-pressure situations.

  4. Beneath the Mask 2. Jacob Sagas

    By JacobMillerTex, in Fiction. 01/29/2013 (Updated: 08/16/2013)

    A teenage student having to fight back from all the wrong he has done to others in his life. Alejandro Garcia entered into the family business, gang life, before he knew it he was running the gang in El Paso after his father was sent away to prison. After biting off more than he could chew, he found himself behind bars himself. Now he has decide what life he wants to lead. Will it be the life his father wants, the gang life, or the life his mother wants, a law abiding one.

  5. Tales of the Underground: Blinded 3. Tales of the Underground

    By Aceinthehole, in Fiction. 03/05/2017 (Updated: 03/14/2019)

    In his 15 years of life Cy Walker has seen it all. From being on his own to working his way up the ladder of his Chicago Gang...there's nothing he can't do. However when he's arrested during a police raid, and fostered by a wealthy family he finds his greatest challenge has just begun. (Note: even though this is book 3, no prior knowledge is required)

  6. See Me

    By x Trevor x, in Fiction. 03/09/2015 (Updated: 08/06/2015)

    A narcoleptic, epileptic, and out casted teen, starts high school off with a bang. He gets thrown into the life of Merit, a popular senior with a secret of his own and from there, a possible relationship gets shaken up by their peers and the drama that surrounds them all. Through it all though, he just wants someone to see him, truly see him because often in high school, teenagers don't truly see each other or their inner truths, they just take what is right in front of their eyes.

  7. From the Cup of the Worthless

    By Cynus, in Fiction. 01/06/2016 (Updated: 06/08/2016)

    In the world of organized crime, your crime family is all you can count on. Nobuyuki Sato is no exception, and as he tries to navigate the political climate of his new city, his Yakuza family is there to support him. But then Nobuyuki meets Viktor Karimov, son of the Chief of Police, he begins to question if there might be more to life than crime. Love, intrigue, and drama abound.

  8. Man In Motion 5. Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP)

    By Mark Arbour, in Fiction. 12/30/2010 (Updated: 01/06/2011)

    "Man in Motion," follows Be Rad and begins in 1985. To most Americans, 1985 was about the second Reagan term and the economic boom that was following the stagnant 70's. The culture was wrapped up in materialism, so it's no wonder that Madonna's "Material Girl" was popular then. Then there is this parallel culture, the gay culture, reeling from the onslaught of AIDS.

  9. Kissing the Dragon 1. The Croxburgh Chronicles

    By lomax61, in Fiction. 08/11/2015 (Updated: 10/24/2015)

    Colin McCann’s life is about to be turned upside down. After happily chatting to the gorgeous American, Kit Hansen, he thinks nothing of helping drunk Denny Harrison home to his front gate. On Monday morning at school, however, he is summoned to the deputy head’s office to meet two detectives, who grill him about his movements on Friday night before informing his that not only was Denny murdered that night—his body found face-down in Casham Ponds—but that Colin is the prime suspect.

  10. Cinderfella 2: A New Life

    By R. Eric, in Fiction. 11/13/2016 (Updated: 05/03/2017)

    The story of Erik and Seth Continues

  11. Trials and Tribulations

    By Billy Martin, in Fiction. 11/03/2011 (Updated: 09/14/2015)

    A coming of age story about Andy Collins and friends. As he deals with his sexual orientation, he and his friends must also confront abuse and murder in the small mining town of Pine Hills, nestled away in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky.

  12. Weeping Lily

    By Nephylim, in Fiction. 12/21/2010 (Updated: 12/21/2010)

    Weeping Lily is a band, a group of friends with an unique style who are definately going places. Their star is on the ascendent and, against expectations they are taking the world by storm. They have everything they ever dreamed of. However, one of them is wounded possibly beyond repair, one of them is in love with the wrong person and all of them are confused. Then something happens, something so huge and terrible it rips their world apart. Will any of them recover?

  13. Spider Webs

    By Linxe Termoil, in Fiction. 12/14/2010 (Updated: 09/22/2011)

    Micah's ran away from home and a drunken father, kidnapping his younger brother and taking him along with for the ride. Little did he ever suspect what his actions would bring.

  14. If It Fits 7. Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP)

    By Mark Arbour, in Fiction. 12/30/2010 (Updated: 01/06/2011)

    "If It Fits" is the 7th installment in the Chronicles of an Academic Predator series. The story starts in 1995, a year packed with events like the Oklahoma City bombing, and the OJ Simpson Murder Trial.

  15. Shifting Sands 3. Las Vegas Trilogy

    By Jack Scribe, in Fiction. 01/03/2011 (Updated: 01/03/2011)

    NOVEL. In Shifting Sands, time has advanced one and a half years. Drew Reichardt and his partner Bob Harrington have kept busy working at the luxurious Barcelona Resort and Casino while forming a family unit that includes young Cray Gamble. Spike, Lou Jr., and Mario all return in this continuing tale that takes place in a recessionary Entertainment Capital of the World. And Jack Gamble becomes a featured character as events unfold. Book 3 of the Vegas trilogy.

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