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Gay Authors News blog focuses on items of interest for our entire site with an emphasis on stories.

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June Classic Author Feature: Yankee by The Zot

June is Pride month! We often see stories of coming out or teenage coming of age stories that are very popular during this month. They are read as inspiration, a reminder, a hope... whatever the reason, they exist because we still struggle this battle. So how about a Classic to remember?  Length: 80,483 Description: Justin's a fish out of water no matter where he goes, and never more so than when this Boston kid has to move to rural Georgia. Sometimes things don't work out the wa


Cia in Classic Feature

Consolidating Blogs

As you may have read in the "Blog Updates" Announcement, we have consolidated various site blogs down to 2 different blogs. One for Writing and one for everything else.  The big tool that allows us to do that, and still find content is the "View a Category" option.  Here is an example from the Writing World Blog: When you select it, the categories pop up and you can select which ones you want to read.  Unfortunately, we have to manually update all the blogs to categorize them.  So the


Myr in Announcement

Weekly Wrap Up (Jun. 13 - Jun. 19)

I'm on holidays this week   It's pouring rain outside   I guess I can tolerate it as long as it ends on Sunday, I am going camping to the mountains during the week. Nothing like enjoying a hot day by a mountain lake and jump into it to cool down. Are you crazy   That water is COLD!!! My boys will be hidden upside of me for at least a week! Well I hope you have a great week as well. We had a bit quieter week here at the GA Blog. Shall we take a look back just in case you missed any


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

Featured Story: Famous Last

Sorry all, a bit behind today, so I'm just gonna give you today's review! Famous Last by lomax61 Reviewer: Talo Segura Status: Complete Word Count: 92,849 This book, published in November 2020 is set in contemporary Britain during the pandemic, something which the author handles well. It has a very British tone with expressions such as, "Freezing his bollocks off..." and, yes it's the winter, the story takes place over a few months leading up to Christmas and the New Year.

Weekly Wrap Up (Jun. 06 - Jun. 12)

Did you hear the news?  😮 😮  The 2021 Anthologies have started to be published   A special thank you to all of our authors and volunteers that make these events possible. Make sure to check out his weeks stories and read, like, review and comment    Now those started on Friday and hopefully you've had the chance to read, but there was a lot of other stuffs on the site this week  Shall we look at them all?  Monday Cia presented us with a brand new Can't Stop Reading featured s

Pride Month Flash Fiction Challenge Details

Okay, so here's more details for the flash fiction contest! Want the chance to win a 3 month subscription to Premium content? We're hosting a Pride month flash fiction contest! Just a reminder: All entries must abide by GA's content guidelines, which can be found here: Flash Length: 100 to 1000 words Poetry: Up to 3 poems Deadline: June 19th Subject:  Stories must be new, never before posted, flash stories. After you write your story: Posting: Post

June CSR Feature: Misunderstood by Marty

Happy Pride Month! You know I like to theme stories sometimes to holidays or special events, and what could be better than a coming out story for Pride month? We know this time of the year is a great one to reflect on what our personal identity on the spectrum of the rainbow can mean to us and how that has affected our lives... and the stories we read no less! I hope you will enjoy June's bite-size selection for the CSR! Misunderstood by @Marty Length: 3,120 Description: Simo

Weekly Wrap Up (May 30 - Jun. 5)

Sorry everyone, I totally forgot and there will be no wrap up this week   Well, that was what I thought to write when I woke up in my nice warm bed after 3 days of record setting heat and today being cold, windy, multiple thunderstorms and even a tornado just south of the city. I was woken for no particular reason from my slumber and realized crap, I haven't done the wrap up  So I thought of grabbing the iPad and typing the above and falling back to sleep. But nooooooo, I

Pride Month Flash Fiction Challenge

Want to write something short and sweet?  Want the chance to win a 3 month subscription to Premium content? We're hosting a Pride month flash fiction contest! Flash Length: 100 to 1000 words Poetry: Up to 3 poems Deadline: June 19th Subject:  Now all we need is the submission and voting details, which will be posted soon. Until then, get writing! You have until the 19th to write between 100 and 1000 words!

Ask An Author 3.0 #6

Is it Wednesday? I think it is! Which means it's time for...  🎶 Aaaaaaaask An Author!  🎶 Oh, boy! I hope speech-to-text capabilities don't advance any time soon, because that was just awful! My husband's looking at me like I'm a crazy person! Anyway, we have another three questions for one of GA's authors!  • • • • • Solitude of the Photo C.T. Piatt The lens of the camera is shallow.  It sees colour and shape.  It gives the illusion of motion in two dimensions.  It draws the lig

May CSR Discussion Day: Torn in Two by Graeme

Well how did this month treat you? I cannot believe it's already finished, but I am so glad it's done! Here comes June, Pride month! Who has something planned? I know it's a time for many to reflect on our community, coming out, and so much more. I think Graeme's story reflected that quite well, but what do you think? Share in the comments below, but first my interview with him!   What’s one location you’d love to go to research for a story? I have an idea for a story set in the p

Weekly Wrap Up (May 23 - May 29)

Well hello happy campers . I know it is the Memorial Day long weekend in the US of A, and the Late Bank Holiday long weekend in the UK. Also if you live in Australia's Capital Territory, it is the Reconciliation Day long weekend for them. So did any of you get out camping? Do they call it camping in the UK and Australia? I know here we have trailers or recreational vehicles and tents to go camping, but don't you all call them caravans?  Oh wait, if you are out camping, you won't be here to

Featured Story: Sentinels

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a great weekend. To help you start your week off right, check out this review from Aditus! Sentinels C.T. Piatt Reviewer: Aditus Status: Complete Word Count: 8,475 I was immediately intrigued when I read:  Father Allen is one of few priests whose duty it is to visit Heaven and hear the confessions of fallen angels. He gives absolution if he feels their regret is sincere. Without his absolution, the Fallen cannot go before God to ask for f

Weekly Wrap Up (May 16 - May 22)

Bettlejuice, Bettlejuice, Beetlejuic................... Whoops, just about said it 3 times  So this is the Victoria Day long weekend up here in Canadia and in my little neck of the woods, although we consider this is as the official kick off to summer, we are getting rain and snow  So how about my fellow Canucks? How are you making out? And to our 'merican neighbours to the south, any big plans for your upcoming Memorial Day long weekend next week? I know I have to check every year with a f

May Classic Author Feature: The Knife That Twists Within by Stefan Schmidt

May is here, and with it another Classic Author banner and story feature. Do you take the time to search out these older stories? Well, if you don't, never fear, we'll bring them to you with our monthly features! I don't know about you, but the past year plus has been crazy, so I thought... let's turn the feature on its ear and do a Christmas season story in May.  Length: 160,370 Description: Nicholas is a young street painter in Berlin and full of painful memories until he meets

Weekly Wrap Up (May 9 - May 15)

Well how the heck are you?   First things first, thank you to Cia for stepping in last moment for me last week when I was suddenly hit with a wave of nausea again. Unfortunately still side effects of a new medicine. I know when I reached out to her, she and her hubby had just settled down to watching Justin Bieber's, Never Say Never . Okay, maybe the last part isn't the whole truth . I really can't believe how a week can make a difference. Last Sunday, I think we had a high of 2 (37F)

Featured Story: The Cockney Canuck

Sorry all, it was a crazy busy weekend! Since I'm running behind, let's just get straight into the review! The Cockney Canuck by Dodger Reviewer: Timothy M. Status: Incomplete Word Count: 883,024 How to review a story which was begun more than five years ago, is the third longest on GA, with 148 chapters, 222 devoted followers and, while incomplete, is still going strong? I admire Dodger immensely for persevering and holding us captive year after year, waiting to find out wh

Weekly Wrap Up (May 2nd-May 8th)

Surprise! No, we didn't go back in time, and it's not an April Fool's week joke. But I am bringing you this week's Wrap Up, so buckle your seat belts... it may be a bumpy ride! It's been a while since I did a Wrap Up, so I hope I don't forget anything.  What's the bumpiest ride or scariest ride you've ever been on? For me, it was an old wooden rollercoaster. I thought my brains would rattle out! 🥴Oh, and FYI it's the final few weeks before the anthology submission. 🕚 Get that writing done
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