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awww poor dom...If you could make it down to Nebraska I'd take the kittens off your hand, but as it is you have to wait at least 8 weeks to get rid of the kittens so they can build their immune system off of mommy's milk, unless you took the mommy and the kittens to a new home together. If I were you I'd just call your ex up and tell him to come get the damn things.



Best of luck to ya Grandpa :wub:



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Awwwww! I can sort of relate. I am a dog person, and when I moved in with my BF I found out he was a cat person and wanted a cat, so for Christmas I gave him a cat. Its been three years now, and I love the cat but he does some really annoying crap that a dog would never do. And Jacob is out of town for work a lot and I'm left home with the cat and I don't understand him. Why jump on top of the fridge and meow and meow over and over? You constantly get up on the counter when you know your not allowed and never did it when and were taught not to do it in our last house? Why stand in just the right spot so I can't see the tv?

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I'm a cat AND dog person. But yeah, strict dog people don't do well with cats.. lol so I hope you can find them a more suitable home. :)


Good luck.

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I know you don't like pussy, but be nice to the cat. :huh:


It's not her fault she was owned by the asshole. Hell, you had a choice and you went out with him! :P


Have I told you how great it is to have you back? You make me smile. When you and Vic get married, I want to be the best man...regardless about which of you is the bride!

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I'm sorry I'm still cringing about the whole...


cat mistook your toes for something that deserved a major clawing.


And dead rats on your chair? I think I'm going to go give my dog some loving right now...


*hugs* to you Dom



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Not really a cat person either. I do remember staying up all night when I was 9 trying to comfort my puppies, though. I actually enjoyed it.


Maddy (:

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Maybe the Ex-S.O. couldn't take the cat with him, and knew that the cat would be in good hands with Dom :wub: . And if you were anxious to get the ex out of the house, agreeing to keep the cat (just until he could get settled), would have been a small price to pay at the time.


Find a cat person to re-home the cats too.

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Consider yourself lucky! I have two felines, one male, one female (oh yes - look at the rear end of said kitten, if it has 3 dots it's male, if 2, it's female, and what no vaccinations????????? the vet would have put everyone straight).


The female one luckily weighs only 2.5kgs (about 4lbs or two bags of sugar), Ionce woke up to this small grey animal licking something I'd prefer she didn't - note to all; cats have very rough tongues - there is NO pleasure in being licked by a cat around the nether regions - if you're chipolated I'd imagine it would be even more uncomfortable :D Fortunately the male cat weighing a ginormous 7.3kgs (about 3 bags of sugar) is only interested in licking my head and leaning against me on hot nights, of course cold nights they are nowhere to be seen.


Oh yes, better get the cat spayed if you're keeping her, she'll be in season again once the kittens are weaned or have gone to new homes.

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This may sound silly but I think I'm starting to like them. But it's still f*cking awsome they're leaving first thing in the morning because I want my room back. Going to a good home that might keep mom permanantly.


I also decided not to make that call. I'm talking myself into not feeling guilty for that. He took everything BUT his cat. And I still say never ditch your pet with your ex. Rude.

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Don't feel guilty. If he wanted the cat so bad he would have came and got it by now. It's ridiculous to leave the pet with your EX and expect to just be able to come get it in the future.

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Whether he thought it was a boy or not, he should still have had the cat neutered. That was pretty irresponsible of your ex, as well as the fact he then left the cat with you. Unneutered males will roam for miles in search of a female in heat, they will get into fights with other males, and FIV is very common in unneutered cats, which can be caught easily through fighting and mating. Also, the cat population is getting out of control and they are suffering because of it. There are just too many cats and too little homes.


I've got 4 cats, and would have given this mum and her kitties a home. Well done for keeping her, and her kittens, until you could find a good home for them.

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